Udaan 2nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Vivaan gets shot

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The Episode starts with Colonel saying you cheated my daughter, I will give you a painful death. He beats Suraj. Chakor shouts leave me Suraj. Vivaan says I m helpless, I can’t help Suraj and Chakor, they gave me a new life, they need me today, just you can understand my pain. Imli says yes, I understand, don’t worry, I will find way. She sees the gun. She rushes and gets gun from Abhay. She aims gun at Abhay and others. Vivaan says what are you doing. She says I m doing this for you, I lifted this gun for your sake, I want to help you. She asks them to move back else she will shoot Abhay.

Colonel beats Suraj. Suraj holds his hand. Colonel says if you try to stop me, Deva will shoot your wife. Suraj gets shocked. Imli says I did everything for myself, today I want to think for you and do this, I will do everything for you. She says Vivaan, I love you a lot. They cry. She asks him to just go, and come back soon, if anything happens to him, she will kill everyone. He hugs her. He says I got my old Imli back, I got everything back. She says I couldn’t become a good wife. He says I won’t hear a word against you, I love you still the same way, I will just save Suraj and Chakor, and come back, you wait for me. She says yes, just come back soon. He says my life is waiting for me, I will come back and marry you, I will make vows again. They cry. He says we will live all the moments which life snatched from us. He leaves her hand and goes. She cries. Abhay tries to get gun. She says don’t think I m helpless woman, I m with Vivaan, there can’t be any problem in his life. Chakor shouts leave Suraj. Vivaan comes there and looks on. Colonel aims gun at Suraj. She says leave Suraj, he didn’t wish to break Naina’s heart, I compelled him, punish me, leave him. Colonel says your turn will also come.

He beats Suraj more. Gumaan gets a call and asks why did you call me now. The lady asks why are you angry, what shall I cook, I will prepare sweets for you. He says deal was happening, Suraj and Chakor reached here to spoil Colonel’s plan. She gets angry and says Suraj and Chakor are there, why. He says I will talk later. She says run away, if you get caught, it will be big problem. He says I m just watching what will happen here, I will get treasure from Colonel, I will rule on everyone. He ends call. Colonel says you are really strong, but I m Colonel Yashwant Bedi, this time I will not miss the aim. He loads the gun. Chakor shouts no, I won’t let anything happen to my Suraj. Gumaan and Vivaan look on from far. Vivaan runs to save Suraj. He pushes the goons and gets in. Chakor takes gun from Deva and pushes him. She shoots at Colonel. Vivaan pushes Colonel away. He gets shot on his chest. Suraj and Chakor get shocked. Imli hears the gunshot.

Gumaan says Vivaan, Chakor has shot her Devar….. Vivaan holds his chest. He falls back. Suraj holds him in lap. Chakor shouts Vivaan….. Imli, Abhay and others hear her shouting. Chakor shouts Vivaan and runs to him. Commandos come and arrest Colonel and goons. Suraj says you all just help us, Vivaan don’t worry. Vivaan says I don’t have much time, I got Imli back from hospital, she got fine, she became our old Imli, forgive her and forget the past, make a start of new life. Chakor says yes, you will be with us. Suraj says we have to take him to hospital. Vivaan says no use, I thought to live today and life cheated me. Chakor says nobody cheated you, Suraj take him to hospital, if anything happens to him, I can’t forgive myself. Vivaan says its not your mistake Chakor. He closes eyes. Suraj and Chakor get shocked.

Chakor asks him to open eyes. She asks Suraj to tell him to get up. Suraj says he fainted, he will get fine. She says I killed Vivaan and cries. He says what nonsense, we have to take him to hospital, help me. Deva asks Colonel to leave, he will manage commandos. Colonel says nothing will happen to me, don’t worry. Suraj and Chakor take Vivaan. Colonel says they can’t get saved easily. He shouts Chakor and takes the gun. Abhay kicks him and makes him drop gun. He says enough now, your time is over now. Colonel laughs and asks really, what will you do, will you arrest me, I didn’t do anything, arrest Chakor, who tried to kill an innocent person, get the evidence against me, I will surrender to law, promise. He laughs. Abhay laughs and shocks him. He says Chakor had laid a trap for you, you can’t think anything, she is smart, she surprised even us. He gets the spy cam fixed by Chakor. He shows him the video. Colonel gets shocked seeing his confession.

Gumaan says I think Colonel is finished now. Imli says leave me, my family is inside, let me go there and see. Suraj and Chakor get Vivaan out. Imli gets shocked seeing him. Imli asks what happened to Vivaan, tell me. She asks Vivaan what happened to him. Suraj says its not time to talk, we have to take him to hospital. Imli asks why, what happened, tell me. Suraj takes Vivaan in the car. Imli cries and asks Chakor to answer. Chakor says we have to go to hospital, Vivaan got shot. Imli gets shocked.

Abhay asks Colonel to surrender, else he will be shot. Colonel says you can’t do anything to me. Abhay shoots him down. Gumaan says Chakor ruined my deal, I will take revenge from Chakor.

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  1. The precap is disappointing, I didn’t want this track to end so soon.
    I hope CVs learn from the past 3 weeks, make the action and thrill parts bigger than the melodrama.
    Also don’t keep Sukor blind to Ghumaan and Imli’s scheming, open fight works best. Sukor must be shown fighting back.

  2. Pawan Sahu returned to make sure Vivaan is dead ?.
    I’m 90% sure he’ll die.
    Why didn’t they keep Imli negative and make Vivaan refuse to take her? she would’ve still found a way to blame Chakor.
    I like Ghumaan’s mom, I think I’ll enjoy their scenes.
    Why did they end the colonel’s track ??

  3. Wow like the writers are trying all how to not kill imli! Why don’t they give her the punishment of her deeds, when’s her turn to die? I still don’t believe she’s suffered enough, she’s a snake, chakor and sooraj would never be completely safe till she’s alive.

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