Udaan 28th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Akash threatens Chakor

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The Episode starts with Anjor and Rajjo promoting the new show Kesar Nandan. Inspector comes to meet Chakor. He says I went to haveli and learnt you left the haveli, so I have come here, I got a bad news, a new inspector is called to handle Akash’s case, his name is Damodar Chauhan, he is a bad and corrupt officer, Tejaswini has got him appointed. Chakor says she is doing this on Akash’s word. Tejaswini says Akash, don’t worry, I spoke to minister and got Damodar appointed for your case. Akash smiles. Raghav says I m very angry, don’t know what is Akash planning now.

Akash says you shouldn’t leave your family for me, we have no blood relations, why are you bearing the sorrow for my sake. She says this fight is of truth, Chakor did injustice, she has to apologize. He says I was upset to

be an orphan, I got a new hope. Girja asks Tejaswini to pay money to the farmers for their harvest. Tejaswini gives the keys to Akash and says you go and give them money, I m giving you the rights now, you are my son. He gets shocked. Raghav stays angry. Chakor gets Akash’s call. Akash says its me, Akash. I recorded that call using technology. Chakor says you will be behind jail, you will get hanged, Rajjo will get justice. Akash says I got the keys of the house safe, I will do my black business by staying in your haveli, I will ruin the lives of all the village girls, I will destruct you Chakor, remember this.

He turns and sees Jyoti. Raghav says we aren’t able to file report against Akash. Imli comes and says its not so tough, I can help you. Chakor says don’t try to fool me or become a hurdle in my way. Raghav signs Imli to stop her anger. Chakor says I m Chakor, I know your cleverness. She scolds Imli. Imli hurts her hand and bears the insult. Chakor asks what are you thinking. Imli says I did many mistakes, I know, that’s why I m standing silent, you can scold me, you have said right, trust me, I m not a liar, let me help you. Chakor says I don’t need your help. Raghav says don’t be tough, give her a chance. Chakor refuses. Raghav says I know you are smart, you can’t make me out of here, just listen to Imli once. Chakor asks Imli to say it fast. Raghav signs Imli.

He asks Imli to hold ears and apologize. Imli holds ears and says I want to repent for my sins, let me help you, you can punish me later. Chakor says now let me go inside. She goes inside. Imli yells at Chakor. Raghav pacifies Imli. He asks where will you sleep now. She says Chakor has thrown me out of the house, I will sleep outside, what shall I do. He asks her to wait there. He goes in and says its too cold, make Anjor wear a sweater. Chakor nods and gives the sweater. He covers up Anjor. Raghav says I will get some hot coal to get warmth. He asks Anjor to think about the people who are outside in cold. Chakor says I know why you are saying this, I don’t care for Imli. He says you shouldn’t be so rude towards Imli. Chakor says fine you can call her inside. Raghav calls out Imli and asks her to come. Anjor gets scared. Chakor and Imli argue. Raghav asks Imli to arrange her bedding. Imli goes to sleep. Raghav sees Chakor sleeping. Imli sees Raghav.

Damodar asks dirty questions to Rajjo. She shouts no and runs out. She meets with an accident. Chakor and Raghav get shocked seeing Akash.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good episode but Akash’s phone call should’ve been shorter.
    Teju is too stupid, she used to be shrewd.
    Want to see some Raghav-Chakor bonding scenes, talking about something other than Akash or Imli, something to make them understand each other better. It’s hard to see why Raghav is falling in love with Chakor or how he knows that she has a good heart. The attention given to Imli falling for Raghav is far more than that given for Raghav falling for Chakor.
    Love how Raghav convinced Chakor to let Imli sleep inside.

  2. Writers should add variety to Chakor’s scenes, she’s always too serious.
    When Raghav says that Chakor never does bad with her enemies, how does he know that? they never showed a similar situation.
    Raghav’s attraction towards Chakor looks forced to me, they needed more scenes between them. Even when he was talking to Imli about his attachment to Anjor it looked forced because they didn’t have enough scenes together. It’s the fault of the writers who waste ss on repetitive confrontation scenes and bad guys dialogue and on Imli and her infinite wisdom instead of focusing on the leads. Even now Raghav has more ss with Imli than with Chakor and all he talks to Chakor about is Akash and Imli, how can they get to know each other?

    1. That’s why I think he is suraj because he knew everything about Chakor. But if he is suraj why is he halting Imli??? It’s confusing yaar!!!

      1. *helping*

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