Udaan 30th December 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Suraj being on the way and thinking of Chakor. Chakor also thinks of Suraj. Agar tum saath ho……plays.. Their sweet moments are shown. Chakor recalls Suraj leaving and gets sad. Imli sees Chakor walking on the road. She calls her out and asks where were you, I called you many times, tell me did Suraj go away safely. Chakor says he went, he is fine, I m fine. Imli says you don’t look fine. Chakor says I don’t miss him, he used to fight a lot, its good he went. Imli says but I did not ask you whether you miss him or not. Chakor says that’s what I m saying, I don’t miss him, he is safe there and I m here. Imli says right, you did a big thing, now Bhaiya ji can never harm Suraj. Chakor says yes, just I know about Suraj, I will never tell that to Bhaiya ji. Imli asks her to come.

Bhaiya ji asks Ragini to catch Kasturi and Bhuvan, I will beat them and then Chakor will speak up. He laughs. Ragini says we won’t need to do this. He says its needed, you always say nonsense, go and get them. She says I will call them, I was saying I have a plan, if Chakor does not speak up, then we can do what I thought, I need your permission, please agree. He says you are stubborn, really.

He says fine, you do what you want, but its imp to do what I thought, go and call them. She goes. Suraj asks servant to stop on the way and then we will leave in morning. Servant says no, Chakor asked us to reach Patna. Suraj asks are you my servant or of Chakor’s. Servant says I care for you also and gives him wine bottle. Suraj thanks him. He recalls Chakor’s words and says sorry, wine gets troubles, wine has to leave. He throws the bottle. Servant asks why did you leave it, Chakor would have been glad seeing this. He laughs. Suraj asks him to drive and stop laughing.

Chakor and Imli walk to village. Chakor says maybe Suraj is in area where there is no network, or maybe he does not care. Imli says I think there is no signal, so he did not call. Chakor says don’t know where he reached, I think he forgot everything. Imli says Chakor is missing Suraj a lot. Suraj calls Chakor. Chakor gets glad. Suraj asks how are you, is everything fine. She says yes, I was worried for you, how are you. He says I m becoming stone sitting in car, Servant is not stopping car. She says its for your safety, why did you not call. He says you could have called, who is going away, you or me. She says you should have called.

He says one who is missing should call. She says you would have drunk and enjoyed. He says no, I have thrown bottle. She says don’t joke. He says servant gave me, leave it, you trust me. I did not touch wine. She asks really, I m glad, don’t touch wine again, your mind will be at place, the one who care for you will be happy. He asks how is my mummy. She says Tejaswini is fine and happy for you. He thanks her and says I will end call now. She says wait, I need to say something imp. Imli smiles seeing Chakor.

Chakor says its new year and your new beginning of life, I m happy for you, take care. Suraj thanks her and ends call. Chakor says Imli, I spoke to Suraj, he is fine, my worry is gone, but I m worried as Bhaiya ji and Ragini will not sit quiet. Tejaswini comes to them and says I was finding you two, Bhaiya ji’s men kidnapped your parents. They get shocked and run.

Bhaiya ji gets Kasturi and Bhuvan tied by ropes and beaten up. They ask him to leave them. Chakor comes to haveli and gets shocked. Goons catch her. Imli comes and gets shocked too. Goons catch her also. Imli asks them to leave her. Kasturi says don’t know why they have tied us. Chakor asks what’s this, why did you catch my parents, leave them. She beats goons and runs. Ranjana pushes Chakor and makes her fall. Chakor tries to free Bhuvan. Ragini asks man to lock Imli in room. Kasturi asks Bhaiya ji why are you doing this. Bhaiya ji asks Chakor where did she hide Suraj. Chakor says so you caught them to put pressure on me, don’t think I m helpless, you can’t do anything. He laughs and starts acting. He asks what did you think, police will catch me if I shoot them, police can’t do anything.

He says the stain on my name is cleared, before I shoot them and make you orphan, tell me where is Suraj. Ksturi asks Chakor not to say, this man will not leave you, don’t trust him. Bhaiya ji gets angry and kicks Bhuvan. Chakor asks him to leave her parents. He asks her to decide whom to save, Kasturi or Bhuvan. She says you can’t make me speak up. He says fine, I will shoot them, my patience is ending. He says see her, she is not caring for parents, and will save her husband. He shoots Kasturi. Chakor and Bhuvan shout. Chakor cries.

