Udaan 7th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina forgives Suraj

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The Episode starts with Imli asking Vivaan to get up, she can’t live without out. Gumaan thinks Imli will not spare Chakor now. He smiles and goes. Chakor cries for Vivaan. Imli says you can’t leave me this way. Chakor looks on in shock. Suraj asks Naina to open the door. He breaks the door and sees her attempting suicide. He stops her. She says you snatched everything from me. He stops her and slaps. She cries. He asks her to come to senses, they did this to save the country from his dad.

She asks about his wife Chakor. She faints. He gets Chakor’s call. Chakor says we have lost Vivaan, he is dead. Suraj gets shocked. Imli says Vivaan was murdered. Chakor drops the phone. After one month, Chakor thinks of Vivaan, while ironing clothes. Saanvi plays with iron wire. Suraj comes and shouts Saanvi. He takes Saanvi. He says I know you are worried for Imli, you can apologize to Imli but think for us, we are getting punished, when did we laugh together, Saanvi is imp to me. She says for me too. He says then prove it, its Saanvi’s birthday tomorrow, prove that you love her, not just your sister. She nods. Mahiya….plays…. Imli sees Vivaan’s pic. Chakor comes to her and apologizes. She says I have a family, I have responsibilities, I want peace, I can’t live with this sorrow that you never forgive me, I won’t come to apologize to you now, I will spend time with my family now. Imli asks am I not part of your family.

Imli says you always stayed as my shadow, how will I live if you also leave me. They cry and hug. Chakor says I will never leave you. Imli says forgive me, I have hurt you by false blame, I know Vivaan died accidentally. Imli acts and reminds their childhood. Chakor goes. Imli wipes her tears. Bua gets Naina to haveli. Bua scolds Suraj. Naina asks Bua to stop it. She says whatever happened with dad, he paid for his deed, Suraj told me that he did this for the country, we should be proud of him. Bua says you have gone mad. She goes. Suraj and Naina become friends. Chakor smiles. Naina unites Chakor and Suraj. Imli looks on. Chakor invites Naina in Saanvi’s birthday party. Suraj asks are we having a party. Chakor shows Imli and says yes, we will party, we have seen much sorrow, its time to celebrate. Suraj says its amazing. Imli smiles.

Kasturi makes Imli ready and hugs her. She says I m glad that you have become like before, you start life afresh. Kasturi goes. Imli spoils her hairstyle. Chakor makes Saanvi ready. Kasturi says Imli got ready, I have just set her hair. Chakor asks is it necessary to go on tirat yatra. Kasturi says yes, I will go and pray for you all. Gumaan and his mum are on the way to Aazaadgunj. Naina comes there. She asks where are Chakor and Saanvi. Suraj says they are upstairs, go and meet them. Gumaan calls out Suraj.

Suraj and Chakor hug Saanvi and celebrate her birthday. Imli thinks everything will cry soon.

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  1. Why is chakor so sentimental to the point she’s gullible? Imli stung her how many times, maybe its possible to forgive her but don’t let her around your family! She’s a backstabbing black widow. Chakor shouldn’t seal her faith like Vivaan, imli would never change she’s rotten to the core.

  2. Aaaarrrghh WHAT IS THIS YAAAAAR. Forst blah blah ImIi and her revengeful acts. I thought they will get united but nòooooooooo. Imli will start her game again. Reallyyyyyyy. Sukor will be separated again

    NooI don’t want that to happen again

  3. Imli scenes are torture, we should’ve got some Sukor romance before the leap, it isn’t fair.
    According to spoilers, goons will kidnap Saanvi after Chakor and Imli see off Bhuka. I’m sure Imli will increase Chakor’s suffering with her poisonous words. She may lie to Suraj about what happened, Sukor deserve this for not handing Imli to the police.
    I think Naina is positive.
    Looking forward to Saanvi’s birthday, it’ll be the last happy occasion for a long time. I’ll miss baby Saanvi, I hate this leap.

  4. sonia singla

    vivaan shouldn’t have got died it was so wrong i wish he would come back i hate this it was not right .

  5. so guys… can anyone tell me what happened to Ragini??

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