Udaan 8th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Imli falls in love with Raghav

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Udaan 8th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Raghav and Anjor spending time. Everyone smiles seeing them. Chakor reacts and get shy. Anjor teases Chakor. Raghav thinks why is Chakor feeling shy. Anjor takes Raghav’s pic. She decides Jyoti’s baby name. Chakor says no, we will keep some good name. Raghav also supports Chakor. He says name should be something else, like Imli. Imli smiles. Chakor asks when did you come. Imli says just now, I was smiling seeing your family, case date is close, I want to live happy with you all. Chakor says you have helped police in catching Akash, your punishment will get less. Imli asks Anjor for a kiss and hugs her. She asks Raghav to come with her for a talk. Raghav asks Imli to say what is it.

Raghav asks do you want me to kill someone. She says Chakor will kill us first. He does shayari and says I m Suraj’s lookalike. She says no, you have won our hearts forever. He says I don’t know, I have tried hard to keep everyone happy, you have to go court now. She asks will you miss me. He gets praising her, which makes her too happy. He says I got habitual of you now. He sees his tshirt on the string. He says my red shirt is my fav, I look like Salma Khan in this. Imli says I have to tell my feelings to you. He asks her to say it, she is walking on right path and should stay on it. She asks will you pray that I get free. He says with all my heart, I will pray. She asks will you wait for my return. He thinks she always jokes with me. He says I will tell you in style, I will shout and say, I will wait for you always. She asks and love. He says anyone will love an amazing woman like you, come back and then I will love you. She smiles. Chunri falls over her face. Rang laga re…..plays…. He wishes her all the best. Imli goes and thinks I have come back soon for Raghav, I can’t stay without him. He says Imli always flirts, so did I.

Raghav combs Anjor’s hair. Chakor asks Anjor to think again. Raghav doesn’t set her hair right. He says I tookmy time, but its done. Chakor says I think he has forgotten this. Raghav says I lost my habit. Anjor says I know, you will learn by practicing. She asks them to make new year resolutions. Chakor sees Raghav. They hold Anjor’s hand. Chakor thinks of Raghav’s words. Tejaswini thinks of Chakor’s words. Chakor asks Anjor to go to school. Anjor goes. Tejaswini and Chakor say Anjor is staying happy now. Chakor asks Raghav to come with her if he wants, she is going to talk to farmers. He says what will I do there, I don’t know anything, don’t think I m smart, I m foolish, I m not smart like Suraj, I just look like Suraj, I just said this, to be true, I feel my goal to come here got completed, your enemies got jailed, Anjor got fine, Rajjo got justice, now I have no work here, I should leave, tell me when to leave. Chakor gets shocked. He says don’t worry, I won’t go directly. She says you talk a lot, everything got fine, but there is still something left. She goes. Raghav asks her to ask her heart and accept the answer. Tejaswini says this dilemma wont get saved easily, give her sometime. She agrees.

Chakor sets the room clean. She sees Raghav and Anjor’s pic and thinks of him. Tejaswini comes to her and asks her to think about Raghav. Chakor says we have to take this step some day, I didn’t think that Raghav has to leave this house, how long will I keep him here, he has his own dreams. Tejaswini asks her to give Suraj’s place to Raghav, marry him. Chakor gets shocked. She cries. Mahiya….plays….

Tejaswini says I want you to marry Raghav. Chakor slips. Raghav holds her. She scolds him and says you can’t become my Suraj, we had a deal and this relation will end soon.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This post is dedicated to the new montage/upcoming track:
    The track is a welcome change from the excessive drama of the last 3 months (except a brief period after Suraj’s pewsumed death).
    The track could be successful only if writing improves:
    – Balance between drama and emotions, drama only doesn’t work and emotions only won’t work, Chakor has to have a problem to solve, but the problem should occupy a small part of the track.
    – Decrease Imli’s ss, especially with Raghav.
    -Good, sensible Chakor-Raghav scenes with meaningful talks and not just eyelocks and drop catches.
    -Stop repeating scenes.
    -Better use of side characters and adding depth to the background story.
    -Make the story rich by using side tracks, instead of only offering the main story of the track.
    Lastly, love triangles are no longer TRP boosters, viewers have moved past that and I’m not sure they will be thrilled with makers making Imli Chakor’s equal. It was better if Chakor finds out Suraj is alive and sets out to find him and make him remember like in ghulam track.

  2. I loved the episode apart from Raghav-Imli scene, Raghav is aware that he doesn’t match up to Suraj at least in Chakor’s eyes.
    Chakor’s reaction was weird, she was shy, I thought she would be flustered, her reaction was because Raghav looks like Suraj, she isn’t ready yet to move on.
    Teju’s attitude is strange, she wants Chakor to move on and replace Suraj without thinking of Suraj even once.
    Raghav-Imli scene should’ve been shorter, it was very slow, it was stupid from Raghav not to tell Imli that she’s his sister/friend, saying he’ll love her was very stupid but not as stupid as the veil falling on Imli. Why give Imli signs and excuses, no one will sympathize with her.
    Please improve writing
    Please decrease imli’s ss
    Please make the story richer with details, having more depth and stop repeating scenes/dialogues.

  3. Teju should’ve apologized to Chakor, it wasn’t a small matter she threw her out.
    Raghav has such a pure heart, my heart ached for him feeling himself not good enough to fill Suraj’s shoes. I worry for Raghav a lot.
    I don’t think Chakor has feelings for Raghav, he has become her right hand and he has lessened the pain of losing Suraj, as long as he’s around, Suraj is vivid in Chakor’s memory. She’ll be lost without him.

  4. I love raghav scenes very much he is too innocent. He loves chakor I think soo but imli will came back for him???? I hope they won’t make any drama to change imli in to negative ??????

  5. I want to say that if chakor knowsays about imlis love she have to give up raghav that the fact bcoz she loves suraj not raghav but I don’t know what they do in the upcoming show

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