Udaan 31st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Anjor becomes Vikram’s target

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The Episode starts with Vikram asking the reporters to run, do they want to stand here and die in the blast. The people run away. Rajeshwari says Suraj will be dying now. Anjor hugs Suraj and says I won’t let you go. Suraj and Chakor make Anjor away. Suraj asks everyone to get away from him. Everyone worries. Anjor hugs Chakor and asks her to save Suraj. Anjor apologizes that she didn’t believe Chakor before. She says its my mistake that I freed Vikram, this would have not happened if I didn’t do that. Police makes everyone away from Suraj. Chakor refuses to go away. Inspector asks her not to be mad, she will also die. Suraj asks Chakor to go and take care of Anjor. Chakor says we both will take care of Anjor, I can’t live without you. She cries and says I won’t let this happen with you. Suraj

says you aren’t understanding. She says swear on me, don’t stop me, let me do what I want to, I have enough time to take this jacket away. Inspector says its risky for you both, anything can happen. Chakor asks do you have any other way. Rajeshwari says let her die for her husband, its Karwachauth today. Anjor says my mum won’t die and won’t let my dad die, my mum never fails in any work.

Chakor removes the bomb jacket from Suraj’s body. She takes it. Mahiya….plays…. She says I will take this bomb away from me. She runs out of the house. Suraj runs after her. Anjor says I have to go to them, leave me. Vikram looks on. Chakor and Suraj run to the village. Suraj asks Chakor to throw it. Chakor asks the people to get away. He asks what are you doing, are you mad. He looks around and takes the jacket. He throws the bomb into the well. It explodes. It starts raining. They get relieved and smile. They hug. Mahiya….plays…. He holds her close. Everyone gathers and claps. Suraj and Chakor get shy. The lady asks Chakor to fulfill her Karwachauth now. Suraj gets sindoor and fills Chakor’s maang. Its morning, Chakor and Suraj walk in the village. They have a nok-jhok. They come home and get shocked seeing policemen fallen unconscious. They shout Anjor. They see Tejaswini and Abha hiding. They ask Tejaswini what happened, where is Anjor. Tejaswini says they took Anjor away from us, I couldn’t do anything. Suraj and Chakor rush to search for Anjor. They ask people. They don’t get any clue. At home, Chakor cries for Anjor.

Suraj pacifies her. Inspector calls him and says we got a call from hospital, they are saying they got a call and she is Anjor, she is injured, you have to go there. Suraj drops the phone in shock. Chakor asks what happened. Suraj says the hospital doctors think the injured girl is Anjor. Chakor says Anjor would be fine, we will go there and find out. They come to hospital. Chakor asks Suraj not to get hurt, walk slow. They meet inspector and doctor. Doctor tells about the girl’s deteriorating state because of heavy dose of hormone injections. Doctor says if the girl doesn’t recovers fine, it will be tough to save her. Chakor says we will bear the expenses of the girl’s medical treatment, take us to that girl. Suraj and Chakor worry and think of Anjor. They go to see the girl. They get shocked seeing Anjor.

Vikram says I promised you, I will make Anjor’s life hell, we gave her many injections. Chakor and Suraj get shocked. Vikram says we will stay in some village in peace. He kills some people and says we are dead for the world now. Rajeshwari smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sukor 😍😍😍 wish we get more of this.
    I don’y understand how the gang escaped.
    Hope the next time they got caught it’ll be final, how many times will they show them get arrested?
    Good that MU with Anjor ended.

  2. Hope they tone down the amount of kidnapping, confrontation with villains and balance the drama with the feelings.
    Sukor scene today felt like a drop of rain in a parched desert and I think the bomb part should’ve focused on Sukor.
    The way Chakor saved Suraj was silly.

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