Udaan 28th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor accepts Suraj’s condition

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Udaan 28th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vivaan saying if Imli has gone, she will come again. Imli coughs and bleeds. Vivaan asks Chakor does she really think Imli was here. Chakor says I had the fear and found her in the house. Vivaan says you know my habit, I blindly believe the thing which you believe. She asks do you blindly believe my madness. He says yes, I can’t sit in peace, she is Imli, she can come here in any avatar. She says I just pray that my fear is wrong and Suraj’s words is true. Suraj does painting along with Saanvi. Chakor gets Lithi choka. Suraj says I wanted to have this since long. She asks why did you give colors to Saanvi. He says its safe colors. She applies colors to Suraj’s face. She laughs. He applies colors to her. Mahiya….plays….. Suraj says this reminded me of old days, when we used to stay happy. She promises to give him more happiness. She says I will just come. He asks are you going to call Vivaan. She says no, I m going to kitchen to get ghee for you. She goes. Imli gets some ice cubes. She tries to get a relief. She hears Chakor and goes.

Chakor says how did this ice come here, it wasn’t here before. She sees the ice trays empty. She says where did the ice go. She follows the blood stains and reaches the storeroom. She sees Imli’s chair. She checks the blood marks. She goes and sees the floor clean. She thinks who has done this. She comes and tells everything to Suraj. He shouts stop it, you couldn’t prove anything. She says Imli is dangerous, please believe me. He says you aren’t my chakor, she was brave, you are coward, you always stay in Imli’s fear. She says this time is to think for our daughter’s future and save family from Imli’s wrath, she will make Aazaadgunj bandhua again. He says its all happening because you are stubborn, you are not accepting truth, this is a big loss for you, your mental state is getting bad. Chakor recalls Imli’s words. She says don’t say this, our love can’t lose.

He says this is not love, but a torture on me, you used to love me before, now you just give me pain by taking Imli’s name. She cries and asks him to stop it, she can’t hear more. She says I m your Chakor, not an enemy, how to explain you. He says I want proof that Imli is alive, like I proved Imli is not alive, get Imli here within 5 days. She says fine, I will do this if I have to prove myself right. He says you don’t call me for help, I won’t come. Vivaan comes and says Chakor is not alone, I will always support her, Chakor won’t stop me, Chakor knows I can do anything for her, as I trust her, Suraj should trust his wife, I will get Imli here and then Suraj will understand the loss. Suraj says I feel I got big loss already. Chakor asks Vivaan not to say anything, I have accepted Suraj’s challenge. Suraj goes. She wishes she gets Imli in front of Suraj, else she will lose her Suraj. Vivaan asks her not to worry.

Kasturi comes to meet Chakor. She asks is this true, Suraj told me about your challenge to find Imli. Chakor says you have to trust me. Suraj comes and says you just have 5 days to prove it, then I won’t hear Imli’s name. Chakor says think anything but listen to me, stay alert of Imli. Suraj says fine and goes. Chakor asks Kasturi to understand her.

Vivaan shows the location he found out. He says its far. Chakor says we have to go there. Suraj looks on. Chakor says we have to go and find Imli, we will be late. Suraj goes. Tejaswini says whatever is happening between you and Suraj, I m not liking it, don’t be stubborn else relations can break. Chakor says I want to end the threat on my family. Imli meets her aide and sends him for her work. She comes to haveli. She says Chakor should be careful, her married life can come in risk. Chakor asks Saanvi to play with Suraj and Tejaswini, she has to do this for family and go out. She says this is big test for me, just take care of Saanvi. Tejaswini says don’t worry, I will take good care for her. Chakor says Kasturi will come to help you. She thinks where are you Suraj, I promise to bring out Imli. She slips back. Vivaan holds her in arms. Suraj looks on.

Chakor and Vivaan ask a Sadhvi about Imli. Vivaan shows Imli’s pic. Chakor says Imli is my sister. The lady rings the bells and calls everyone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. How did Imli recover so quickly, she only needs some ice to cure herself from poison, ridiculous.
    How did Vivaan find the ashram is he a wizard, at least give some credible reason.
    I admit I’m possessive about Sukor, I don’t like Vivaan-Chakor friendship and I don’t want to see their bond at all, I never liked Vivaan and was actually happy when he exited the show, I was neutral about his return but his dialogues about his blind trust are irritating.
    Blind trust isn’t a sign of loyalty, it’s a sign of blindness and bias, a true friend will correct his friend when needed, not blindly follow him/her.

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