Udaan 28th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghav slaps Imli

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Udaan 28th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Imli getting a shock hearing about the bomb. Raghav asks Chakor to raise the flag. Tejaswini says you should also go with her, you got happiness in her life. He agrees. Imli runs to them. Raghav gets a call. Anjor says you can’t take the call at this time. He goes to answer. Chakor says we will go and raise the flag. Imli comes there and stops Chakor. She warns and pushes Chakor away. Raghav holds Chakor and saves her from the nails fixed wooden platform. Imli asks everyone to get back. Raghav slaps her.

Raghav scolds Imli and says its already 9, there is no bomb. Chakor calms him down and does flag hoisting with him. Raghav goes. Chakor asks everyone to have food. Chakor takes Imli with her. Raghav yells at Imli and scolds her for being selfish. Chakor says she loves you, you can’t blame her. He says yes, she loves me, but she hates you. Chakor asks what do you mean to say. He says if I didn’t come there, she would have killed you in her jealousy. Imli says enough, if I had to get you, I would have married you, don’t blame me. He says I m saying the truth, if you hurt Chakor, you will never get me, I have proof against you.

Chakor asks Imli what’s happening. Imli says I don’t know, Bhanu has done all this, trust me, he wanted to kill you, I have caught his man and learnt about bomb blast, I have pushed you to save, we have to solve Bhanu’s problem now. Raghav gets the man and says we know this man, she has tried to bribe this man so that she can kill Chakor and call it Bhanu’s conspiracy. Girja says I have heard Imli talking to this man. She says Chakor, your sister is still the same. Imli cries and says no, its nothing like this. Chakor shouts enough, get out of this house, you cheated me once again, I m a big fool to always believe you. Imli tries to defend. Chakor doesn’t listen to her and takes her out of the house. Chakor and Raghav ask her to leave.

Imli recalls the old time and cries. She leaves. Raghav holds Chakor’s hand. She gets away and runs to her room. She cries. He comes to her and says I know you are hurt, you can’t blame yourself for Imli’s mistake. She says enough, its your mistake. He asks what, I slapped her. She says Imli was trying to save my life, Imli is framed. He asks didn’t you hear Girja’s statement. Chakor says you didn’t see her eyes, she had written something on her palm, that Leela’s life is in danger, I understood Imli is saying the truth. FB shows a goon kidnapping Leela. Chakor says Bhanu wants to break us apart, he knows our trust on Imli is weak. He says I will not leave him. Chakor says no, Bhanu will not leave Leela, his men will be keeping an eye on us, when Leela comes back, we will answer him, calm your anger, we are helpless.

Anjor stops Imli and apologizes on Raghav’s behalf. She says I will ask dad why he did this, don’t go, I know he has slapped you, I will not talk to mum and dad. Imli says no, don’t get angry, you will hate the world and world will hate you, I don’t want this, let things happen, maybe its best for us, this time I won’t come back. She hugs Anjor and cries. Chakor and Raghav look on. Chakor feels sorry and thinks I had to do this to prove you aren’t wrong this time. Imli thinks why didn’t Chakor believe me.

Raghav asks for Imli. Chakor tries to find her. Bhanu says we should hit on people’s emotions. Raghav says we won’t find Imli now, she is stubborn.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Yesterday I forget to say that Raghav-Chakor-Anjor looked like a perfect family.
    Loved how Raghav slapped Imli and confronted her.
    I’m happy Chakor knows the truth and it’s part of her plan and I’m happy she told Raghav, finally CVs remembered who their female lead is.
    Love how Raghav knows his limits with Chakor, he doesn’t try to hug her or get close to her because they haven’t reached that stage in their relationship.
    Didn’t like the scene when Imli was kicked out it reminded me of Chakor getting kicked out, Imli can’t be a lead.
    However hard CVs try, I can never feel sorry for Imli because she’s never paid for her crimes, she only spent 6 months in jail for murder and human trafficking. She’s young, healthy, beautiful and wealthy, she got away with all she did.

  2. First that slap omg what a slap imli deserves this raghav is too angry on her and his confession about his love was amazing but chakor why she is behaving like that way to raghav I know he is not suraj but a person who loves her morethan himself ????????love u raghav

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