Udaan 8th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor seeks Sweety’s help

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The Episode starts with Raghav getting interrogated. He gets angry and asks Inspector to beat him as much as he likes. He says let me hire a lawyer if you want to find the culprit. He says police is also a fraud, I know this well. Inspector scolds him. Raghav says I didn’t do anything, I m innocent. Inspector beats him up. Chakor asks what’s your name. The girl says I m Sweety. Chakor thanks her. Chakor tells about Suraj’s death and getting Raghav home. She says I m in much trouble. Inspector tortures Raghav and asks him to accept his crime.

Raghav says you can kill me, but I won’t lie, I m innocent. Inspector asks him to accept his enmity with Rajjo and this crime, sign on papers, he won’t get saved. Raghav says Satyameva jayate, I m innocent. Chakor says I want to know if Raghav is innocent

or not. Sweety agrees to help. Chakor asks what happened between you and Raghav. Sweety says I got a gift and letter with Raghav’s pic. Chakor asks what message. Sweety says to feed wine to Raghav and take him to the hotel room, I was asked to take his blood sample and keep it outside the hotel room, I hate this gift, I didn’t know I was made to do this crime. Chakor recalls Inspector’s words and says it means someone has framed Raghav. She says Raghav was with you at that time, it means someone did this to put Raghav’s blood sample there, Raghav didn’t rape Rajjo, he is innocent and I have blamed him. She asks Sweety to tell the truth to Raghav, then Raghav’s life will be saved, two lives will be saved. Sweety says three lives, even Anjor’s life will be saved. Chakor says yes, come with me.

Sweety says sorry, I m not brave enough to face this world. Someone knocks the door. Sweety asks is it the same people. Chakor says I didn’t tell anyone that I m coming here, except my family. She asks about some back door. She goes to open the back door. Goons get in. Anjor wakes up and drinks water. She goes out. Akash defends Chakor’s decision to Tejaswini. He says Raghav is daddy for Anjor, even if he isn’t your son. Tejaswini says he can never be Suraj, Anjor is with me, one day Anjor will learn that Suraj is not with us now. Anjor gets shocked and asks is daddy not here. Anjor gets worried. Chakor runs from the goons. Her foot gets stuck in the manhole layer. She asks Sweety to run and reach the police station. Chakor sees Sweety getting caught. Chakor goes to protect her. She beats the goons with a stick. Udaan hai….plays…. Sweety looks on. Goon hits on Chakor’s head. Chakor gets dizzy. Sweety shouts Chakor. Goons catch Sweety. Chakor says leave her…. Goon goes to stab Sweety.

Chakor shouts for help. Imli comes there and shoots at the goon.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Excellent episode, it would have been perfect if we somehow got Chakor-Raghav scene,
    Loved Raghav’s dialogue with the inspector, I’m proud of him.

    Chakor’s action scene was gripping. I don’t like how Anjor’s problem is given importance, an innocent man spending his life in jail is ok but a girl suffering a shock that may or may not kill her isn’t, why the double standards, doesn’t Raghav deserve sympathy too?

    I don’t like how every girl calls Chakor didi, why do they make Chakor sound old?

    My problem with Imli’s return is that CVs usually give her too much attention and make her too smart and two steps ahead of Sukor. Other than that I don’t mind her return if the explanation is logical.

    I miss Sukor, please until Suraj returns, show mor Raghav-Chakor scenes.

  2. Chakor will start to suspect mamaji’s family, seems Rohit will be framed at first. I think she hasn’t realized that this is linked to the blackmailer.

  3. We ask them to bring Suraj back, but they bring imli!!!!
    It is nerve-racking.

  4. M getting lost my interest day why day in this serial that I don’t want 😥😥 its all like everything is repeating again n again

  5. M getting lost my interest in this serial day by day 😥😥 that I don’t want it seems like everything is repeating again n again

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