Udaan 27th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Anjor regains her memory

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The Episode starts with everyone telling Ranvijay that Bua is going mad. Vanshika deletes the video from her phone. Ranvijay asks them to call a doctor for Chaya. Bua says I will show a video. Ranvijay checks her phone and says there is no video in this, shut up now. He takes Bua and locks her. Chakor thinks I have to take those papers back from Ranvijay. Chaya asks why are you worried, do you also think I m Chakor, not Chaya. He says no, how can you be Chakor. She asks him to arrange labor and give the papers to her, she is bearing a loss. Ranvijay thinks why is she taking much interest in papers, what if Bua’s doubt is right and she is Chakor. She asks what happened. He says you will get papers tomorrow. She goes.

Its morning, Ranvijay asks where is Anjor. Jaya says she will have breakfast in her room. He goes to call Anjor. He sees the oil on the stairs. Anjor comes downstairs. She falls down. Chakor worries and sits back. Jaya and Manoj run to her. Anjor shouts mumma. Ranvijay thinks now the truth will come out, is she Chaya or Chakor. Chakor thinks Ranvijay will know I m Chakor if I go to Anjor. Ranvijay thinks Chaya can’t be Chakor, else she would have got worried for Anjor. Anjor cries and says Chakor didn’t come to help me. Chakor comes and hugs her she apologizes. She feeds juice to Anjor. Anjor sleeps in her lap. Chakor sings a lullaby for her. Ranvijay hears her voice and looks around. Chakor makes Anjor sleep. Ranvijay comes to see. Jaya sits in Chakor’s place. Chakor hides.

He asks who was singing the lullaby, I thought its Chakor’s voice. Jaya says you had killed Chakor. He goes. Chakor shuts the door. Jaya says Ranvijay is doubting on you. Its morning, Ranvijay asks who will send gift for me. Chakor says I got this for you. She gifts him a key. She says I have bought a bungalow for you in Dubai, I hope you have arranged the labor. He says yes. She says I will make you my business partner, you will get 60% share. He says you are Devi, I m do anything for you, I will get the papers and show you. She says my secretary called and said we want more labor. Ranvijay says I will arrange the labor. He asks her to take his family. Chakor asks will you sell your Bua and family. Bua asks will you kill me. He reminds how he killed Sameer. Jaya and Manoj get angry. He asks Bua to sign first. He threatens Bua.

Anjor asks him to leave Bua. He pushes her. Anjor falls down and gets hurt on her head. She sees Ranvijay and recalls Sameer’s death. She gets angry and pushes Ranvijay. She says you won’t kill anyone now, you will die, how dare you kill my Sameer. Chakor thinks Anjor got fine. Everyone gets shocked. Anjor says I want Sameer back. He pushes her again. Chakor asks what is she saying, you killed her husband. He says Anjor is mad, you can get more labor. Chakor comes to Anjor. Anjor cries for Sameer and hugs Chakor. Chakor says Sameer is no more, but you are carrying his child. Jaya says you are pregnant Anjor.

Chakor and Anjor trap Ranvijay in a fire ring.

Update Credit to: Amena

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