Udaan 8th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor gets blackmailed by Nisar

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Udaan 8th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nisar asking Chakor to return to her cottage and not act smart. He threatens. She asks how shall I believe you, this can be a bad joke. He ends call. She gets Suraj’s pic. She gets shocked. Karan shows the files and says this is your mirror. Imli says you spied on me. He says you couldn’t be loyal to anyone, you have killed all men in your life, you behaved wrong with family. She says you got diverted. They argue.

She threatens to kill him. He also threatens her. He says we will see who wins and who loses in this game. She says I will win in this game of death, none can defeat me. She goes. The man slaps Suraj. Suraj asks who are you, why did you get me here, leave me, my wife would be finding me. Nisar says your wife isn’t finding you, your daughter is fine, I told your wife that you are alive, she will be alive if she does as I say. Suraj says you won’t do anything to her, leave me, let me go to my family. They laugh.

Karan comes to haveli at night. He goes to kill Imli. He sees Archana and stops. He thinks who is this girl, where is Imli. Imli switches on lights and points gun at him. She takes the knife from him. She takes him out. She says I can kill you and make any excuse, but I want you to do my work, next time make a better plan to kill me, go. He leaves. Chakor thinks of Suraj and cries. Suraj thinks of her and cries. Mahiya……plays……. she prays that she meets Suraj. Suraj also sees the moon and says Chakor just go back to Aazaadgunj with Saanvi, don’t agree to them. Chakor says I will take Suraj with me, Saanvi I promise to get your dad back, my family is everything for me, I will never let it break, never……

Its morning, Chakor sees two cups of tea and cries thinking of Suraj. She imagines Suraj. They romance on Kismat se tum humko…… Chakor gets a phone call. Nisar says if you want to see Suraj fine, you have to do something. She says I have to talk to Suraj, I won’t do any work. She disconnects. He says this woman seems to be very brave. She says what did I do, I have disconnected the call, if they kill Suraj, how will I find Suraj now. She gets call again and says sorry, I will do anything, make me talk to Suraj. She hears Suraj’s voice. She asks are you fine. He says yes, whatever they asked you to do, don’t do. They beat Suraj.

She cries. Nisar asks her to hear Suraj’s voice. She says don’t do anything to him, I m ready to do anything. He says go to cottage and keep the bag you get there. He ends call. The lady comes to Chakor and asks what’s the matter, where is her husband. Chakor says I can’t tell you my problem, I want your help, can you manage Saanvi for some time, my heart says you can take care of her. The lady agrees and takes Saanvi. Chakor comes to the cottage and calls out. She searches for bag. She gets shocked when she collides with someone lying there. She takes the bag. She gets Nisar’s call and asks about dead body. He says leave it, did you get bag, don’t open it, else you will not get Suraj’s guarantee. He asks her to take the bag somewhere. She thinks to open bag and check once, as there is much crowd.

Nisar says keep the bag there and leave quickly. Chakor sees the bomb and runs away. Suraj shouts her to throw away the bomb. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Gripping episode
    Loved the scene where Sukor were missing each other and talking to Chandu ji.
    I love Nisar, he’s scary and demands respect.
    I loved how Chakor cut his call, jungli billi.
    Karan-Imli scenes are so bland, so dumbo Karan revealed everything to Imli and she expected that he’ll try to kill her. I hate how she’s bossing him. How do they expect viewers to fear him if he’s always two steps behind Imli, even Shikhu was more menacing than him.

  2. Wow what an epi
    Sukor missing each other n this Nisar is a fright!
    Way better than the witch

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