Udaan 4th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Chakor tries to find Imli and Raghav

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Udaan 4th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Raghav asking Imli to just go away. She refuses and fights with goons. She beats Akash. He hits on her head. She faints down. He asks goons to take them away and kill them. Damodar gets a message and says we have to leave fast, commissioner is coming here. Akash asks why is he coming here. Damodar asks goons to just go. Akash worries and gets behind bars again. Commissioner comes there with Chakor and family. Akash acts in front of Tejaswini. She goes to him and slaps. She says all your truth has come out, Jyoti told me everything about you, I haven’t seen a cheap man like you. Chakor says he is Vikram’s brother, he is also a criminal like them.

She counts Akash’s crimes. Akash accepts his crimes. He says Damodar is my loyal man, he has sold his uniform for money. Damodar says he is lying. Commissioner says shut up, Chakor told me about your black deeds, you have become an evil doer, let me get proof against you and then I will not leave you. Chakor says there is an evidence. FB shows Imli showing the camera to her. She says I will fix the camera in police station and keep an eye on Akash and Damodar, we will be ahead of her. Chakor says its a risky thing. Imli says I can do this with ease and winks. FB ends. Chakor gets the camera from the file and says whatever happened here is recorded in this camera. She shows the video to them. Akash and Damodar get shocked. Commissioner also checks the video. Akash asks Jyoti why didn’t she think of her baby. He taunts her. Chakor says Jyoti will live with her child well. Akash asks her to think about Raghav and Imli. He says I have done something with them, which you can’t even think. The goons are on the way. Akash says you have no option to find them, I have won, you have lost, I have killed Raghav and Imli. She gets shocked.

Akash says the same way you killed Vikram and Rajeshwari. Tejaswini asks how can you do this. He scolds her. Raghav and Imli are put inside the coffin. The goons dig a grave. Chakor says we have to find them. She says this camera is our proof, we can reach them via this video. She checks the video and hears Akash’s command to the goons. Chakor and police leaves to find Raghav and Imli. Chakor sees the goons leaving and says they have taken Raghav and Imli that side. She goes to check. Chakor shouts and tries to find them. Imli gets conscious and knocks on the coffin door. She sees Raghav beside and asks him to wake up, they have to leave from here. She checks his breath. She shouts for help. Chakor cries and looks for them.

Inspector beats up Akash and asks where did you keep Imli. Akash says you won’t get Imli and Raghav. Chakor hugs Imli. They both shout Raghav……

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The episode felt like a filler. Of all places to hid the camera, they put in a file and point the camera to the back of the closet, the camera can not record anything in that place and how easily did Chakor find the file. What’s wrong with putting the camera at the top of the cupboard.
    Why did Akash admit his crimes and made it easier for police to catch him.
    It seems Teju won’t apologize to Chakor.
    I wonder how Chakor will find them, both Imli and Chakor shouting Raghav’s name looked cheesy.

  2. The writing really needs to improve, the scenes and dialogues are repetitive. All Akash’s dialogues to Chakor are the same thing said in different ways. All Imli Raghav scenes are the same thing, he gives her advice and she flirts with him. All Chakor-Teju scenes are the same and so on.
    The story would be more interesting if they stopped repeating scenes, what’s wrong if Raghav and Chakor walk in the village and see two people fighting and each give a different advice to them and then have a discussion about their worldview.
    The writing needs to be smarter. Think of other ways to give Imli ss other than showing her with Raghav. Chakor-Raghav scenes should be more and they should be varied, not just about work or other people. Chakor is too serious, she’s either shown as a jagat mata or as Anjor’s mother, Chakor used to be cute and used to have spark but it’s all gone.

  3. Feeling sad for raghav I don’t why those who helps chakor and her family finally ends up in trouble. Poor raghav I hope nothing bad happen to him and plse don’t make imli to fall for him we don’t expect that and writers should concentrate more on sukor scenes or otherwise show us raghav and chakor scenes don’t waste the concept.??????

  4. All the above comments are sensible and right too. I believe that the writers should not have repetitive scenes, but at the time when you are reading or watching, the episode, you do not feel it is the same scene in a different way. I think the writers can’t find new scenes for the actors to act out, because then why else would they have repetitive scenes all the time and the same comments and dialogues, over and over again?

  5. I think the story gets exciting if Imli falls in love with Raghav and then it turns out that he is Actually Suraj

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