Udaan 3rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 3rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ishwar talking to Chakor about her Satyagrah ending. Bhaiya ji says this was not needed, I told them study if they can pay fees, its their right. Chakor asks him to write it and give them. Bhaiya ji signs on the paper and writes his words. They all smile and protest that the education is their right. Chakor asks Ishwar to read it and say. Ishwar says fine, but his handwriting is good, you can read it too, as you learnt this in Lucknow school, read it for them.

Chakor reads the message. She says Kamal Narayan Rajvanshi promises that the kids who pay the fees and whose name is written in school, they can study and they have full right to get educated. They all clap for her. Ishwar says I will keep this paper, as it can be used to remind them if he forgets his promise. Bhaiya ji reminds them that he took their thumb impressions and gave them admissions, the matter stopped for fees matter, he is just MP and he can’t get the fees paid for all of them. He says we have 1 lakh kids and I can’t pay it, this is not my duty.

He says who will pay the fees and asks them to say. He says I know Ishwar is honest govt servant and his fees won’t be high to run his home and pay their fees, so start taking bribe. He laughs and says then you will get much money. He says if he wants, he can start taking bribe from him, it will be profit for both of them, I was talking to help him. Ishwar smiles and asks him to laugh and use all his money and power, but he can’t be saved, I know Baa was shot but target was someone else. He asks why did he stop laughing now, and reminds his promise, as he has signed infront of media.
Manohar cries saying sorry Amma, forgive me. The nurse asks him to be out as patient is sleeping. Manohar shows the gun and she runs to Bhaiya ji, saying Manohar showed her gun and scared her. Bhaiya ji says his acting is not ending. Manohar goes to Baa and says Bhaiya ji sent me to shoot Chakor and you came in between and spoiled our game, my heart has a burden, I will go mad. He cries and holds her hand. He says how to get off this burden.

He says shall I shoot that Chakor and Baa wakes up and holds his hand. He says leave my hand and runs out. Bhaiya ji asks Manohar to come to his senses. Manohar says Amma has held my hand. The doctor asks how can this be, she is unconscious. Manohar asks am I lying, trust me, come with me, I will show you. Ishwar talks to everyone and says we can’t get so much money for all kids education, so lets do it one by one and we can arrange money slowly. They all decide to send Chakor first. Chakor says no, Imli will go first. Imli says me? No, I can’t go first, I m very small. They laugh.

The constable asks Ishwar to come fast as Manohar is doing something wrong. Ishwar goes to see. Manohar sees Baa sleeping and says she opened her eyes just now. Bhaiya ji says your mind went wrong by wine, Amma is unconscious and you are not in your senses. Manohar says I don’t lose senses even when I drink wine, when I told her that I will kill Chakor….. He turns and is shocked seeing Ishwar. Ishwar asks him to complete what he was saying, is he going to kill Chakor, it means my doubt was right, the target was Chakor.

Bhaiya ji says Manohar is drunk and he can say any random thing. He takes Manohar with him. Chakor looks on and gets sad. Bhaiya ji and Manohar have a talk. Aditya hears them. Manohar says I told Amma that you have sent me to kill Chakor. Bhaiya ji says you are a fool, her mind is working. Ishwar says it means Baa will remember that Manohar said, it means he wanted to kill you Chakor and she came in between, she saved your life.

He says we can know this when she gets conscious. Chakor says Dadi come to senses and say the truth. Ishwar says Manohar did this and he will not see his sin. Manohar says he feels Amma is acting to be unconscious. Bhaiya ji asks Manohar to see who is there. Manohar catches Aditya and says he is Ishwar’s son. He asks what is he doing here. Aditya says he heard everything, he will tell this to dad. Manohar says did anyone stop you, go and tell him. Ishwar says I will talk to doctor, and goes.

Chakor sees Aditya caught by Manohar. Aditya says leave me. Chakor asks him why did he catch Aditya. Aditya says they wanted to kill you and Dadi was shot by mistake, I heard this myself. Chakor is shocked, and more than her, its Vivaan hearing this from far.

Imli wants to decide who will go to school. They all ask Chakor to choose the stone to decide for them. They all smile.

Update Credit to: Amena

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