Udaan 29th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji threatening Ranjana and Girdhari Lal. Ranjana says time is great, it will show who will lose. She leaves with her dad. A lady recalls Ranjana having done good deeds earlier and says she gives money, I will go to her, she will give us money. A boy holds her saree and asks for money.Ranjana pushes him asking him to go. The lady says I m sorry, I felt you are giving money even today. Ranjana scolds them and asks them to beg somewhere else. She washes her saree end. Chakor looks on. Lakhan asks Chakor to come fast, as Bhaiya ji is going inside the office. Chakor sees Ranjana leaving.

Bhaiya ji comes to Ishwar and looks at him. Ishwar sees his nomination file. He asks is this all account of property right. Bhaiya ji says yes, it has CA stamp. Ishwar says I have seen many stamps on paper and on hands too. Bhaiya ji says I will do the sign. Ishwar gives him the papers and asks him to sign. Bhaiya ji says I have done it a lot times, that I can close eyes and sign, as I made record of winning elections. Ishwar says failing once is enough to break record, check it well. Bhaiya ji stumbles and the pen falls. Chakor gives him asking him to hold it well.

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Bhaiya ji signs on the papers and gives it to Ishwar. He smiles and says wish me all the best. Ishwar argues and says he won’t give best wishes. Chakor says say all the best, if Bhaiya ji wins, he will do good work, he will get education for us. Ishwar says he can’t do any good thing, you will know it when time comes. Manohar asks Bhaiya jo to come. Chakor says she has seen Ranjana, she knows what she will say in village. Ranjana talks to her dad and says I understood I should have not pushed that boy. Her dad asks her to behave well till election ends. She asks what should I do, what should be my election promise, what is their big problem. He says that they are bandhua.

She says if we say them we will free them from bonded life. He says are you mad, Bhaiya ji’s biggest strength is the bonded labor and their votes, even if you win and they get freedom, you will lose the strength, if I was in your place, I would have not thought this, they will be our strength being bonded. She says fine. He says about election promise, what did Bhaiya ji promise. She says to give education. He says yes, you take it ahead, you give them education. She asks how, we have one school and how can so many kids get admission.

He laughs and says who is asking you to give admission, just spread the word that Bhaiya ji will never keep his promise, and no child will go to school, only you can get them educated. She says great dad and laughs. He says remember one thing, after you win elections, don’t try to fulfill your promise. She asks what. He says then you will lose the power. She smiles and thanks him for the Guru mantra. He says anytime, all the best.

Ranjana come to the village and says Bhaiya ji won’t give you education, but I keep my promises, she promises them that she will get every child education, and she will start it from today. She gives them school study items, and says after winning elections, the kids won’t need to go to anyone to beg. She distributes the items. Imli asks Kasturi why is Ranjana doing this. Kasturi says education is good. Lakhan’s wife says I told everyone that Ranjana will fulfill her promise.

Ranjana says Bhaiya ji and I are different, he thinks he is your owner, and I regard you all my family. She starts crying and says this family is much better than those who live in havelis and talk low. She says you all are mine, equal to me, I don’t think you all are different. Chakor says no, you don’t regard us yours. Ranjana looks at her.

Kasturi asks Chakor what is she saying. Lakhan asks her to hear what Chakor is saying. Chakor says about Ranjana washing her saree as if the boy was very bad. She brings the boy and says he was asking money from you. The boy says yes, I asked money. Ranjana says I have never seen this boy and asks good. Imli says Ranjana gave me money and took it back. Ranjana says the sisters are lying, as they are working for Bhaiya ji. Kasturi says no. Chakor says I m not working for anyone, Bhaiya ji gave me promise that he will get all kids get admission, and you tell something here, and something else in haveli, but Bhaiya ji does not do this.

She reminds her that she told when the baby did potty on her, and she took bath saying they are animals. Chakor says we don’t trust you that you will get education for us. Ranjana says fine, if I said anything in anger, it does not mean I won’t get education for you all, if you all think Bhaiya ji is good and I m bad, then take his test. She says touch his clothes, make a baby do potty on him, make him have food with you, just make him stay here in this village for one night, let him see how you all stay, if he does this, I will know he is very good and understand your pain, if he succeeds, I will not ask votes for you and tell you to vote him. She says just one night, he has to be here in this village, else you all have to vote for me. They all look on shocked.

Bhaiya ji says one night in village, I can’t stay there for one house. He scolds Chakor and asks them to take her away. Manohar calms him down and says he will do anything to make him win. Ishwar says power does not work all the time, when Ishwar stands infront of you.

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