Udaan 29th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 29th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji saying Suraj will stay as my bandhua, we have to stop Ragini, its all because of Ragini. He calls Ragini and shouts answer the call Ragini. Ranjana says anger is not good for your health, tell me, I will help you. He asks her to find out where is Ragini, no one should know my plans, remember, you go now. He laughs that Suraj’s fate is in his hands. Imli thinks where is Vivaan and gets a note. She reads. Vivaan apologizes for scolding her, and writes he loves her a lot, he did not wake her up as he did not wish to break her dreams, he is leaving early and will come home early. Imli sees time and says how did I sleep till late, I have to help Chakor. She opens the door and sees Bhaiya ji’s men.

Chakor too is stopped by Bhaiya ji. He says I m scared that anything can happen with you, so I left these two bodyguards with you for security, where you going to meet Suraj and Yadav, my men will always be with you and know where you are going. Chakor calls Suraj and says I can’t come, Bhaiya ji left his men here to keep an eye on me. Suraj says I will come. She says no, he has sent his men to find you, stay there till I call you. She ends call and says I have to find some way to get free of Bhaiya ji’s goons. She thinks of some idea.

Vivaan interviews a girl and asks why do you want to become secretary work. She says she wants to save money by this job and start her own business. He selects her for her good intentions. The men hear that she got the job and say the girl got the job as she is wearing short clothes, Vivaan’s nature is colorful. Raunak hears this and scolds the peon. He says Vivaan is from dangerous family, his wife threatened me to get job, never say this about Vivaan again, try to keep Vivaan happy. Vivaan hears this.

Udaan spoiler

Bijli tells Chakor that she will cook what she said for dinner. She argues with the men and cries. Chakor thinks I made them busy, I have to leave from other door. She leaves. Vivaan recalls Raunak’s words and says how can I think I got job by my qualification, Imli got the job for me, I have to depend her for everything. Chakor goes out and is stopped by Bhaiya ji. He says you proved all my men are useless, so I came myself, you will take me to Suraj, come. She says who told you I m going to Suraj, I m going somewhere else. He says no, you are taking me to Suraj before Ragini reaches there. She asks whats the difference, you both want to kill Suraj. He thinks how to tell this fool that Ragini will not leave Suraj, and I don’t want to kill Suraj, if I tell her, she will tell Ragini, I have to deal with Chakor some other way. Chakor asks what are you thinking, I will not take you to Suraj. He says you think you are clever, you will take me to Suraj, come. He drags her. Imli comes to give food to Vivaan at office. Peon says I did not see him. Raunak gets scared seeing her. She asks did you see Vivaan.

Raunak calls Vivaan and asks where did you go, Imli got food for you, you are lucky, talk to her. Vivaan ends call. Imli worries and thinks whats the matter, everything was fine till morning, did he find out. She asks Raunak did anything happen between him and Vivaan. He says nothing. She goes.

Vivaan is upset and thinks of Imli’s words. Chakor thinks why does Bhaiya ji want to reach Suraj before Ragini, there is something, I have to find out and reach recording soon to send him to jail. She drives his car and they are on the way. Yadav says I m hungry, get some food for me. Suraj says if I leave you alone, they will kill you. A man stops Bhaiya ji’s men and gives them Suraj’s news. The goon thinks why will Suraj hide in his own factory. He still goes to check.

Chakor takes the other route. Suraj goes to check at the door. Yadav switches on his phone. Suraj gets shocked seeing the goon. The goon aims gun at Suraj and says you found a good place to hide, hands up, get back. He says Bhaiya ji will decide to kill you here or not. Bhaiya ji asks Chakor why is she roaming around. He scolds her. The goon calls Bhaiya ji and says its good news. Chakor plays radio on loud sound. He switches it off. She applies brakes and his phone falls. The phone gets on speaker. The goon says Suraj is infront of me. Bhaiya ji laughs. The goon asks shall I get him alive or kill him. Bhaiya ji says no, don’t kill him, where is Suraj.

Vidya Sinha and Chakor come together in the special episode.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. No sukor scenes .but kn is funny

  2. Good things of today episode:
    Suraj’s photo., He was looking very handsome, I really loved it……!
    2nd one is Chakor’s dress because of its colour., Blue is my favorite…..

  3. Nice episode and love sukor keep rocking

  4. Ohh god kn is soo funny but dangerous too and love how chakor cares for suraj and still dnt get why jailor yadav want to harm suraj may be ragini again blackmailed him as he said to sukor that ragini has killed his wife and child but they are not dead as in news i have seen them realy eagerly waiting for tomo epi

  5. Guys plss vote Check out @MyPollMyVote’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/MyPollMyVote/status/803571901494738951?s=09
    Only 13 hrs left and make sukor win??

    1. Tejaswiteju

      Sukor comming to 1st place?

      1. Amrutha

        I installed Twitter only to vote for our sukor. I had seen that sukor is leading with 38% yeah hope we will win. What do you say?

  6. guys new spolier on twitter that bcoz of some work or may be any program chakor will have to leave for delhi alone but suraj cnt accept that as he also want to join her and he make an excuse that he just want to safe her and him from kn and than they both will go delhi together for some days and there they will spend some romantic time and they also come more closer to each other .,i dont know if this spoiler is true but if it is than it will be a big treat for all sukorians yipeeee

    1. telly chakkar article also says same.waiting eagerly for d delhi track!!!!

  7. Tejaswiteju

    Ha sukor is in 2 place know.i have voted angel

  8. Good tejaswi

  9. They are on no 1 now on voting lists??

  10. They r in 1st place

  11. Really angel is he going with her.Is it true.Angel i think we r late because the award show was happend and shakti got the best show award and maybe some other jodi won the best jodi award.

  12. Tejaswiteju

    Yes ur right angel i too have seen the spoilers that kn plan to separate but may be the plan is again alta vulta for kn.they both will go together .if it happens means hurrehurreh. The spoilers said that Sukor lovevchemistry blossoms is starting.

  13. Oh godd this kn ? what to do with him anyways is that Suraj hit by bullet but the ongoing track showing that chakor were with kn and who going to hit the Suraj Ragini….? But she is unconscious then who….? And why….?

  14. Hope chakor must save him

  15. ankur i think u have seen the ita awards winners not the indian telly awards tgey both are diff awards

  16. Guys chakor is packing her bags as she has to leave for asians games so may be thats why chakor is going to delhi and suraj too join her .,i have just scene a photo on twitter about this scene

  17. Chakor is taking care of suraj vj and meera interview

  18. vote for vijayendra kumeria aka suraj
    multiple votes are there (so u can refresh and again vote )

  19. Tejaswiteju

    Chakor became doctor to suraj

  20. varshu its saying that ur connection is not private soo how can i vote plss tell i want to vote

  21. Varshu i too vote on twitter page of fuzion productions?? but still vj is not going to win as he is having only 28 votes vivian and shaheer sheikh are having 765 and 563 votes respectively??

  22. ya really it ita award. then i will also vote for them

  23. yeah ankur

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