Udaan 30th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 30th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor saying I want to hear your lullaby and sleep in your lap. Vivaan comes. Imli signs him to be quiet. Kasturi sings the lullaby and makes Chakor sleep. Chakor thinks of Suraj. Its morning, Suraj is seen sleeping. Chakor comes to him and shows him a bottle, full of water. Suraj gets surprised. He says how did this happen, its full bottle. She says I made Vivaan fix the machine, I have ran like yesterday and got full bottle today. She asks him to drink it. He recalls her humiliation and asks why did you come here, go from here. He throws the bottle. She asks what are you saying. He says I don’t need your help, I can fight for myself, I don’t want to meet you, just go, what are you seeing like this, I m Suraj, I did not take anyone’s help till now, I get hurt seeing someone fighting my war, your help makes me feel weak, I m not weak, I can fight with Bhaiya ji alone, you go from here.

Chakor asks am I someone else, I m your….. He asks what are you for me, nothing, I forced this marriage on you, I did mistake. I wish I gave you divorce before all this, Bhaiya ji is right, its fake marriage, I m fake husband and you are fake wife, I know why you are acting, you are Jagat Mata, you want to show you are great, I m not helpless, go from here. He turns face away. She says why are not meeting my eyes, look into my eyes and tell me. He argues and says stop ordering me, I give orders, you have to agree, go from here. She cries. He says I will say again, look into my eyes, I don’t want to meet you, go away from me and haveli, never come back, go from here. She says fine, I m going, I did not know your ego will hurt you so much. She goes. Suraj cries and says I don’t want you to burn in the fire in which Bhaiya ji wants to burn me, if anything happens to you, I can never forgive myself.

Udaan spoiler

Chakor comes to room and says Suraj got mad, he is saying nonsense because of hunger and thirst. Girja gets her clothes and asks shall I get food for you. Chakor says I m not hungry. Girja says you forgot everything since Suraj became bandhua. Chakor takes clothes from her. Girja goes. Chakor sees the jacket Suraj gifted her. She sees the things he gifted her on birthday. She says he has encouraged me by these gifts, when I thought I will lose, he has sent these gifts to remind me my dreams, how can he ask me to leave today. She smiles and says how can I be foolish, Suraj does not want my life to be in risk, he is hungry and thirsty, even then he worries for me, he said all that to annoy me, but I will not get annoyed, I will not leave him, I will never go away. She sees the drawing sent by Suraj and smiles.

She goes back to Suraj. She says whatever Bhaiya ji did with me yesterday, I was bit scared, not much that I accept defeat, my life has just one aim, to make Bhaiya ji lose, I will make him lose some day, I know why you got angry on me, why you tried to make me go away because you don’t want Bhaiya ji to insult me, I m not scared because I m not alone, when there are men to put water on me, then there is someone to break chains and save me. Suraj says sometimes its harmful for health to be oversmart. She says yes, but I never agreed to you, even you would have not left me in such state. Bhaiya ji comes and calls Chakor shameless. Servant shows the bottle.

Bhaiya ji says I thought Chakor will go, but she has come here. He sees the bottle. Servant says machine settings are changed. Bhaiya ji scolds Chakor for cheat. Chakor asks cheat…. this word does not suit you, I lost in kite flying competition because of you. He says you forgot the humiliation. Suraj says no use to argue with him Chakor.

Chakor says I m thankful that you always cheated me, I learnt to identify cheaters. She says Suraj, he feels he insulted me, he felt I will leave supporting you, I m the hurdle in his tortures on you, this war did not end, he tries to break my courage always, I always fail him, and prove that my flight of courage is more higher. She says Bhaiya ji can’t win over me in this birth, he has to take few births more, maybe he can win then, till then I m with Suraj, I will be with Suraj always, stop me if you can. She goes.

Bhaiya ji goes after her and says you think I m trying to stop you, no this will not be needed now, I changed my plan, I will break Suraj’s courage and power till he falls in my feet and apologize, once his courage ends, then even if you stand with him, nothing will happen, nothing happens to stop food and water, person gets physically weak, then person can be broken mentally easily, what will you do, now stop me if you can, if Suraj does not apologize to me, he will die hungry, now I will see how you take your courage flight. He goes. She worries thinking I should not let Suraj’s courage break, he will be strong when his body has strength.

