Udaan 31st January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Ishwar talking to Abha and telling her how Bhaiya ji has fooled Chakor, and he will not keep his promise. Chakor says what if Bhaiya ji loses, we will not get education, if villagers don’t give him votes. Bhaiya ji is tensed recalling Ranajan’s laugh. He covers himself in his shawl and hides his face. He silently leaves from haveli. The guard stops him and asks him to show his face. Bhaiya ji scolds him and says he will kill him. He says don’t let anyone know this, if you tell anyone, then see. Chakor comes and stops him. Chakor comes with Bhaiya ji to the village and calls everyone out to meet him. The villagers greet Bhaiya ji. He acts very nice to them.

They all can’t believe he has come in between them. Ranjana informs Ishwar about Bhaiya ji going to village and its illegal to do election campaign one day before election day. He asks him to come and stop him. Everyone ask Bhaiya ji to stay in their homes and they will serve him the best. Bhaiya ji laughs and says I will stay in Bhuvan’s home, as Chakor invited me. Dadi says she is fainting. Chakor asks Bhuvan to call Bhaiya ji inside home. Bhuvan says yes, and asks him to come as its also his home. Bhaiya ji says yes and goes to his home. They worry how to give food to him. Bhaiya ji says he had dinner and he will just sleep here. They make all good arrangements for Bhaiya ji.

Bhuvan asks him to sit. Bhaiya ji looks at the bed. Bhuvan asks him to sleep. Kasturi says there are no bed bugs, don’t worry. Bhaiya ji sees something burning and asks whats this. Imli says mosquitoes does not come by this. Bhaiya ji starts coughing. Bhuvan asks Imli to take it away. He asks Kasturi to get water. Chakor says get kada for him. Dadi says no need, just give water. Bhaiya ji sees some particle in it and stops. Bhuvan asks him to have it. Bhaiya ji says I will sleep outside, I feel suffocated here. Bhuvan says no, its cold. Bhaiya ji thinks cold is better than this. He says no, I will go out.

Bhuvan apologizes to him, and says the fumes will go soon. Bhaiya ji folds hands and says let me go, I will sleep there. Chakor asks Bhuvan to take Bhaiya ji out. Bhaiya ji says Chakor is smart. Ranjana comes there with Ishwar. They all her the police siren and are shocked. Bhaiya ji looks at Ishwar. Tejaswini feels unwell and calls out Girja. She holds her chest and says give me water. She asks about Bhaiya ji. Girja says he is not in haveli. Tejaswini says what.

Bhaiya ji asks Ishwar how did he come in poor village and asks Bhuvan to treat guests well. Ishwar says I did not come to have tea, you are blamed to break election campaign rules. Chakor asks what is that. Ranjana says I will say. She says its illegal to ask votes one day prior to elections, or to impress them, giving them money, or scaring them, its against the rules, and Bhaiya ji is doing all this. Bhaiya ji says you learnt few things from your dad and think you have experience, you are saying this to me.

Ishwar says if this is proved right, your name will be removed from nominations and you can’t contest for elections. Bhaiya ji and Chakor is shocked.

Manohar talks to Tejaswini and Ranjana comes to taunt her. Baa says I don’t believe Kamal Narayan, I just believe Chakor. Tejaswini gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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