Udaan 4th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor finds a solution for development project

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The Episode starts with Chagan saying the Daai is very sharp. Suraj discusses work with him. Imli goes. Chakor says we should find a way to save the silk fields, I have thought of many ways, but I don’t like it, I feel I will have a solution, I know this time isn’t right. Chakor gets Suraj’s call. He says Pakhi got conscious, she is recovering. She likes the news. She gets an idea and says I will talk later. Chagan says maybe Chakor is busy, come. Chakor and engineers come to meet Karan. He asks the matter.

Chakor says I have a road route. He asks what do you mean. She says we will make the road here, it will pass underground. He asks how can this happen. She says it can happen, see this map. She says silk fields won’t be at risk, village will be developed. Archana says I heard Suraj and Chakor taking your name and fighting. Imli asks what. She gets Karan’s call and asks him to calm down. She goes. Chakor comes home and says Saanvi slept. Suraj says yes, Archana made her sleep, talk in low tone.

She says I want to talk to you, I didn’t come to see Pakhi, sorry. He asks did you save silk fields. She says yes, I found a way to save it and make roads at low rates. He says I m very happy, why didn’t you say this before. He hugs her. Imli sees them and goes. Imli comes to Karan and asks why did you call me. He says you told me to make Chakor a project head, you know what she is doing, she is saving the fields, I wish I didn’t hear you. She asks did I force you to listen to my suggestion. He says if this happens, it will be big loss for me. Imli says Chakor is ruining my plan too. He says I will kill Chakor. She says you won’t kill her, I will kill her, its better we send her away, Chakor will go with her husband but return alone. He smiles and says you are becoming mysterious, you want to send Suraj and Chakor on holiday, they will get more close. She says villagers are more clever than you. He warns her. She says it will be easy to dig the fields if they go. He asks what’s your profit. She says Suraj is chakor’s shield, if he dies, Chakor will also die. She asks him to tell her where he will send them, as she has to go along to kill Suraj.

Chakor takes Saanvi’s belongings to give to Archana. Suraj says you were busy and didn’t notice me. Suraj stops her and romances. He doesn’t listen to her. They get close. He lifts her in arms. Mahiya….plays…. They romance. Imli looks at them from the window. Imli says Chakor you ruined my life, I won’t let you enjoy your life.

Chakor says Suraj, Saanvi and I will go Kashmir and spend time. Karan tells Imli that Chakor agreed to go. Imli says very soon I will cut Chakor’s wings. Suraj gets kidnapped.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Happy that Pakhi has woken up, was worried she’ll stay in coma. Sukor are magic ❤️️
    Why is Archana working with Imli?
    I don’t like how Imli is the one coming up with all the plans, Karan is acting like her sidekick not like a villain.

  2. ??? What is Imli planning???
    Sukor are just adorable ???
    I hope nothing happens to SuKor…i dont want them to die ???

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