Udaan 3rd December 2018 Written Episode Update: Rajjo blames Raghav

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The Episode starts with Chakor missing Suraj and crying. She says Rajjo supported me and I couldn’t protect her today, why did you leave me and go Suraj, I need you here. Rajjo wakes up and shouts for help. Chakor hugs her and consoles. Its morning, inspector says we have sent the blood for tests, we will get report, we need Rajjo’s sign on the statement.

Raghav comes home and starts chattering. He sees police. Chakor and everyone look at him. He asks what’s happening here, why is police here. She says you were out of home for long and don’t know what happened here. He says I know something has happened, what happened, Rajjo is crying. She takes him aside and tells everything. Raghav gets shocked. Chakor cries and says Rajjo was alone at home that time. He says Rajjo isn’t alone now, I

m with you Rajjo, I will find your culprit and get him punished. He asks inspector to find that devil. Inspector says sure, I will inform you. Chakor nods to Rajjo. Rajjo stumbles. Raghav holds him. She gets the perfume smell and recalls the culprit. She pushes him and says this same perfume smell was coming from that devil, it means Raghav has done this. They get shocked.

Rajjo says Raghav is the culprit. Tejaswini asks what are you saying, I know you are in pain. Rajjo says I m in senses, Raghav has done all this. Tejaswini asks Chakor why is she calling Suraj as Raghav. Rajjo asks Chakor to punish Raghav. Tejaswini says enough, don’t say a word against my son, wrong happened with you, this doesn’t mean you will say anything to my son, he is like Ram, he is all qualities of an ideal man, he never misbehaved with any woman, you are saying he has ruined your respect. Leela says yes Rajjo, Suraj can never do this, I m a maid’s daughter, but Suraj loved me as his sister. Girja, Tejaswini and Leela praise Suraj. Rajjo shouts enough.

She says he is my culprit, he is a devil, not a Devta, he is not Suraj, he is Raghav. They get shocked. Rajjo says trust me Chakor, Raghav is the culprit, he isn’t a good man. Tejaswini asks Chakor what’s happening, why is Rajjo calling him Raghav. Chakor cries. She breaks down and wipes her sindoor. Tejaswini gets shocked. She cries.

Rajjo says forgive me, I didn’t know what am I saying, I forgot I didn’t have to expose Raghav. Raghav says I m Raghav, I m here to play this drama on madam’s saying. Tejaswini and Leela ask Chakor what’s the truth, why did she remove her mangalsutra. Chakor says all this is true, this isn’t your son Suraj, but his look alike Raghav. They get shocked. Chakor says Suraj has left us, Suraj is no more. Tejaswini cries. Chakor says Raghav isn’t Suraj. Leela recalls Raghav. Tejaswini recalls Raghav’s words. Chakor cries.

Chakor says I have shed tears for Suraj every day, if Anjor knew this truth, she would have learnt that she lost her father. Anjor comes. They get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think the story is moving too fast, they could’ve delayed Raghav’s exposure for some more episodes.
    Raghav’s character needs more attention , he’s the male lead but his character is one dimensional, they need to present his POV more, Rajjo is a more rounded character than him, he’s treated like a sidey. Raghav-Chakor equation should’ve been explored more.
    There are other emotions beside crying, it’s good that the episodes have more emotions but it has turned into rhona-dhona, light moments are needed, what was the use of Chakor finding the dirty socks if they didn’t show her fighting with Raghav, it would’ve been a more interesting scene than Rajjo fighting with Raghav.
    Too many twists suffocates the story and stop its flow, temper down the use of twists. Ideally, you should have a story and then some masala is added for TV audience but now there are only twists and no stories.
    Writing team need to change, the writing has worsened since show moved to 7:00 and Sukor scenes have disappeared since May, no romance, no cute scenes, no importance to their love, they have been reduced to talking about Anjor or their mission.
    The new cast are not up to standard, only Rohit is passable. Change casting director.
    Anjor is too old to play Sukor’s daughter and the kid overacts, please change her.
    There was no need for Imli’s return.

  2. Bring back Suraj
    They wasted the story by killing Suraj

  3. Raghav is a tapoori but he has principles, I admired his reaction today, too bad that Rajjo’s dislike of him clouded his judgement.
    Rohit smirked a lot today, CVs are trying to throw suspicion on him while Akash looks innocent but we know that Akash is negative.
    I think Akash is helping Imli and Imli is still in prison.
    Meera is acing the emotional scenes (scene where she removed sindoor and MS was my favorite today) but there is too much focus on Chakor while Raghav is being sidelined. Today he was falsely accused but no time was given to show his pain, he is the male lead for God’s sake, pay him some attention.

  4. Safiya Hosein

    Just like with the Colonel’s storyline they are ruining this one.
    There are too many plots and new characters it’s crowding the screen time and taking away from the main characters.
    It is frustrating to see how these writers ruin good storylines and create boredom.
    Why get rid of Suraj in the first place? Since the time leap, they should have given some more family and couple time together. Instead it is drama after drama! Geez.
    The last time Suraj allowed relatives to stay with them, they tortured villagers and trafficked women and had a gun trade along with Imli. Now we have more relatives showing up at the haveli, what are they going to do now?….Repetitive!!
    And i keep saying STOP having the male lead play second fiddle to Chakor. And i think VJ derserves better than that. He is way too talented. People want to see them as a team.

    And why Imli’s return? Since when she is soo powerful? As far as I remember, Imli’s character was illiterate and not very smart at all. Now she is being portrayed as smarter than everyone else. She always seems to get the better of everyone. She is suddenly invincible. Geez Boring!!!!
    The writers need to look at some of the older episodes when the writing was exceptional. They need to start measuring up!!

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