Chakor asks Suraj to beg to Bhaiya ji. He refuses. She says you have to do this if you have to fight with Bhaiya ji. He says my hunger is not bigger than my self esteem.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Janani9789

    nice epiosode!!! love suraj care for chakor!!!
    each expression vj nailed it perfectly…anger,hunger,weak,helplessness,care….
    when chakor realised why suraj said like that!!! the understanding between eachother what others pain and thinking and care..about eachother…
    only want this bandhua track to end waiting for that day!!!!

  2. Siyarao

    Wow awesome episode,i was expecting for the first scene since many days finally they showed it today,suraj babu aap kab realise karonge that you fell for your chakor?god Suraj’s dialogues were superb there. I never thought iss bath se chakor ko pharak padega,so she also feels for him,ab tum dono jaldi se ye bath realise karlo,jise dekne ke liye hum sukorians ke anke taras rahe hai?

    I felt sad on Friday that she didn’t
    remember suraj…. yaay today she remembers it??…I just loved the dialogue”agar hum par koi pani
    phekenge,toh hamare liye jangeer todke bachane wala bi hai”??that shikuu??, leave him,loved how she challenges kn and suraj expressions were awesome there,waiting for tomorrow’s episode

    Guys today saw on insta meera started to like sukor pics,she liked bb10pics with vj and some others,(side effects of fans bashing?)hope she promotes sukor also from now

    1. ParulRajput

      Right sia she starts promoting sukor now and also post sukor pics and liking them well it will be good for her and today epi was awesoms vj nailed it and chakor was also in so much love with him..guys vivaan cant be a father so i think he will leave imli for hersake ohh god now we will have to face vimli rona dhona i hope cvs vivaan or imli ke bache ke lia aage jake kuch uth patang na soche pta chala wo sukor se bacha mange bcoz in most of the show if a sister give birth to twins than she give her one child to her sis or bhabhi or surrogacy i hope sukor inn sab main na pade but i realy pity on vivaan teju ne bht galat kiya uske sath usse drug nai dene chahiye the uss bichare ki kya galti thi uski maa ki saza teju ne usse di or ab jab suraj par aanch bhi aati hai to teju kitna tadapti hai its all karma suraj teju ne bht bure karam kiye hai islia ab tadap rhe hai or trimurti bhi tadpenge bas baat yeh hai ki hum suraj ko tadapte huye nai dekh sakte..

      1. Siyarao

        Angel I’m also thinking the same hope sukor vimli ke chakkar me nahi pad jaye,but what’s bothering me is if vivaan joins kn bcz of anger on teju and suraj will be also blamed automatically,then…if any misunderstanding between sukor?bcz of vivaan,yeh vivaan Sab bigaad dega,but I feel ranjanna should be blamed before teju,i hope atleast now suraj tells vivaan about manohar’s murder

      2. Janani9789

        u r correct angel!!!because of angel vivaan can’t become father!!!.it will surely makes vivaan angry to turn on teju!!because of drug!!! he can’t become father!!!.surely it will affect suraj and chakor!!!.
        if kn and group know about vivaan surely they will make him go against sukor especially against suraj!!!to take revenge from teju he will do!!
        kn and groups are easy in taking revenge against suraj will be easy!!!
        surely as always vimli problems affect sukor!!!

    2. Yaar, i jst hope vivaan dont turn negative.. bcoz teju gave him drugs, nd so he cant becum father..

    3. Janani9789

      u r right sia!!!she also takes many pics vj!! also,i think she gets to know about that fans are upset with her….so changed..and supporting and promoting sukor..i think

      1. Janani9789

        so she changed and accepting supporting fans demands….

  3. When udaan team will wear suraj shirt? :-/And epi was awsome!:-) Happy to see their careness and love for eachother.:-D

  4. Sai

    Super epi???…every day falling in lv for sura???j…. His expression were awesome….chakor remember many things…especially tat jacket nd tat hug very cute…???

    Meera posted video in insta…from udaan sets….standing in well…sukor were cute in tat…vj smile???…

  5. Sai

    Nd also when suraj mentioned her as jagath matha…. I thought abt all their funny jagathamatha dialogue scenes…when they met yogesh bhai nd when chakor applied medicine to suraj….jagathamatha pakandi

  6. nice epi specially sukor conversation

  7. Parul! first chakor birth to dy baby itna time ha suraj chakor k pas k wo imli aur vivan k liy apni closenes bardhaie 😛 ye slavery track hi finish ni horaha. Baby kaha sy hojana :-/

  8. Loved the episode and chakor’s dialogue “hum tumhe chodke kahin nahi jayenge suraj…kahin nahi and kabhi nahi

  9. Does anyone know any new spoliers i know the one were kn makes suraj paint wells but does any1 know any new ones please share the links thank you

  10. Amrutha

    Now suraj is no more selfish. He is thinking about chakor before him. After the end of this bandhuva track, we can see a pure love story. Waiting for that track.

