Udaan 27th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 27th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suraj’s anger getting high. He shouts. He breaks all the ropes, chains, and even the pole to set himself free. Bhaiya ji and Ragini get shocked. Chakor, Tejaswini, Imli, Kasturi, Chagan, Lakhan and everyone look on. Suraj makes the pole fall down and pulls the chain hard to break it. Suraj gets free. Suraj runs to Chakor. He beats the goons coming in his way. Tejaswini asks Suraj to beat them and break their mouth. Suraj beats all of them down. He takes Kaki’s shawl and covers up Chakor. Chakor cries and hugs him. Kasturi, Imli and Tejaswini happily cry seeing them.

Suraj shouts on Bhaiya ji and Ragini, and says no one can dare to touch Chakor, you can do anything with me, if anyone touches Chakor, I will cut their hands.

Ragini asks goons to take Suraj to stable. Goons catch Suraj. Suraj says I can forgive Bhaiya ji for tortures, you did not do right by hurting Chakor, what you did with Chakor, I will never forgive you. Chakor cries. Suraj says I will make you pay for your tortures. Ragini asks the villagers to get out. Kasturi apologizes to Chakor and asks her to trust Lord, Bhaiya ji will get punished. Kasturi and Tejaswini take Chakor.

Ragini asks Bhaiya ji what happened, Suraj did a lot, why are you silent. He says this did not happen right. She says Suraj should be severely punished. He says no, its not right after what I have seen, see the change in Suraj, Chakor was his shield, and saved him from all problems till now, but this guy, who had strong heart became emotional, he broke all chains for Chakor, he is not the guy whom I trained, he has become like Chakor, we have to stop him, this is not good for us. He sees the fallen pole and says a hungry thirsty man made such a strong pole fall down. Ragini says you said right, I understood, we have to break down Suraj and make him turn into old Suraj, who was greedy, selfish and thought just for something. He says great, now this will be our plan, we have to break his self esteem, like stone breaks and becomes sand. He stops the goons and goes to Suraj.

He says great power presentation, that too without food and water, this does not happen everyday, you want water and food, fall on my feet and apologize, I will give you water. Everyone look on shocked. Suraj says mad old man, will I fall in your feet and apologize, this can happen in your bad dreams, I will die but not fall in your feet, you did not do right with Chakor, I will make you beg for food, I have your bad blood running in my veins, I m also egoistic like you, I will not leave you. Kasturi dies not let Chakor go. Bhaiya ji and Ragini get angry. Ragini sends Suraj. Imli takes Chakor home.

Bijli comes to Imli and asks why are you upset, we have a lovely relation, you have no right to be upset, smile and become cheerful again, have this special tea, you will feel good. Imli drinks tea. Bijli says I know what’s happening in this haveli, bad is happening with you all. Imli says Bhaiya ji’s bad sight caught us. Bijli says but you are born here and know Bhaiya ji controls everything. Bijli tells Imli about Colors’ new show Dil se dil tak.

Chakor is sad. Bhuvan asks her not to worry for Suraj, he is brave, he saved your life, he will fight against Bhaiya ji’s tortures. Tejaswini says till when will Suraj fight, I m seeing such father for the first time, who made his son bandhua. Imli says we should fight back. Tejaswini agrees. Kasturi says no, this is result of going against him, Chakor does not need to fight against him now, no need for Chakor to go haveli, stay with us safely here. Bhuvan says yes. Imli says if Chakor leaves her fight, Suraj will not get saved. Kasturi asks what type of sister are you, did you not see what happened with Chakor today. Imli says try to understand, Chakor has to fight. They all argue. Chakor closes eyes and recalls Ishwar’s words. Udaan hai…..plays…………..

She recalls the childhood incidents and Arjun encouraging her. Chakor says how can I easily lose, I will fight with problems, how can I leave supporting my husband, whatever happened today is part of our fight, Tejaswini is right, if we get scared, Bhaiya ji will scare us more, our fight is not for Suraj, we will fight for village, we will make Bhaiya ji lose. They smile. Chakor says this time we will make him lose such that he can never get up again. Kasturi says if anything happens to you then. Imli says don’t worry, those whose intentions are strong, they never lose. Chakor says you are great Maa, I m lucky to get such mum. Vivaan comes. Chakor says I learnt all this from Maai, give me strength to fight, but now I want to sleep and hear your lullaby resting in your lap, I m bit tired, I will get strength, tomorrow I will go to fight for truth, Suraj will not be thirsty tomorrow, he will get much water. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai…..plays…… Kasturi says I m proud of you Chakor.