Ragini says Chakor took her mum in front of you, what’s use to do this. Imli says its your and Vivaan’s birthday tomorrow. Bhaiya ji gets bomb and says Chakor’s birthday will be her death day. Tejaswini comes and asks where is Chakor, what did you do with her. Bhaiya ji smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Tejaswiteju

    Wowww finally frnds our selected song has been played agar thum sath hoo?what an emotional,awesome love

  2. Chakor is so restless.. its good.. imli observing both, i think she ll be d cupid btwn sukor!!! Grt episode!!!

  3. Omg what a epi ?and the starting 5 min were too romantic and emotional?,agar tum sath hoo they both missing and remembering there moments together? and suraj remembered there first meeting ?and he also throw alcohol ?and imli too understand chakor is missing suraj too badly ?and than there chit chat on a call superb ?than kn drama started? precap gives goosebump? eagerly waiting for next week?☺️

  4. I loved the way chakor Was tensed for suraj.. And how she got happy when suraj called her. Luv them a lot ?

  5. really a good episode!!!loved it a lot!!!suraj misses chakor!!the flashes of fb giving goosebumps!!!from their first meeting to the last!!!??eventually chakor also thinking and misses suraj!!!…???
    when suraj saw the moon and chakor feels something….i quite love that moment…??
    loved the way both Sikhu and imli tease both suraj and chakor….??
    suraj and chakor forgot everything and thinking about each other in their own world….
    when chakor worried for suraj didn’t call her, and suraj leave his drinking… habbit thinking of chakor… r the best scenes??..
    loved the way he told chakor that he left drinking and chakor happy and glad face..
    when imli told chakor that I am here… (can’t stop my laugh) because chakor even forgot her and speaked with
    trimurthi are irritating, when ranjana pushed chakor…. can’t able to tolerate them…
    both suraj and chakor miss each other can’t accept the fact…

    waiting for monday episode!!!!!felt very bad for kasturi!!!

    guys anybody know that suraj really planned surprise gift for chakor!!!she is very glad,in searching it!!! or its kn plan to kill chakor???pls explain it

  6. How can a couple be sooo sweet??? Pls tell na.. their telephonic fight, it was too cute.. suraj,” dur kaun ja rha hai hum ya tum.. jo dur jata hai uski yaad aani chahiye” nd imli smiling watching chakor’s rxn when suraj called.. pls imli, chakor did alot fr u, u pls unite them!!!

  7. What an epi??? Superb…..they are already missing each other.. fb was awesome….Nd the emotion when both of them look the moon, ofcourse d song every everything… Really it’s a wonderful serial… It’s my one and only favourite show… I think Writers and d full Udaan team include antagonists deserves a big Clapp… What r u gyzzz thnk, am i right??? Gud night…

  8. Wao wao Wahoo! !I am overwhelmed.Finally udaan team fulfilled the wishes of all sukorians by giving the bg music of agar tum sath ho.They looked really sad today.Chakor is angry for the separation.This is one of the bestest episode.Whoo

  9. guys vj is not well he is hospitalized,he itself shared it in his IG post,that he is receiving lot of messages from fans so he posted his picture,and he told that he better now,and he will return with a bang soon

    he should get well soon so pray guys

    1. Vivi

      r u there in insta??

  10. The beginning of today’s episode was so cute. We got to re-live Sukor’s journey up till now. They were both looked so happy and adorable reminiscing all of their moments together. I think Suraj’s little speech was intentional on the writers behalf. The phone call was adorable as well. It was so funny to see Chakor dening that she missed him despite it being so obvious that she did. Even Imil realizes that they both care for each other deeply, and their ture feelings. I hope she helps bring them closer and realize their feelings.

  11. I pray for fast recovery and good health of VJ sir. May this new year give him more strength to overcome his weakness.
    What I liked about this episode is that 50 seconds, where he remembers Chakor before opening the wine bottle and his monologue with it. What a dialogue!!! Very few serials show the hero throwing wine. This is the second time Suraj does this. I hope this becomes an inspiration to all viewers to stop their alcoholic habit. I salute his self control.
    The words he said to wine perfectly matched well if he had said it to Chakor too. At least he confessed his love and kissed it before leaving it behind and moving on.
    I have never been so obsessed with any show like this one. Thank you Udaan team writers for such a good story with a cause. I bet this will take us a step closer to revolution.

