Udaan 30th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Imli running to home. She sees everyone sleeping and acts like sleeping. She hears Kasturi asking Chakor to sleep. Imli gets up and feels sad. She goes to lies beside her. Chakor sleeps in her new home. Its morning, Chakor comes and teases Aditya. She takes his blanket to wake him up. He sees its Chakor and they shout. He asks what are you doing here. She says she was waking him up. He says thanks. She says everyone wake up early in village and you are sleeping. He says its city. She says she is villager so she woke up early. He says he has to sleep. Abha calls Aditya. Chakor laughs.

Kasturi asks Imli why is she ready, where is she going. Imli says she has to go and play. She says she is not Chakor to go to the haveli. Kasturi and Bhuvan get upset. Kasturi says Imli got smart after Chakor went. Bhuvan asks her to come to the fields for work. Chakor comes in kitchen and sees the maids working. She greets everyone and says sorry I got late. They look at her. Chakor tries pulling the night suit down. She sits to cut the onion. The lady says if Sahab sees this, they will send me to jail. Chakor says she will cut well.

The lady takes it. Chakor cleans. They ask her not to do this. They ask her to leave. Chakor takes sweepstick and they take it back. She says you are worried that I will take your place, but no, you can become my friends. She tells about Laali and how she has helped hr. The lady calls Abha. Abha comes and sees Chakor with sweepstick. She asks what is she doing with sweepstick. The lady says she wants to work. Chakor says they are worried that they will lose the job. She says tell them that when I work, you will not fire them. Abha takes Chakor.

She says no need to do all this, let them do this. Chakor says then what will I do. Abha says what other kids do, take bath, have food, study and play, come. Abha takes her to bathroom aand asks her to have bath every day. She asks about waterfall. Abha says we have and shows the shower. Abha laughs. Chakor says such a big waterfall in such small tap, its fun. Abha asks her to take bath, and she will go and see if the food is made. Chakor starts taking the bath and plays in the shower. Mutti me hawa ke jhoke hai……………….plays………………

Everyone sit to have breakfast. Abha says Chakor is taking bath, I will call her. She see water on the floor. Abha says I left Chakor alone, maybe she opened all taps. Chakor comes and says it was good fun, what a good smell, I enjoyed. Prabhakar says welcome. Chakor sees the floor wet. Prabhakar leaves annoyed. Suraj tells Tejaswini he won’t go to Ragini’s school. Tejaswini says you should not say this. Bhaiya ji comes and says he will do his admission in some other school, its his decision that he will do where he sends him, else work with the laborers. Manohar thinks about Vivaan and misses him.

He thinks wherever you study, you will come first as you are my son. Tejaswini asks do you want to say something. Manohar says Suraj will work hard and come first as Vivaan. Abha asks Aditya to wear milk, and goes to get his tiffin. He asks Chakor to drink the milk. She says fine, but you have to do something. Aditya agrees. She drinks the milk. Abha comes and he takes back the glass. He acts like he drank the milk. Abha sees him and says great, come we are getting late. Chakor says she wants to go to school.Aditya says what will you do, they won’t allow you. Prabhakar says yes, this is limit.

Chakor tells Aditya that Vivaan studies in this city, maybe he is in your school. Aditya asks which school, we have many schools here. Chakor says take me to school else I will tell Abha that you made me drink the milk. Aditya says fine and smiles. He tells Abha that Chakor will come with us, and come back with driver. Abha asks Chakor to change dress. Chakor says she has two clothes. Abha says she got new clothes for her and says come, I will make you ready. Mutti me hawa ke jhoke hai………..plays…………… Chakor wears the new frock and sandals. Abha makes her look good and smiles. She kisses her. Chakor kisses her too. Chakor touches her frock and smiles. Udaan hai………………plays…………….

Chakor looks for Vivaan. Vivaan comes there. Aditya tells Chakor that your Vivaan is not here. Vivaan sees Chakor and is shocked.

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