Udaan 4th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts wit Bhaiya ji angrily bringing Chakor in the haveli and saying our security is too loose that a child has run away. Tejaswini says this girl can’t get freed herself, someone helps her. Manohar looks at Vivaan and thinks he was out. Vivaan gets tensed and runs. Tejaswini sees Manohar looking at his room window. Bhaiya ji says he will not let anyone stay here if they helped Chakor. Tejaswini asks him to take rest and she will see things here. Tejaswini says she is smart girl and might have opened door herself. She asks Girja to lock Chakor and is anyone tries to free her, she can’t save that person from Bhaiya ji. She asks Manohar why is he worried, go and take rest. He leaves.

She thinks why is Manohar worried, did Vivaan help Chakor. Girja brings Chakor back to the stable and scolds her. Chakor says she will free herself. Manohar comes to Vivaan and asks Ranjana to ask did he help Chakor in running or not. Ranjana asks Vivaan did he help Chakor. Manohar says Chakor has made our loss and he is helping her. He asks is he not ashamed. Ranjana says stop this Chalisa now, see your son is spoiling, he is playing with Chakor. They argue. She says don’t expect my son to be a dog for Bhaiya ji, like you. He says its useless to talk to you. Vivaan sees them fighting and shuts his ears.

Its morning, Girja tells the maid when will she wash the utensils. She asks her to throw the rest over food. Lakhan comes and says workers came to meet Bhaiya ji. Girja says I will tell him. The maid says why don’t we give food to them. Girja says no way. Tejaswini says we will not give them food, as they are our bounded labors. The maid says I will throw the food. Tejaswini says she will wake up Bhaiya ji. She comes to him and slides the curtains. Bhaiya ji wakes up by the sunlight glare. He says he was dreaming about his 2000 crores turning into 5000 crores. She says sorry, but some people want to meet you. He says who. She says your workers. As rain did not happen, the field work has stopped.

She asks them to meet them with big heart and they will preach him as Lord. He smiles and nods yes. Girja comes to stable and sees Chakor missing. Chakor wakes up and Girja scolds her for sleeping in the grass. Chakor says she can’t sleep without Kasturi. Girja says come with me. She asks her to wash all utensils. Chakor looks at the gate. Girja says don’t think to run as anyone will catch you, I will break your bones. Girja leaves. Chakor hears workers coming and thinks her dad will also come.

Bhuvan and Kasturi have a talk at home. He says he is not going. The workers talk to Bhaiya ji asking for some work. Chakor comes there to see if Bhuvan came and Girja holds her hand. Bhaiya ji offers help to the workers and they get glad. Girja says your dad will not come here, as he has left you here forever. She says this haveli is your fate, understand this soon.

Chakor runs away. Girja is shocked. Bhaiya ji asks who helped her. His men follow Chakor and she runs seeing the dogs.

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