Udaan 5th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Chakor finds a big change in Aazaadgunj

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The Episode starts with Chakor meeting her parents and everyone. She smiles seeing Suraj. Mahiya….plays…. Suraj says I told you Chakor, you will find me here when you come out of the jail, I came prepared. He sings. She smiles. He lifts her and dances. They all clap. Chakor says I was dying to come in your arms, I was wrong, I thought you won’t come to take me, you didn’t change. He says I have changed, I don’t love you as before now, I love you even more. She smiles and says you are saying right, I also love you a lot. Her imagination breaks.

A man asks her why did she come in front of his car. He drives off. She asks a taxi driver to take her to Aazaadgunj. He refuses and says I don’t want to die going there. She takes another taxi. She sees Suraj’s pic and says how can you do this, why didn’t you come to take me, I thought you will welcome me well, it means you want to surprise me, I m coming, time is not passing, I can’t wait more, when will I reach there, when will I meet you. She recalls her family. The car stops. The driver says going Aazaadgunj means danger. He sees the car tyre puncture. She says what danger, my family will be waiting for me, I will go by walk. She reaches Aazaadfgunj. She sees the dirt on the board and goes to clean it.

She cleans the dirt and says you are my pride, I have come back to my Aazaadgunj, now we won’t see any sorrow, my life will just have happiness now, I will see if Suraj fulfilled his promise to me. She reaches the village and smiles. She doesn’t find anyone and thinks where are they. She prays to Daak baba. She asks a girl where are everyone. The girl’s mum asks her to come with her. Chakor says Kaki, listen to me. Kaki says Chakor you have come …… They leave. Chakor runs to her house. She finds the house locked. She sees Kaka and stops him. She asks where are my parents. Kaki says we don’t know, they can be with Shekhar Kaka. Chakor asks where is Suraj. Kaki says you should have not come here, go from here fast.

Chakor says where are you Suraj, I m tensed, what happened to our village. She goes to Shekhar Kaka’s house. She sees the decorations and people gathered. She smiles. The villagers get glad seeing her. Shekhar says Kusum is getting married. Chakor says its really happy thing. She calls out Kasturi and Bhuvan. They hug Chakor. Chakor cries. Kasturi says you came back. Chakor asks about the locked house. Bhuvan says we missed you a lot. Chakor says no, everyone doesn’t love me, its a lie. Kasturi says no, we were busy in Kusum’s marriage. Chakor asks where is Suraj. Kasturi says we will talk later, Kusum is getting married. They all lie to her. Chakor looks at them. She asks why do they not look happy, where is Imli. Bhuvan asks her to listen to them, they are very happy. She collides with Chagan. She asks whom are you finding in hurry.

A girl comes there and apologizes for coming late. He says I was so worried, Kusum is getting married, those people are coming, you know what can happen if they see you. Chakor asks who. Chagan says no one, tell me, how are you, I m glad seeing you, this is Gauri, she stays here in Aazaadgunj. Chakor compliments her. She asks did you see Suraj, I m finding him. Chagan asks Kusum to go and meet Kusum, he will drop her home before those people come. Chakor asks him to answer, where is Suraj, where is Imli, Imli should have been here. Gauri says why will Imli come here, don’t you know…. Chagan signs Gauri to not say anything.

Chakor asks Kusum why is she sad. Kusum says matter is something else. She runs to the well and commits suicide. Chakor shouts Kusum. Bhuvan tells Chakor that Imli made Aazaadgunj a hell.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Interesting episode! Azaadganj seems to be cut off from the outside world and everyone is scared. I think Imli is forcing the women into marriage and that’s why Chagan doesn’t want Gauri going outside. I’m curious why BuKa left their house.
    Suraj’s fate is very mysterious, everyone is avoiding the topic.

  2. Aleya.marzan

    like horrible.
    but not again make ranvijay drama as i read in spoiler

  3. Hum chante de imli ek number ki b*t*h,aur item girl so ushko yeh log bahut pathi dikhate hai humein lagta hai directer aur cvs bhi ushe pyaar kar rahi hogi leave jo hogaya toh hoga ab chakor khi haalath bahut poori hai kyunki suraj became imli singh slave ab chakor kaisebachayegi apni suraj ko aur chakor ka dushmanbhi aagayi suraj ko kab yaad vapas aayeghi chakor ushki patni and i think chagan loves gouri???????chakor bachayegi sukor ko ??????????????imli ek dham pathetic ugly ass girl ????????????????????????hamara man kartha hai ushkijaan lele hum kya kar sakte i hate imliiiiiii?????????????

  4. Where is vivaan

    1. well paras has left the show but imli has still vermilion on her hairline maybe a new face of vivaan?

  5. still not sure what to say but I’m happy Chagan is back unhappy they r hiding the truth.

  6. Whole new story..im confused..mainly cuz I’m not able to watch

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