Udaan 3rd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Gumaan gets revengeful

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The Episode starts with Suraj and Chakor getting Vivaan to the hospital. Chakor sees Vivaan’s blood in hand and gets sad. Suraj asks her to get Imli. She goes. Abhay asks staff to catch goons and get their guns. Gumaan gets leaving. Abhay says it seems someone is hiding there, get him. Colonel says Deva cover me and runs. Abhay shouts stop and shoots Deva. He asks Colonel to surrender. Commando gets Gumaan. Gumaan asks what do you want from me. He takes disguise of commando and comes downstairs. Abhay says you will be shot too. Colonel says I m not a coward, I don’t regret, you can’t do anything to me. Colonel smiles. Abhay says don’t act smart, hands up. He shoots Colonel. Gumaan gets shocked.

Colonel laughs and falls down. Abhay checks his pocket and says you had no gun in your pocket. Gumaan goes. Colonel says I can’t face Naina, there can’t be a better end than this. He dies. Imli prays for Vivaan and cries. Chakor comes to her and hears her talking about Vivaan. Imli argues with Lord and says how shall I live with life without Vivaan, you can’t harm Vivaan, get him back. Chakor cries. She asks Chakor to pray for Vivaan, Lord will listen to her, I promised to become old Imli, he promised to marry me after saving you and Suraj, I wanted to marry him and start life again, what will happen now, I will shatter. They cry.

Imli asks who shot Vivaan, tell me. Chakor says I have shot him. Imli leaves her and gets away. Chakor says I didn’t wish to shoot, I was going to shoot Colonel, don’t know how Vivaan came in front, he got shot, forgive me Imli. Gumaan is at his home. He gets anger on the sand bag and says Chakor ruined my big deal with Colonel, I won’t leave her. His mum looks on. He scolds his mum. He says I will take Raavan’s ten avatars to take revenge from Chakor.

Chakor says my aim was not to shoot Vivaan, I was going to shoot Colonel, Vivaan came in between, it happened in haste, do you understand me, have faith in Lord. Suraj comes and says Chakor, Vivaan’s operation is done. Imli goes away. Suraj asks what did you talk to Imli. Chakor says lets go to Vivaan. Imli sees Vivaan. Chakor asks what happened to Vivaan. Doctor says we removed the bullet, it will be tough to say anything for next 24 hours, we are taking him to ICU. Chakor cries thinking of Vivaan’s words. Suraj sees her. He hugs her and says you did this by mistake, we all know you can’t hurt Vivaan, Imli will understand.

Chakor says I m scared, Imli wants to start new life with Vivaan, if anything happens to Vivaan, she will shatter again. He says nothing will happen to Vivaan, I will always be with you, stop crying. Abhay comes and says Suraj, you need to come with me, Naina… They worry. Chakor asks what happened. Suraj says she would have known everything. Abhay says yes, she is in shock knowing her dad’s bad truth, we have shot Colonel, but Naina locked herself in room and threatened of committing suicide. Chakor says Suraj, you should go to Naina, she needs you. Suraj asks how, she knows I cheated her. She says this doesn’t matter, she truly loved you, go and try to explain her. He says you also need me now. She says yes, but you are always with me right, Naina needs you now, go, I will take care of Vivaan here. Mahiya…..plays…..

Gumaan takes disguise of doctor. Inspector says sign on papers so that we can close the case, you didn’t shoot Vivaan intentionally. Imli looks on. Gumaan injects Vivaan to kill him.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I don’t like that Suraj left Chakor alone, she isn’t safe with Imli around. I don’t understand how Suraj can stop Naina from killing herself.
    Next week will bring upheaval into Sukor’s life.

  2. The most worrying dialogue for me was how Suraj and Chakor repeated that Suraj will always be by her side. I think they’ll get separated soon, one of them will get hurt or maybe both.

  3. Always don’t separate imli and chakor.

  4. I have left watching this show. I feel that this is now way to much. They are dragging a lot. Why does Suraj and Chakor get separated? What happens to Saanvi? Why so much of separation? I am not watching this show.

  5. I just saw the promo, is anjor actually saanvi? Did chakor give up Suraj to help naina? This is such an overplay storyline, imli and gumaan is just the same as imli and ranvijay. What’s the writers sick obsession with that witch imli. Vivaan died an emotional fool again, he believed imli ???such a wasted character, he had such potential but the writers screwed up his storyline….

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