Udaan 5th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Raghav escapes from police

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The Episode starts with Raghav running away from the police. He gets hurt and few blood drops fall in the police jeep. He runs into the jungle. Chakor comes home and gets shocked seeing Tejaswini doing Suraj’s shraddh. She says leave this, Anjor would be coming from school, what will she go through seeing this. Tejaswini says I didn’t do Suraj’s final rites because of you, let me do my duty. Chakor stops her and throws the pot.

Tejaswini gets angry on her. She says you have hidden about Suraj’s death, you got a stranger home, I thought he is Suraj, you have cheated us and also put our safety at risk. Leela says we have a right to cry for Suraj. Chakor says whatever I did was for Anjor, I m just keeping my promise to Suraj, can Anjor bear this shock. She cries and says I can’t lose Anjor,

you know about this already, I have hidden this news from you all, as Suraj wasn’t an ordinary man, this news would have spread out, he was a great men, everyone would break down with his death, ask me, how I have tolerated this shock, I m helpless to live without her.

She says I feel I have also gone with Suraj, I m helpless to wear this mangalsutra when he isn’t with me. She cries. Mahiya….plays…. she says if I told this to you, Anjor would know it too, its hard to hide this truth. She begs Tejaswini not to tell this truth to Anjor. Leela says Raghav can’t come home now, what will you tell Anjor now. Chakor says I have to hide this truth from Anjor some how. Tejaswini says Raghav isn’t like Suraj, how can you get him home.

Jyoti’s husband Akash says sorry to interfere, its not right to blame Chakor. Jyoti also supports Chakor. Tejaswini cries and says I know Chakor did this for Anjor, what shall I do, I haven’t seen Suraj. Inspector calls Chakor and says Raghav has escaped. Chakor gets shocked and tells this to family. Chakor and Rajjo come to police station. Rajjo shares her pain and cries. She says you feel Raghav is innocent. Chakor says no, stop crying, I m with you, I believe you more than myself. Udaan hai….plays….

Inspector says Raghav got hurt and his blood fell there, we have sent the blood samples, both the samples are of Raghav. Chakor gets shocked. She recalls Raghav. She gets Raghav’s call. He threatens her and asks her to come home to give him money. He gets the family members captive. He says your daughter Anjor will free me from police.

Raghav threatens Chakor about Anjor. He says I will kill Anjor if you inform police.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. -So what will be the reason for Chakor crying tomorrow?
    -The episodes are now 15 minutes of Chakor crying followed by 5 minutes of the actual plot.
    -Should I be grateful for Raghav’s cameo appearance, well I’m not. The only good thing about the new track was Raghav and his antics and CVs have completely sidelined him.
    -The episodes have been boring since last Thursday with OTT drama and excessive crying with loud music.
    -Stop glorifying Chakor, the series struggles started with this. Chakor is the lead but she isn’t more important than the actual story. I get it, she misses Suraj but that doesn’t mean I have to hear her talk about it for half of the episode for almost two weeks. I stopped paying attention, it’s irritating.
    CVs have time to repeat the same thing over and over again but rushed Raghav’s stay in haveli. The serial has become unwatchable, there is nothing to look forward to, maybe some people can’t wait to see Chakor shedding tears every day but I’m not one of them.
    -No point discussing the remaining 5 minutes by the time anything remotely interesting happens I’m already irritated beyond caring.

  2. So the inspector’s name is Kaushal Yadav.
    Akash is pretending to be good and it seems Chakor trusts him.

  3. Safiya Hosein

    I think i should audition to be writer for Udaan. I am sure I can write a pretty good storyline. I think we all can.
    Udaan need the writers who were there when Kamal Narayan was still an antagonist. The story lines were way better and the episodes were exciting to watch. Sigh!

  4. I have been missing many episodes now for the simple reason it is really becoming boring. too much of crying.

    I echo Nemo, how long do we need to cry with Chakor. Suraj was made to vanish but everyday her cries makes his die every day. too much of drama. Whats is being conveyed for being honest, selfless, one has to always suffer? Don’t good Samaritans have the right to lead a happy life.?

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