Udaan 27th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji asking Lakhan to out posters everywhere. The pandit says he does not know the puja. Kasturi says we also don’t know, who will do it them. Baa starts singing the bhajan and everyone join her. Ishwar comes there and is shocked seeing Bhaiya ji’s election posters. He thinks he can do anything, but he is back to make sure Bhaiya ji does not win in this elections. Baa asks Chakor to give Prasad to everyone. Chakor asks Bhaiya ji to take Prasad first. Bhuvan asks Kasturi to stop Chakor and worried. Bhaiya ji takes the prassad by Chakor, while Kasturi stops her. She apologizes to Bhaiya ji, and Bhaiya ji still stands with forwarding hands.

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Chakor asks Kasturi will give him Prasad. Kasturi gets tensed and gives him the Prasad. Bhaiya ji smiles and eats it, shocking everyone. The villagers smile. Bhuvan says now he is sure this is reality. Bhaiya ji says he will leave now. Ishwar is shocked seeing Chakor on the poster. Chakor says today is good day to start studies. Baa asks Chakor to write hindi’s first alphabet and show them. Chakor writes and shows them. Ishwar hears ladies saying Bhaiya ji is keeping Saraswati puja because of Chakor. He is puzzled and goes to see. Everyone clap for Chakor, and also write together.

Imli hides and looks on. Chakor asks Imli to write. Imli says no, I don’t want to study. Chakor asks why. Imli says nothing happens by education. Kasturi says Imli has grown up, you manage her now. Baa says she liked the Prasad Kasturi made. Kasturi thanks her and says I have much at home, come with me. Baa goes with her. Chakor tells Imli that when she is educated, she will not be poor and she will never become bandhua like her. Imli says no, Dadi told me that we are grinded between poverty and education, so we are bandhua, but money is imp to remove poverty, whats need for education.

Chakor says what are you saying, education is needed to earn money and become smart. She makes Imli write. Imli thinks studies will take time, but she wants to earn fast to make her free from bonded labor. Chakor says if we fulfill our promise, he will educate us. Imli says no one will give him vote. Chakor says if he does not win, we won’t get education, promise now. She makes them vow that they will give vote to Bhaiya ji. Ishwar comes there and is shocked. Chakor is glad seeing him. ‘

He asks what is she doing. She asks him why did he come here, as he can fall in any trouble. Ishwar says I felt I got late to come here. Chakor says everything is fine here. Ishwar says no, you know Bhaiya ji is bad and you are supporting him, and taking vows from everyone to vote him, why are you doing this, this is not Chakor who was in Lucknow, how did you change. She says I did not change. Bhaiya ji has changed, and I will get benefit if we give them vote. Ishwar asks what. Lakhan is shocked seeing Ishwar.

Manohar calls Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji spits as he has eaten Prasad made by bandhua. Lakhan informs Manohar, and Manohar tells Bhaiya ji that Ishwar Rawat reached village. Bhaiya ji is shocked and leaves in the car, asking driver to take him back to village. Ishwar asks Chakor what will Bhaiya ji do after winning elections. Chakor says he has promised us to educate, its big thing. Ishwar is shocked.

Ishwar says Bhaiya ji can lose to Ranjana. Chakor says if he wins, we will go to school. Ishwar says you won’t understand this election ideas, they make wrong promises. Chakor says but he has promised me, he said if I did not touch education, he will free you from jail. He says I would have got freed anyhow, he knew this. He explains her and asks how can he trust Bhaiya ji, who kidnapped her in Lucknow, chained her legs, you will regret Chakor, he will not send anyone to school after winning elections. Chakor thinks and says now I have vowed infront of Saraswati Maa, and I can’t break my promise, I will make Bhaiya ji win by giving him vote.

Bhaiya ji comes to Ishwar and taunts him. He asks why does he want to become the bandhua’s savior. Ishwar says fake promises, sweet talk, you fooled Chakor by it, but I won’t let you win this election. Chakor is shocked.

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