  11. Vj u rocks the show, how both of them care 4 each other,thinks of each other,that moment was very funny when suraj called her jagatmata,i remember their earlier scene…chakor remember sukor scene,i felt emotional plz stop these bandua track bcoz all sukoriam want only sukor lovestory…love u sukor

  12. Lovly epi.withful of sukor seen.i wish k chkor chlng pura kre without hurting suraj.

  13. Tdy epic also awesome guys….. Both suraj & chakor nailed it…. Plz udaan team i beg u plz stop dis bandhua track yaar….

  14. Siyarao

    Something exciting guys!!!I’m very happy?

  15. Siyarao

    Something exciting guys!!!I’m very happy?for this

    1. Sai

      Y imraj in new get-up…bt exciting… Do u know sia

    2. Janani9789

      thanks sia for link!!!!
      why they are in previous style???is vivaan lost his memory,when met with an accident???

  16. Siyarao

    Sorry for double post??

  17. sia ye to unke old attire hai na

  18. Its true vivaan can never be a father because of the drugs and he have a accident and gets angry with everyone does anyone have more ir New spolier

  19. Gys is it true that now kn ji’ll b sold suraj’s every thing in one rupee to hrt his ego n to defeat chkor.sukor to tha prob.mai ab vimli bhi now its to much team udan.i think charo ko ek dusre ki help krni chahiye bt vimli jldi tmpr kho deti hai. Thanku zoya 4 ur lovly coment.tapa please jldi aajao.angel mai tumhare parul name se confuse ho jati hu muje lgta hai k tun page pr nhi ati ho.

  20. Nice epi .love the way sukor care fr each other.

  21. Janani9789

    sia why did they become like before???is vivaan as any memory loss during accident any one tell me why???

  22. Siyarao

    Guys sorry for late reply…thodi busy thi in studies,i think they are going to shoot some flashback scenes like suraj remembering the past days,i too thought it a previous one kushi,but both vidhi and vj posted the pics and vidhi said she was happy to wear the old attire

  23. Wts hapening this gys i can’t undrstnd anything vivan ka memry loss exident n sukor ka kya vo to phle hi prob.mai hai jo bhi gys yeh sb tote nhi bs ek dusre ki help krdai.

  24. Sory gys i men brek=tote

  25. ParulRajput

    Agr vivaan ka memory loss huaa hai to sukor uski madad zarur krenge may be chakor vivaan or suraj imli ke sath wapas jane ki acting kre like before may be vivaan ko chakor yaad ho imli je sath shadi na yaad rhe but i dont think soo but vivaan shouldnt be neg pls no more villains in sukor life plsss ?
    Aanya i m not getting time to comment nowadays i m busy in my studies and u can call me parul or angel whatever u like..

  26. I think ye insta pic flash back scene hoge hp iss fb scene mai imraj bacha scene ya suraj ka imli se sudden love realise ya phir suraj kn ko q dhokha diya samne aayega

  27. I wona call u angel n no prob.dear sbhi study mai bsy hai sivay mere.u all do consntrt on ur stdy bt i’ll miss u all.mera bhi college start ho gya hai per mai to equaly belence krti hu udan k sath mai hapy or mere frnd ko story suna k hapy krti hu u know sb mujse bde or vikor fan hai iss liye mai story suna k unka demag chat ti hun or teen frnds ko to sukor fans bhi bna dia i hope maine acha kiya wt u think joya big udan fan.

  28. ye hummesa mere saath hi yesa q ho raha hai koi comment post nahi hota to koi double hojata hai . aaj mera first comment post nahi hua per second comment post hogaya

    anyways I saw a new olv kaam kerte wakt suraj behosh ho gaya

  29. Aanya I think tumhe jo achha lgta hai vahi krna chahiye.AGR tumhe story suna k ya dusro k dimag chat k u will happy then u should do all this.Remember just be happy in your life that’s all.

  30. Aanya ur welcme.I think u should do whatever u like or u want.Important is be happy in ur life.u know my exams r near but I don’t want to miss udaan any epi.Can u help me wt should I do

  31. awesome episode. love sukor.

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