Bhaiya ji says now we will break Suraj’s strength, till he falls in my feet and apologizes, else he will die hungry, now I will see how you take your flight. Chakor looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    1. Siyarao

      Varshu thanks for the link,but where to see it’s actuall program???

  1. yes sia i follow both of them on insta and twitter .Mene meera ko mene dekha hai ki wo vikor edits par likes kuch zadai marti hai.Mene to suna hai ki wo real life paras ko like karti hai.She should keep difference between her real and proffessional life

  2. OK sia I’ll call u sia n sorry I didn’t know ur name na tats y
    u gys r ri8 meera has been doing this from last year bt wat can we do ? its come from their heart how to love fans n she love vikorians

    1. Siyarao

      Kushi “siyarao”lamba name hai Na so everyone will call me Sia??

      Guys leave her,she is immature to handle stardom,if others were in her place they would think blessed to become popular overnight bcz of our fan following and paired opposite vj,im seeing the 1st heroin who is not promoting the Jodi(itna popular hone ke baad bi)

  3. hi khusi ur welcome to our bakbak I hope you’ll enjoy with these lovely girls angel sia janu Aanya n many others
    what is this guys!!! first they saw to us arrogant is suraj is back ( ye dekh ke dil humara garden garden ho gaya tha ) then they r showing suraj is pleading for food wo v kn ka peir pakad ke ( garden main locust aagaya ye olv dekh ker )
    ye torture April ko khatam hojana chahiye taaki main jab wapas augi to SuKor romance dekhne ko mile

  4. Thanks aanya for your kind reply,and I can speak Hindi also,agr mujhe kuch puchna ho toh Mei puch sakti hoon tumse.
    As I am a big fan of sukor so I also want to talk with you all.
    Kyu ki tum vo pehli insaan ho jisne mujhse baat kiya hai toh mujhe tumhe pehle join krna hai
    phir sabko add karenge
    Once again thanxx.

  5. Hi all…me too got registered… Missed all a lot for awhile….how r u all…..

    Sukor scenes were awesome….. ????

  6. Sai

    Hi all…

  7. Sai

    Me too got registered….missed u all….how r u…

    1. Siyarao

      Hi,Congo sai ,do watch big boss tonight for sukor??I’m so excited for their dance performance?

      1. Sai

        Sure dr… Especially for vj…

        How is ur practical exams

    2. Janani9789

      congrats sai!!! we all r good!!guys stay tuned for big boss 10!!! excited to see sukor performance!!
      me too sia!!!very excited!!!!

      1. Siyarao

        SaI practicals will start next week now preparing for them
        Guys donno when sukor comes on stage..dying for the performance???

  8. Nitz

    Ur absolutely right sia.I feel nw vry sad abt vj he tried a lot 4 sukor promoting bt this meera really feel pitty on her attitude.actually I thnk the villain or negative characters in serial actors ARE real life me bahud achhe insanno he.if she likes vikor then She should stop acting as chakor cn go to any serial.I thnk vidhi really supre acting in udaan .becoz of her that acting skills we hate her character previously.meera y r u like this.u dnt want sukor fans.!!!!poor vj.love u vj.ur really supre acting.keep on goning sir.wish u all the bst.guys I heard that 1 vidhi was choosed as chakor lead role bt then something happnd.thats y she choosen imli characters.meera ji its a request dnt mix the personal interest with ur profession .it will make u lose.hai sia,angel,tapas,janu.I’m sry guys I hve exm time and also last yr so I tried a lot 2 change this track.I requested bt I’m failed.nw I thnk 2 concentrate on studies.only my ? is mis u all.bt I try 2 comment atleast 1.when I read ur comments I couldn’t control myself thats y im commenting 2 all.love u guys.bye.cn I see bigboss in voot their performance?

  9. I saw a new olv tat now Vivian can’t become father due to drugs effect

  10. Hey guys did anyone watch sukor performing at bigboss10.. I couldn’t watch it.

  11. chakor manveer aur manu ke sath and suraj vaani aur lopa ke sath bas itnahi..

