Udaan 28th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor fears of Imli’s return

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The Episode starts with Chakor singing lullaby for baby. Suraj says I will help you. She asks did you prepare guest list. He says I have sent invitations to everyone, pandit said all people of Naniyaal has to come. She cries hearing Maasi word. She says Saanvi has no Maasi. He says I know, Chagan and Gauri will come as they are her Mama and Mami, sorry I won’t say Maasi again, sleep now. She says how shall I sleep, we have to make baby sleep first. He says so what, we will sing lullaby together. They sing Chale chakori….. Chakor also sleeps along with the baby. Suraj makes Chakor sleep well. He smiles. Chakor dreams of Imli entering the haveli and taking Saanvi with her. Chakor wakes up shouting and cries. Suraj calms her and says Saanvi is sleeping, what happened. She cries. He says you always stay

scared and get bad dreams. She says I feel scared like Imli will return to ruin our happiness. He says Imli is dead, you didn’t do bad with anyone, how can bad happen with Saanvi, its a big day tomorrow, sleep now, nothing will happen to Saanvi.

Scene shifts to Mathura, Imli is seen dancing on some bhajan, being dressed as jogan. She smiles and dances with other women. At home, Tejaswini welcomes the guests. Suraj asks Saanvi to see her Nana and Nani. Bhuvan says she is one in a million, she looks like a fairy, like she will fly with wings. Kasturi says yes, I got this anklet for her, when she walks, we will know about her. Tejaswini says see what I go, these gold bangles. They make Saanvi wear anklet and bangles. Kasturi says I will play with Saanvi, Chakor go and welcome guests. Chakor says no, Saanvi will also welcome guests. Tejaswini says you are not letting us play with her. Pakhi agrees and says I also want to play. Chakor says no, she is very young. She asks Suraj where is Chagan, he has to come on time to do ritual. Chagan and Gauri come. Chagan says Gauri takes much time to get ready. Gauri says no, he got late, he is lying. She gifts. Chakor says Suraj would have made Chagan busy. Suraj says yes, but its not my mistake if he took much time.

Gauri asks them not to fight, how is my gift. Chakor says its a lovely dress, it would be costly. Gauri says no, its for free, I have made it myself. Chakor says you have magic in your hands. Chagan shows Gauri’s embroidery. Chakor says its really good, Suraj there are many girls like Gauri, who know embroidery, we can have such work on our silk sarees and sell it at triple price, girls can work while sitting at home. Gauri says its nice girl, I will teach girls. Suraj says we will start working on this idea. Chagan says no, Gauri does this for timepass, city people won’t buy it, if Gauri gets busy, who will manage household work. Chakor says you are right, but ask Gauri once. He says Gauri doesn’t have much interest. Kasturi says enough now, lets sing and dance for Saanvi now. They all dance on Welcome wala…..They all smile.

Kaki says girl’s future is in Sasural’s hands. Chakor says I want all girls of this village to get a chance to make their future on their own.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Lovely episode, Saanvi is a cutie pie.
    Loved how Chakor fell asleep on Suraj’s shoulder.
    It feels good seeing Sukor happy.
    The group dance was fun.

  2. It’s only a matter of time till imli kidnaps Sanvi and she will grow up hating her parents, I feel sorry for Sukor 🙁 I will enjoy their moments while they are still there.

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