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The Episode starts with Baa explaining Chakor that she should not stop, and do something that Bhaiya ji brings her closer to education and bend to her. She says like Britishers had to bend infront of Bapu. Bhaiya ji comes and asks whats pravachan is going on, and whats Chakor doing here. Chakor says I came to clean the room and Baa was telling me Bapu’s story, which I did not understand. She leaves. Bhaiya ji asks Baa can she bring a change with her lecture. He gets a call and leaves. Girja asks Chakor to understand and stay happily in haveli, don’t meet Baa and she teaches wrong things, nothing will happen to her, as she is Bhaiya ji’s mum, but you will be caught. Chakor says yes, you are right. Girja saks her to help her. Tejaswini calls Chakor. Chakor asks to whom should I listen. Girja asks her to go, and do Tejaswini’s work.

Tejaswini likes the jewelry designs and gives the jeweler money. He counts and says its one necklace price. She asks shall I give this back. He says no, keep it and leaves. Chakor comes to her and asks why did she call her. Tejaswini asks het to get tea. Bhaiya ji talks on phone and says who told you, it this news true. Tejaswini asks what happened. Bhaiya ji says Girdhari lal ji is giving ticket to someone here in Aazaadgunj. Tejaswini asks who is it. Ranjana says your jeweler met me outside and said you kept all jewels and paid for one, I could not see him sad and paid him.

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Tejaswini says why did you give, I always give less money. Ranjana says we should help them. Bhaiya ji says you did good work, sit, we will call Manohar too. Ranjana likes a necklace and says its very pretty. Girja does not know which is sugar and which is salt. Chakor comes and says Tejaswini wants tea. Girja says let me identify sugar and salt. She asks Chakor to read and say which is sugar and salt. Chakor reads it on packets and recalls her promise to Bhaiya ji. She says I can’t read it, it means I broke my promise to Bhaiya ji. Girja says he is not here. Chakor says sorry, I can’t tell you.

Girja says fine, taste it and say, I m fasting. Chakor asks her to put it, and goes. Chakor smiles seeing Girja put the salt. Bhaiya ji asks Manohar to learn something from Ranjana. Ranjana says if you both bless me, I will do more good work, as I have serving people in my blood. Bhaiya ji says I m feeling for the first time that you are Girdhari lal’s daughter, who is great politician, and I came to know that he is giving ticket to someone. Ranjana says yes, you heard it right. Chakor comes and gives them tea. Bhaiya ji asks who is it. Ranjana says you know her, Papa has chosen me. Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini spit the tea being shocked. Ranjana says I m standing in next elections from Aazaadgunj.

Tejaswini asks Chakor why did she add salt in tea. Chakor says Girja has put it. Tejaswini calls Girja and scolds her. Girja says sorry, I asked Chakor to read and she did not, and I made the mistake. Tejaswini asks can’t you taste tea. Girja says I m fasting, and its Chakor’s mistake. Chakor says you are asking me to cheat Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji asks who is cheating me. Chakor says you told me not to touch education, how can I read then. She says she will get another tea. She leaves. Bhaiya ji says this is loyalty, but some people change and take revenge after some misunderstandings. He looks at Ranjana and she taunts him back. She says she will start preparing for elections, and he knows very well about it. Manohar looks on.

Bhaiya ji says so she came here from Lucknow, to stand against us. He asks Manohar did he know this. Manohar says no. Bhaiya ji says husband does not know whats his wife doing, give all the necklaces to Ranjana, she will get more votes. Chakor gets milk for Ragini and Vivaan. Ragini takes the glass and thanks Chakor. Chakor sees Vivaan reading upside down book, and asks him to have glass. She says you are holding book wrong. Ragini laughs. Vivaan says you are stupid as Dadi’s words did not effect you. He drinks the milk. She asks him to clean his moustache. Ragini says our hardwork went waste on Chakor. Chakor leaves.

Imli plucks some mangoes and talks to Kaka. Bhaiya ji talks to his senior and says opposition party is playing good, Girdharilal is against me, and asks for details. Chakor cleans the hall. Bhaiya ji notes down the candidates names. His pen falls and he asks Chakor to get it. Chakor refuses and he insists angrily. He says I will call you back and ends call. He scolds Chakor and shouts on her. She looks at him.

Arjun talks to Chakor and says he made big plans for her, and she failed. Chakor stops Vivaan and says she promised she will not touch education, but she did not fail, and you know Chakor can never fail. Vivaan is shocked, and she winks to him smiling.

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