Udaan 3rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with two ladies talking about the financial trouble, and Ranjana helps her promoting her party. Imli talks to Kaka and says she wants to know how low cab she buy it, so that she can sell it on high rates. He says even then you need money to do business. Ranjana gives money to the ladies and a 500rs notes fall. Ranjana says she will open a centre where she can help all problem affected women. Imli thinks from where will money come and sees the note on the ground. She says I did not see such big note before. She goes to Ranjana and returns it. The ladies praise Imli for being so honest and she should get some prize. Ranjana recalls she is Chakor’s sister. She gives Rs 100 to Imli as her prize to make her reputation in village. They clap for her. Imli smiles seeing the note.

Vivaan comes to Chakor while she is working. He asks why did you not lift the pen when Bhaiya ji told you, you have to use such things and he will take the promise back. Chakor removes the cotton from her ears and asks what was he saying, she did not hear anything, as she was cleaning utensils and its sounding a lot. Vivaan says we are wasting our efforts, put cotton and clean utensils all your life. He says its non stick pan, clean it with soft cloth, read the sticker. She says yes, I did not read it, as I don’t want to break my promise. He says atleast see the pic, I m going. A man asks Imli to be with him, and he will teach her how to make golgappa. Sbe smiles and learns how to make it.

She says she has decided that she will work like him, and he has earned a lot in one hour. He says I will start my business with this honesty money. A lady comes and says the water was not good, and she has vomiting. The man argues. The lady asks the money back. Imli gives the money and the lady leaves. Kaka asks why did you return money. Imli says she got unwell, so you should give money back. She says she won’t do this business as people are getting ill by now. The driver takes money from Imli and gives to Ranjana. Imli asks why did you take money back. Ranjana says as you are Chakor’s sister, I will not even do any favor on you and Chakor, and taunts Imli. She leaves. Bhaiya ji tells Tejaswini that its headache that Ranjana is against us, the party leaders are praising us for allowing Ranjana in politics, and did I retire.

Manohar comes to him. Bhaiya ji asks where is your wife. Manohar says she did not come till now. Bhaiya ji says she might be busy working. Manohar says she said this that she will meet people in village. Tejaswini says she is younger bahu and this is not good for Bhaiya ji that she enters politics. Manohar gets a call and leaves. Bhaiya ji gets angry and says its useless to talk to him, he does not take anything seriously. Manohar asks Vivaan to talk to his sports teacher Arjun. Vivaan is glad and runs out, to say aloud that Arjun Sir called him. Chakor hears it.

Vivaan runs back to his room. Manohar asks what happened to him, where did you go. Vivaan says nothing, Arjun Sir called after many days so I got happy. Manohar gives the phone and leaves. Vivaan talks to Arjun. Ranjana comes home and Chakor bumps into her. Ranjana scolds her. Tejaswini taunts Ranjana. Chakor runs from there. A lady gives money to Kasturi as she treated her brother. Kasturi returns it. The lady insists and says take it. Kasturi says I m glad that Kishor got well, this is my prize and returns money. The lady blesses her and leaves. Imli asks Kasturi why did she not take money. Kasturi says I did not do this for money.

Imli says you worked so hard to make medicines and you are giving it for free, why. Kasturi says how can I take money from villagers, they are poor like us. Imli says then how did she give you money, everything comes by money. Kasturi says its Lord’s blessings and I can serving everyone. Imli says fine, then serve me too. Kasturi asks what. Tejaswini and Bhaiya ji talk to Ranjana and ask her to do any timepass and not enter politics. Ranjana says I know what suits me and about being part of house, its even this sofa and table, someone are like furniture, and looks at Manohar. She says I m not like that and its better you don’t try to make me like that. She leaves. Manohar gets angry and leaves. Bhaiya ji says its important to stop her, I will talk to party chief.

Chakor comes to Vivaan and talks to Arjun. Arjun is glad hearing her and asks whats Vivaan saying, that you lost, is this true. I have made big plans for you, and you went without telling me and now I m hearing you have lost, how can you do this. Chakor says I did not lose, I promised I will not touch education, you know Chakor can never fail. She winks and smiles. Arjun gets happy.

Bhaiya ji lifts Chakor by her hair and asks how dare she touch his phone. She says your phone is working. He sees and asks what did she do. She says reboot. Bhaiya ji is shocked. Baa and Vivaan smile.

Update Credit to: Amena

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