Udaan 3rd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor meets Aarohi

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The Episode starts with Chakor and Suraj taking care of Anjor. Chakor thinks she won’t sit quiet till she takes revenge from those devils. She hugs Anjor and sleeps. Its morning, she gets a call from Aarohi. Aarohi invites her and Suraj in Diwali party. She says whenever we both met, something good happened, we always succeed. Chakor says yes, but we can’t come in party this year, Anjor is unwell. She tells everything. Aarohi says I can help Anjor, I can atleast cry, I feel we have to meet, its in destiny, I lived in a jungle village, I learnt making medicines from Gurumaa, maybe this can benefit Anjor. Chakor asks can this really happen, I will come wherever you call me.

Aarohi says I can understand your feelings, I know what a mum goes through when something happens to a child. They cry. Aarohi

says I will meet you tomorrow, I m living here in disguise of Manpreet, my identity shouldn’t come here, Aarohi is dead for them, I will meet and tell you the secret. Chakor agrees. Virat says I don’t keep any secrets. Vikram says happiness gets increasing on sharing. Virat invites him in Diwali party. Vikram agrees.

Virat says I have to discuss with you. Chakor tells Suraj about Aarohi’s invitation. She says I got a new hope, Anjor can get fine, Aarohi said she can make Anjor fine by ayurvedic medicines. Suraj asks Ayurved, you think Anjor will get fine, I mean big doctors are treating Anjor. Chakor says I just want to see Anjor getting fine, I can’t see Anjor like this, we both will go there for her sake. Suraj says there is no harm in trying, we will go. Rajeshwari asks what are you doing, we want to take us out of Dharampura, its dangerous. Vikram says Virat is well-connected, no one will know, its away from Aazaadgunj. She says but we have to be careful. The party begins. Vikram meets Virat. Virat asks them to come in. Chakor and Suraj come in the party. Vasundara welcomes them and wishes happy diwali. Chakor asks about Manpreet. Vasundara says she is a lovely girl, she would be in her girl, enjoy the party. Chakor says Suraj, I m going to meet Aarohi.

Vikram congratulates Deep and asks who is behind your success. Deep says there is a big inspiration behind it. Tara smiles. He gets Vasundara there. He says its my mum. Tara thinks I felt Deep is praising me. Deep says my mum is my strength, courage and inspiration. Tara goes. Vasundara asks Deep to talk good things. Abhimanyu smiles seeing Tara. He asks her to smile a bit. Aarohi looks for her disguise getup. She says I have kept clothes here, maybe the get up has gone along. Deep thinks why didn’t Manpreet come in party. She says what shall I do, I can’t go out. She calls to order other set of getup. Chakor comes there to meet her. Aarohi gets her in and says I m in big problem, my getup is replaced, just get the parcel to me.

Chakor says I will do anything for you, I want to see how you look in that getup. Aarohi says I made medicine for Anjor, I hope she gets fine. Chakor thanks her and hugs. Aarohi says don’t thank me, Anjor is like my daughter, its a happy thing for me to help her. Chakor goes. Aarohi says I have to tell Abhimanyu about the getup, else Deep will come here to spy on me. She calls. Virat asks Vikram to come and have drinks. Suraj sees kids with diya and stops them. Chakor smiles. Suraj cares for the kids. Chakor thinks Suraj is worried for Anjor, he is missing her, I should do something to make his mood better. Chakor and Suraj dance on Dum mast hai….. A man gets parcel. Chakor looks at him. Aarohi waits in her room. Deep asks the man what’s the parcel. He gets thinking. Chakor tells Suraj about Aarohi’s parcel. Deep tries to open the parcel. Chakor worries and says we have to stop Deep. They stop Deep from checking the parcel.

Continued in Ishq Mein Marjawan update

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. My favorite scenes were the first scene, the part when Suraj stopped singing was cute, and the one when Suraj talked to the kids’ mother.
    I didn’t like Sukor dance hope it grows on me.

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