Udaan 4th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 4th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor telling Vivaan not to worry as the one who kills someone does not cry, and asks him to trust Manohar. She says why will they kill me, I always stay in haveli. She says we have to decide who will go school first. Imli suggests some method to choose the stone from the pot, if white comes, then its yes, else no. They all insist Chakor to do this first. Imli asks her to close her eyes and pick a stone. Chakor does so and gets a white stone. They all smile. Mutti me hawa ke jhoke hai…………. Chakor opens her eyes and smiles seeing it. They ask her to go school first and are very happy for her, as she has golden touch. Imli says so its decided. Chakor says fine, if you want wish this.

She says when she comes from school, she will teach them what she learnt in school. They say fine. Kasturi says she will teach all of them and hugs her. Bhuvan says you always told you wanted to study and erase this wrist sign, free us from bandhua labor, Lord has heard you today. They smile and she says Dadi helped me, I will tell her this good news. Kasturi says yes, go and tell her, maybe she will get up by this. Billu stares at the pot and Imli asks him why was he staring. He asks did she keep just one stone in the pot. Imli swears on Lord and says yes. She does finger cross and Chakor sees it. She asks why did she lie to them.

Imli says I have put stones and I got hurt. Chakor says no, I feel you lie. Imli asks her to go to Dadi. Chakor checks all stones and gets all white stones. Chakor confronts Imli. Ishwar asks the doctor when will Baa get conscious. The doctor says one week, it’s a miracle that she got saved, we hope she gets conscious soon.

Ishwar says its Chakor’s miracle. Aditya says I heard Vivaan’s dad saying he shot Chakor and Dadi came in between, but Chakor is not believing me. He says why did he do this. The kids ask Imli why did he cheat them and that’s why she told Chakor to take stone first. Vivaan says Chakor and Imli are great. Chakor says Imli did wrong, we will decide again. Imli says she did not do as she is her sister, but because she can teach all of them. She asks Billu can he teach all kids. They say no.

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Ishwar says Imli did the right, the way was wrong, but decision is right. Chakor is their Guru and when Guru studies, then she will teach students. They all smile and agree. Imli asks Chakor to agree. Chakor hugs her and smiles. She says fine, I will go to school. Everyone get glad. Bhaiya ji scolds Manohar and asks him not to drink wine. Manohar asks you taught me to drink, and asking me to stop drinking today. He asks the driver to take Manohar home. Manohar says I will not go without Vivaan, he said he will not see my face.

Aditya asks Chakor why did she not believe him. He says he has heard it himself. Imli gets ready to arrange Chakor’s fees and asks people to help her. The people give her money. Vivaan asks Chakor is this true, and why is she hiding this. Ishwar says Chakor did not lie to you. Vivaan says her lines. Ishwar says yes, she said right, the criminals don’t get tears, I don’t feel your dad is criminal, its someone else.

Bhaiya ji comes and says you can’t decide who is criminal, you are just Ishwar by name, the real Ishwar/Lord is up there. Ishwar threatens him and smiles.

Ishwar says Vivaan come with me, your dad is waiting. Vivaan says I don’t want to come, and drags him. He sees Imli asking for money and smiles. Aditya asks Ishwar why did he lie to Vivaan. Ishwar says Chakor is smart and she denied everything as she does not want Vivaan and his dad’s relation to get bad. Bhaiya ji comes and shows them Imli begging for money. He says you blamed me for having bandhua, and see you made Imli a beggar. They are shocked. Bhaiya ji laughs.

He says she is doing a work to arrange fees, I will also give her some money. He asks Imli to come and shows a one rupee coin. He throws it to Imli. Ishwar and Chakor are stunned. Bhaiya ji says this is my contribution towards the kids fees, don’t say I did not give anything. He smiles and sees Chakor. Ishwar asks Imli what is she doing, he will pay Chakor’s school fees. Chakor recalls Bhaiya ji’s words and sees Imli. Ishwar stops Chakor and asks her not to believe Bhaiya ji, he did this to stop you from going to school. Chakor says no, I will not go school from money begged.

Chakor asks Imli to return money. Ishwar says he will pay the fees. Chakor says no, you did a lot, I will do everything myself. Imli says Chakor will get the fees if they fill water in tanker. Chakor smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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