Udaan 26th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor wandering on the road. A blind beggar talks to her and asks why is she running. Chakor talks to him and says no one is hearing me here, I thought everyone here is blind and deaf. He says it looks no one heard you. She says yes, my villagers have sharp ears. She says my grandman can’t see well, but ears are very sharp. He laughs and says people here are not blind and deaf, but busy in their own work. They want to go ahead of time, but they don’t know nothing can happen before time. Chakor thinks what to do now. She gets an idea and uses some stones to figure out her way, how she came to this point, and how she started from cross road. Someone throws money near her thinking she is beggar. She says what do you think I m, I don’t pick fallen things. She picks the money to gives to the beggar.

She evaluates the cars positions and how she ran after it and saw sweet house. She confirms with the beggar. She says it means I m on right way. She thinks she saw a temple on the way too. He says if he was not blind, he would have helped her. She smiles. She says she got to know the way, he is like Lord, bless me. He smiles and blesses her saying Ishwar will make your every wish true. She leaves. She runs back to the point. Pasha and his goon are finding somewhere. Prabhakar and Aditya are also waiting. Pasha’s goon asks him to call Manohar and get the car model and number. Pasha says yes, I will call him.

Lakhan says he has work. Manohar gets Pasha’s call and asks did he get Chakor. Pasha asks for car number. Manohar scolds him. Manohar asks Lakhan about Prabhakar’s car number. Lakhan tells the number. Manohar passes it. His goon sees the car and says it’s the same one, see. Pasha smiles and says Manohar we got the girl, as the car is infront of us. Manohar says is the girl there. Pasha says no, she is not here. Manohar says find her, and tell me fast. Prabhakar tells Aditya that Chakor has cheated us and run, Bhaiya ji will be angry knowing this, we should do the FIR so that he thinks we tried to find her.

Aditya sees Chakor coming and smiles. He says she came. Prabhakar is stunned. Aditya says I knew you will find the way to come back. Pasha sees Chakor and smiles. Chakor greets Prabhakar. Pasha tells Manohar that girl is here. Manohar asks him to get her. Pasha says yes. Chakor apologizes to Prabhakar and says she will tell him how she got back, and he will give her prize. He smiles and asks her to sit in the car. Pasha takes out knife and goes to her. Chakor leaves in the car. Pasha gets stuck as a bus comes in between.

Pasha calls Manohar and says Chakor has left. Manohar says go after her, else……… he ends the call being angry. Chakor reaches Ishwar’s house. She is shocked seeing the home. Aditya welcomes her. Mutti me hawa ke jhoke hai……………..plays…………..Chakor plays with the lamp. Aditya calls his parents and says this house is not big as haveli. She says its not mine. He says but this house is yours. The servant gives her juice. She says for me and smiles. She drinks it and likes it a lot. Aditya drinks it fast.

Abha is glad seeing Chakor and says wow Aditya did great thing. Prabhakar’s wife praises Bhaiya ji. Prabhakar is tensed. She asks is everything fine. He goes. Ishwar comes and is happy seeing Chakor. He says I was sure my son will get you. Abha says yes, my son is very determined. Ishwar asks any problem while coming here. Aditya tells what all happened. Chakor tells how she got back to Aditya. They laugh. Ishwar is much happy. Bhaiya ji talks about Chakor. Prabhakar talks to Ishwar and says Bhaoya ji wants the NOC for this favor. Ishwar says fine, I will give the NOC but till do full enquiry on Bhaiya ji to expose his corruption. Bhaiya ji gets hiccups and says I think someone is thinking about me. Lovely says onky devil can think about you. Suraj and Ragini laugh. Bhaiya ji asks them to get lost.

Lovely says she did not have food yet. Tejaswini asks her to go to her room. Bhaiya ji says this is my younger sister, did you hear devil is thinking about me, idiot. Tejaswini says I think its Ishwar’s plan to get Chakor, maybe he will use her. He says yes, I know his plan, so I have told Manohar to do the work. He says Chakor will be useless for him. Prabhakar asks Ishwar does he not know Bhaiya ji’s contacts, as he stopped his transfer with one call. Ishwar says yes, he did the transfer first and then stopped it to show his contacts.

Prabhakar asks him not to take risk, he heard a lot about Bhaiya ji which he can’t say. Ishwar says yes, but I can’t avoid the sign on Chakor’s hand, it reminds me my duty, I will start the enquiry, Bhaiya ji’s reverse counting has started.

Chakor comes to sit for dinner. Pasha and his goon to Ishwar’s house to kidnap Chakor.

Update Credit to: Amena

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