  12. We need a new villain… Kinda tired of this terrible trio… KN will probably give himself a heart attack or a stroke with the way he gets upset, Ranjana should be imprisoned by Vivaan in the haveli for murdering Manohar (seeing as all these villains walk in and out of prison like a holiday resort). They must marry Ragini off to Change an make her stay amongst the banduas and do labour like them. Is Suraj’s mom really going to die saving Chakor? I think that Chakor would need to run away to save her own life soon…. Wonder if we’ll ever get a little Suraj and Chakor…. With the way the other shows are going they would probably bring in Spanden to play SuKor’s daughter

    1. Kalika agree with you,I just can’t able to tolerate kn”s wicked laughing….but I love his dialogue delivery and his tashan with sukor coming to ranjana she is scaring everyone with her make up (fed up)Ragini sudhar ne walon me se nahi hai,if we make her marriage also na she will make her hubby to become new villain
      I heard that chagan is the next villain

  13. Hope VJ gets fine soon. Hope he gets a fast
    Never expected the reason to be this one

  14. Today’s episode was nice…starting 5 minutes ?? god Suraj was shying when he was remembering ?…finally they used agar tum sath Ho. Happy that team udaan accepted our ?
    Phone conversation was so sweet so cute and imli is slowly becoming sukor cupid
    Kn ka koi tho koi kuc nahi kar sakta?
    Felt very bad for bhuvan and
    kasturi,happy that kasturi is in favour of her son-in-law hope teju coms fast
    to their rescue.
    OMG precap is giving me lots of tension( on weekends ?)

  15. going to miss suraj in upcoming epi .
    .anyways today’s epi was good how suraj think about earlier moments with chakor was fantastic it shows he started caring for her……..

  16. I am a silent reader .I always try to read udaan update ,the way suraj chakor talking was superb i love this couple so much

  17. http://www.tvserialupdates.com/vote-best-actor-year-2016/
    Guys keep voting VJ AT FIRST POSITION lets make him win,guys hurry up today is only left

    1. At first when I voted, there were only 687 votes, i estimated it required further 700 extra votes for vj to be in 1st position. i am really glad there is 5000+ votes now. i again casted votes via new browser. this is sukor fan power. keep on voting guys. lets make him win. we can make it happen!!!

    2. Vivi

      i too voted for VJ!! he rocks!!

    3. Lets make it 6000+ shaheer sheik is only the competition to VJ
      Common guys?

  18. Guys have u any idea why everyone of udaan is leaving for Delhi…..meera,vidhi,paras

    1. Vivi

      maybe for the wedding of ginnie virdi (ranjana)

  19. do not know what is going to happen in udaan…

  20. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KQ7rwmFvB1c
    Guys must watch,Suraj’s gift to chakor (unique as always ?)

  21. hey sia please make vj win .I have no account on twitter so I can’t do something bt please make him win ..

    1. It’s not twitter,its other website and u can vote him directly by clicking the link which I posted above

  22. Right kalika many shows did this to kill main leads and than story starts focusing on there child and there fight and than he or she start taking revenge from there parents killer and in between fall for the killrr daughter or son .,i hope sukor will never die in udaan otherwise it will be very hurtful?

    1. Udaan wouldn’t be Udaan without SuKor, Balika Vadu failed once they killed off Anandi, likewise, Udaan would die if they took away SuKor. I think they need to change up Udaan a little though, new villains and a new fight, once they finish freeing the banduas they should move the track to focus on other humanitarian ills like human trafficking and things, they can’t keep repeating the bandua track…. it gets old.

      I would like to see Suraj in action again with Chakor soon, its nice seeing them fight goons together, SuKor are truly a ride or die couple.

    2. Tejaswiteju

      Angel actually all of us are waiting for sukor love track know.how we can see with out sukor.its like balika vadu ,laadu shows.

    3. Tejaswiteju

      Yah ur right we cant see with out sukor,and my fav Suraj.

  23. thanks sia for spoiler link…..

  24. In the new olv chakor finds suraj’ gifts hanging from tree and one of them there is a bomb planted inside one of them by kn

  25. thanks sia for the link!!!
    i really having the doubt how come kn planted bomb in suraj suprise???is this surprise is done by kn??? to fool and kill chakor??? pls explain me guys

  26. i agree with kalika,if they want to move the story they kill the leads and bring the leads kids and their fights..hate and love…i don’t want udaan to repeat the same concept like other serials…udaan is unique…it will be failed if they finish the sukor…they are the soul of the show,every fans wish is same in this..

  27. Hey angel! I’m new here! Actually i wanted to ask you have you any idea about when will suraj come or if they change suraj?

    1. Suraj will be back and vj himself will potrays suraj role he was not well and hospitalized thats why he didnt shoot but soon he will be back with a bang and vj himself post about his comeback in his insta post so wait our suraj will be back on chakor birtbday and kalika i hope it will happen whatever u said otherwise there will be no diff between udaan and other shows..
      Guys vj is now at 1 position yipeee he is now leading by 37% and shaheer sheikh is 2. 30%..

  28. Guys VJ IS THE BEST ACTOR OF 2016?? congratulations
    Finally we made our Suraj babu/VJ win
    He truly deserves it

  29. Happy new year guys

  30. guys wishing u a very very happy and prosperous new year to u all….?
    once again happy new year 2017???

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