Udaan 5th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Suraj meets Naina as per Chakor’s plan

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Udaan 5th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suraj asking the goons to return his bag. The goons beat him. Naina sees them and says they are really bad people. Suraj asks Chakor is she listening. Naina asks the goons to leave Suraj, they can’t beat someone this way. The goons walk towards her. Chakor looks on. Suraj gets free and sees a rod. Chakor says no, you can’t beat them, act helpless and stand there. Naina shouts for help. Suraj beats the goon and asks who are they…. the goons run. Guard comes and picks Naina’s bag. Naina asks him to catch the goons. Chakor asks Suraj to show his wound to Naina. Suraj acts. Naina says I will take you to doctor. Chakor says refuse to her.

Suraj says no thanks. Naina says your mouth is bleeding. Suraj says its a small wound. Chakor says say its hurting a lot. Suraj says its paining. Naina says I have a medicine for your aid. Chakor says praise her and thank. Suraj says thanks, you are really nice. Naina says its fine, sit here, I will apply medicine, you can thank my dad for this, I kept this first aid box on his saying, I go to attend self defence classes for his sake. Chakor asks Suraj to talk. Suraj says your training worked, you shouted and goons ran away. Chakor asks what are you saying, if I was there, I would have tightly hugged you. Suraj gets back. Chakor closes eyes and says don’t refuse, let her apply medicine. Suraj says I will apply it myself. Naina says as you find right. Chakor says talk to her well. Suraj says sorry, I won’t apply medicine to wound, I leave it open and blow on wounds, it dries on own in few days. Chakor smiles. Naina laughs and jokes. Chakor asks Suraj to smile a bit. Suraj smiles. Naina says the wound is deep, apply this medicine. Suraj applies it. Naina helps him. She sees his bag fallen and asks is that your bag. He says yes.

She says I will get it. The man says your husband isn’t able to talk to her, how will he trap her, how did he trap you in love. Chakor says he doesn’t need to trap any girl, girls fall for him, he is Suraj Rajvanshi. Naina picks the bag and tiffin falls out. She says I made the food fall down, I will pick it. Suraj says its fine. She sees mata rani pic and says we both are Mata Rani’s devotee. Suraj asks Mata rani. Chakor says I kept that pic in your bag. Suraj says yes, I m her devotee. Naina asks do you live here. Suraj recalls Chakor’s words and says I visit Sundergunj often for work. Naina asks him to have food with her, as he is Sundergunj’s guest. He refuses. The man asks Chakor to explain Suraj to say yes. Chakor asks Suraj to say yes. Naina says I will feel bad all day, please have food with me. Chakor asks Suraj to say yes. Suraj says no, I have to end my office work, I will go, thanks a lot. Chakor gets shocked. He goes. The man says its a blunder.

Chakor worries. The man pays fake goons. Suraj comes there and beats the goons. He says you would have not dared to raise hand on me. The man says stop, this is your wife’s plan. Suraj says you didn’t do this right Chakor, you are hiding plan from me, goons were part of plan, you didn’t say, if any goon got beaten up to death, what would you do. She says if I had told you, you would have not looked true. Abhay says she is right, Naina would have not found this true, sit down. Suraj says it means you planned everything. Chakor says yes, I know Naina is Mata rani’s devotee, you both will have similarity. Suraj says wow, I can’t believe this, it means you left the tiffin loose open. She says yes, you should have gone to have food with Naina, why didn’t you go. He says I didn’t wish her to doubt, girls don’t like if we agree to them all the time, I also know a lot about girls. Abhay laughs and says he is right. Chakor says I will not hide any plan, I promise. Suraj says thanks. He jokes. Chakor says we shall share next plan. Abhay says not today, we will prepare him tomorrow. She says we have no time. He says we can’t work with tiredness, we have to keep mind, we will talk tomorrow, go. She says fine. Chakor and Suraj leave.

Suraj stops the car on the way. Chakor says forgive me for hiding the plan. Suraj says no need, I know you did this for mission’s success, I have no complains. She smiles. He says but Chakor, I lied to you, I didn’t plan to avoid lunch with Naina, I didn’t wish to go. She asks what, you should have gone. He says you and your mission, where am I in it, think about me. He gets down the car. She says forget it. He says you aren’t understanding me, its difficult for me, I hate spending time with that girl, I just love you. She cries and says I know you love me a lot. He says I wish I could explain that I can’t lie to anyone, I wish I could ask the clouds to rain down and prove my love for you. It thunders. Chakor turns. They get surprised when it suddenly rains. He holds her close. They hug. Mahiya……plays…… She says its tough for me too. They cry.

Suraj says I read Naina’s file. Chakor asks so soon. She says don’t know what’s Naina thinking. Naina worries for Suraj.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Emotional episode. Suraj was cute while blowing on his wound. Loved how Chakor said he doesn’t need to trap girls, they fall for him and Suraj reminding Chakor that he knows how girls think.
    Sukor’s scene was beautiful, especially their hug and Chakor’s tears, she’s suffering as much as Suraj.
    I hope they keep the episodes action packed, I like action scenes.
    They should increase the colonel’s scenes, he’s gone missing.

  2. I wish they don’t repeat the precap at the start of the episode, it’s jarring. Also make the precap interesting and short, today’s precap wasn’t long but it wasn’t interesting. Yesterday’s precap was too long.

  3. Such disgusting show yaa.. kaunsi ladki apne pati ko kise aurladki k pas bhejea ge.. kuch sochk script banaya karu…i just hate dis concept

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