  12. The show is doing well and chakor does do some interviews and posts some pics with suraj in really life i think the argument is arguable but the sbs segments when they are not doing the serial are just chakor and vivaan but thats with all the couples they still try to promote udaan and what was sad was that chakor in real life admitted she likes vivaan but wen he was asked he said they are nothing more than friends and if chakor is liking old edits of her and vivaan may be because she likes him

    1. Janani9789

      u r right ashu!!!
      if she doesn’t support sukor and udaan its ok its her wish…buts fans are angry for promoting wrong pair….
      even she doing this she maintains a good friendship with vj!!! what say guys???we can’t reject that fact!!!
      thats makes perfect chemistry!! onscreen!!!
      if leads as misunderstanding with each other means their chemistry will totally spoiled in onscreen,but its doesn’t happen here….both meera and vijay maintain good friendship and understanding….i think …what u guys think???

      1. Janani9789

        she shouldn’t support wrong pair!!!that what fans wanted!!!! and stop supporting vikor…but she maintain good friendship with vj!!!what say guys???

  13. That is my point that in really life they are friends janani 9789 but im not sure about the arguments im just happy to watch the serial as it is the only one i watch and i think that suraj does not have much time tp sit down and do interviews becasue he is married and recently he was ill and he
    had a child but on instagram chakor does post photos of herself with suraj at times and they do interviews together at times to

    1. Janani9789

      ashu just call me janu…
      iam also watching only one udaan only..

  14. But after reading comments meera should not mix her professional and personal life she should not promote vikor because fans may want to see that instead of sukor which may lead to low trp and the show can get closed and i also to heard that vidhi was suppose to be chakor and the first few promos after leap showed imli figure as chakor but they didnt show the face and made changes i really like this serial so i hope the actors dont do anything stupid

  15. Afyer looking at chakor social media account itis dumb how she is promoting a serial couple that does not even exist that should be vidhi and paras job to promote thier own jodi meera is promoting vikor which is dumb if she loves paras she should have done the role of imli that way she would have been with vivaan all the time she should also give support to sukor fans who watch the soh everday and take thier time to make edits becasue the show runs on viewers and if meera does not want to promote sukor she should stop prompting vikor then otherwise ratings will drop for the show

  16. guys have u seen the new olv that vivan cant become a father because of drugs he has taken in his past life…

  17. I knew that they’ll edit sukor perf.as usual i hope k voot per ho.bs reintrdus krne k liye bulaya tha.agr krisma na hotin to moni r ka clasical or dekhne milta.n ashu,janu app dono meera ki real life nhi reel life dekho isse app sad nhi honge u lov sukor i also bt gys yeh unki choise hai gys vo jis k saath kush rehna chahe rhen issi liye mai intrvews cm dekhti hu.n i think pars meera se nhi vidhi se jyada close hai to v should jst enjoy sukor jst in reel life.gys agr actors ki real life k bare mai sochege to sad he honge vo viewrs ko kush dekna chte hai to hme unhe onscreen life k liye hi coment krna chahiye tbhi vo khush honge itna to bnta hai na gys khi is chkr mai creaters bapis vikor pair na bna dain.if i hrt u sory pls if u wona u can scold me m ready.i miss u sia,tapa,angel gys kb bapis aoge.n nitz best of luck.ye exms kyun hote hai.gys one more thing muje ‘vo apna sa’ and ‘gulam’serial psnd ane lage hain bt not more then udan is liye unka page join nhi kiya.sory once again janu n ashu.

    1. Janani9789

      ya aanya i agree with u .its meera personal life…u r correct..
      but sukor fans only want meera to stop supporting vikor…because it will create negativity…between fans and about serial..aanya i first told in comments also,i know personal anf professional life are difference…but sukor fans doesn’t hate her about her
      personal life,fans respect her as always…

  18. hi
    Aanya u didn’t reply to me.If u forgot then its okay.but I really wanted to talk with u.Someone can plz add me on this page. As udaan is my fav serial and I am a huge fan of sukor .Add me soon guys

  19. I replied dear ofcours u can.sory if i hrt u swety.Mere sath esa hi hota hai kbi ek coment post nahi hota to kbi do do ho jate hair.

  20. It’s okay dear u didn’t hurt me.By the way I always used to read your comments as they were so sweet.Today what you told about meera is really nice. I am really impressed by your comment and positive thoughts.By the way you watched bigg boss yesterday it was really good epi and sukor performance was the best part.

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