Udaan 31st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 31st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Lakhan asking Kasturi where are they going. Kasturi says she is going to meet her sister in Uddhampur. Lakhan is shocked hearing it. Kasturi fools him saying there is no work in fields. Lakhan asks why was Imli saying Lakhanwa. Kasturi says you are her Lakhan Chacha. Imli says no, I was saying…. Kasturi says Imli, stop it…. Bhuvan asks Imli to leave. Kasturi scares Lakhan saying about his wife and son, indirectly. Lakhan asks them to come for work soon, and get money for their work. Kasturi says say my greetings to your wife. Lakhan says fine and leaves. Kasturi tells Imli that we all will go Lucknow now.

The goons ask Lakhan where is he going, if bike is here. Lakhan says you both are still here. They ask did anything happen with Bhuvan, no I think Kishori said something. Lakhan scolds them and says he is not scared of his wife. They say why are you angry on us, we were joking. Lakhan says fine, Bhaiya ji gave holiday to them, why, I get into trouble, lets go to haveli. Lakhan thinks Kasturi knows something about Bijuria, so she is taking advantage. Everyone clap to being the prize distribution ceremony in college. Arjun looks at Chakor. He starts his speech. He says we are ashamed for what happened in race, as this did not happen before, as no one run like this before with our racers, we are sorry for this.

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He says the people are not responsible who got this girl here, they should have told her that the school has rules which no one can break. He says his eyes have seen something, which is not seen in any sports event. He says the girl started running after everyone gone very ahead, bare foot and she has gone ahead of them, and the shocking thing was she has broke the 10 year old record of this school. Udaan hai………………plays………………. Arjun says this girl needs the prize, but we are tied by school rules, so we can’t give her prize, but I will request the principal to give the prize, we don’t have medal, but to give her prize which is bigger than any medal, that’s appreciation, I request you all to appreciate this extra ordinary and extremely talented girl. Ishwar and everyone is happy. Ranjana gets angry and asks Vivaan to stop clapping.

Aditya and Vivaan stand with Chakor and they clap. Aditya asks Chakor why is she clapping, as everyone is clapping for her. Arjun says Aditya Rawat and Vivaan Rajvanshi are the winners today. They get the cup and holds it together. Everyone smile and clap for them. They show thumbs up to Chakor. She smiles. They give it to Chakor. She says why for me. Aditya says you made us win by encouraging us. They laugh and hand it over to her. Prabhakar and his wife have a talk about going to Aditya’s sports day and he is upset with Chakor. He says Ishwar is against me for the first time, but Aditya is my grandson, he always came first and will come first this time too.

He gets a call from Bhaiya ji. He says I heard Manohar misbehaved with you, I m sorry. Prabhakar says no, but Manohar should know I don’t like threatening people, when I m friend, not enemy. Bhaiya ji says when did you help us, my goons are still in jail. Prabhakar says law works at its speed, its Diwali holidays here. Bhaiya ji says try to do my work soon. Tejaswini says thank him from my side and say sweets were good. Bhaiya ji tells him. Prabhakar says thank her from my side, I called many times, I will see bail here, you have to manage village there, Chakor has come here, if her family comes here, I can’t save you, are you understanding, I can’t tell anything more. His wife is shocked. Bhaiya thinks of his words and is stunned.

Chakor talks to Vivaan and Aditya. Ranjana scolds her infront of Abha. She says she knows her reality, who is she and came from where. She says you already created trouble for my family, it will be good if you stay away. Vivaan says why are you scolding Chakor. Ranjana says come, I will tell you. Abha says elders should speak less between kids to keep their respect, who are we to tell them which friends to choose. Ranjana says I will decide whom Vivaan will choose as friend. Vivaan says Aditya and I share this trophy, how can I take it and whom will I show it. Aditya says can I take it, I will show it to my Dada and Dadi, they will be happy, and then Vivaan will take it back. Vivaan says when I come to take trophy, we three will celebrate.

Vivaan leaves. Aditya asks Chakor why is she upset. Chakor says she came here to apologize to Vivaan and to say she did not cheat. Aditya says whats the problem. Chakor says this is the problem, he is coming to play with us, it means he has forgiven us, if he did, it means I don’t have work here in Lucknow. The principal talks to Ishwar and says Arjun suggested this and we decided this, we request you that Chakor gets admission in our school, and you do her admission here. Ishwar is surprised and happy.

Ishwar says what are you saying. The principal says we have sports quota and we give admission to talented kids, if Chakor joins us, we will be proud. Ishwar says its great news, I m thankful to you. He says Chakor’s parents are coming in few days, tell me what documents you need, I will inform them to bring it. Chakor tells Aditya what will I do here. Ishwar comes and says her flight time has come, and he went to get feathers for her. Chakor tells Aditya to say what happened. Abha asks what happened. Ishwar says they want to give admission to Chakor in this school. Abha and Aditya smile happily. Aditya says Chakor will study with me. Ishwar says yes, she will reach the moon and get it on earth now. Udaan hai………………plays……………..Chakor smiles.

Bhaiji ji thinks of Prabhakar’s words. Baa tells him that if one bird flies, others also get the courage. Bhaiya ji gets angry and locks her in the room.

Update Credit to: Amena

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