Udaan 30th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Suraj supports Chakor

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Udaan 30th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Karan talking on call and driving somewhere. Suraj stops on the way and scolds him. Karan says so much anger, what’s the reason, is this because of Chakor becoming the project head. Suraj says yes. Karan says this was her own decision, it would be better if you ask her. He goes. Imli waits for Karan. Karan comes there. He praises her clever plans. He says your plan worked, Chakor got ready to become project head, Suraj is angry. She says just give much work to Chakor, that she doesn’t get time to go home. He smiles and agrees. He says but she can become a hurdle in our work. She says no, she likes to develop the village. He says fine, once I get the idol, I will be gone, will you help me. She says yes, just help me, you will get the idol. He asks what’s this plan. She says I will tell you when time comes. She goes.

Chakor waits for Suraj. She asks why did you scold Karan, he has helped us in freeing you from jail. He says I did a mistake, I forgot you take all the decisions, why did you agree to become project head if you have to look after Saanvi. Imli looks on and smiles. Chakor says I took this responsibility to free you from jail, the project would have stopped. He throws things in anger. Imli likes their arguments and says I succeeded, you both fight more. He says you don’t value me now. Chakor says you know your value in my life. He says your project is more imp, you promised that you won’t do anything till Saanvi grows up. She says situation is different, many people died and you…. He says you didn’t think about Saanvi, how will she live without you, you have tolerated this, you became bandhua in childhood, today you are getting separated from Saanvi by becoming a project head. He goes. Chakor cries.

Suraj takes Saanvi in arms. He asks Girja to make food for her. Girja says Chakor makes food for baby. Suraj says she was busy today. Girja says Chakor has made food, she did all the things. Suraj realizes his mistake. He says Chakor did Saanvi’s work. He comes to Chakor. She says I know you would have missed your bedding in lockup. Tujhse judi hai….plays…. Suraj apologizes to her. He says your house is your world, I know, Saanvi and I are your world, your decision is right for us. She says don’t apologize, I also made a mistake, I should have asked you once, forgive me. He holds her face. Mahiya….plays… He asks shall we patch up. She nods. He says I made a decision, we will work as a team, you manage outside work, I will manage Saanvi, I want half dozen kids. They smile. She says you are world’s best husband. They hug. He asks her to smile. She smiles. He says we shall sleep now, you know how Saanvi cries. She laughs. Pandit knocks the door. Pandits enter the room to check old Maai. Pandit says maybe Maai left. He reads a note. He says she went back to her village, its good, protect her.

Its morning, Chakor tells Karan that she will be on time. She asks Girja where is Tejaswini, I will be busy in work, I will tell her about food. Girja says Tejaswini has knee pain, she is resting. Chakor asks what, no one told me about this, I would have called doctor. She goes to take care of Tejaswini. Karan gets shocked seeing Imli in his house. He wakes her up and asks what is this nonsense. She asks what happened. He asks her to leave. She says no one can harm me. He sits holding head. She says sorry, I don’t want to stay in temple’s cottage, I want to stay here, I decided. He says stop this nonsense. She says let me stay here, why are you getting against me, get friendly with me, else your secret will be out, will the villagers send you back to city. He asks are you threatening me, I got scared. He says fine, I will permit you to stay here, but…. mind your own business, no interference in my work. She says I make my own ways, don’t worry, I will find my way soon, how will Chakor manage work and Saanvi, she needs some help, poor Chakor.

Chakor slips and loses the pram. Some lady holds the pram and saves Saanvi. Chakor thanks her. She hires Imli as helper. Imli smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sukor fight didnt last long Thank God. So imli will now become Chakor’s helper??…what will her next plans be?

  2. I didn’t like Suraj talking about Chakor once being a bandhua but i’m happy he realized his mistake. I think that Chakor was wrong not to consult with him first and this is what Suraj should’ve complained about.
    I think it was better if they made Sukor scene shorter and added a Chakor Tejaswini scene.

  3. Sukor fight didn’t last long Thank God ?
    Their moment was beautiful…as always ??
    So suraj will handle home ans chakor work…cuuute.
    Wonder what Imli is upto now??

  4. Safiya Hosein

    I have to say I like this strange chemistry between Kara n and Imli lol.
    I think they might make an interesting couple! Like the banter between them.

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