Udaan 26th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Raghav threatens Chakor

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Udaan 26th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor getting Raghav at gun point and scaring him. She forces him to come along. He agrees. They come home. Anjor hugs Raghav. Tejaswini complains about the thief who has robbed them. Chakor says Suraj knows about the thief, he caught the thief. Raghav tells a fake story of catching the thief. Anjor calls him a hero. Chakor signs to help. She says I will go and keep this bag. He says its heavy, I will help. He murmurs this has my share also. She says you will get it once you complete your work. Chakor locks the safe. Rajjo asks what would we do if Raghav went away with money, everyone respects you here.

Chakor says nothing will happen to Anjor until I m alive, Suraj and I fought for Anjor, Suraj made me vow that I will look after Anjor, if Suraj is alive in front of me,

that’s in Anjor’s avatar, now Raghav and fate can’t do any harm. Raghav sits drinking and recalls Chakor. Chakor comes to the room and sees him. She shuts the door. She asks what are you doing, I asked you not to lie on this bed, how can you drink here. He asks would you scold Suraj if he was here, why are you scolding me. He says I will say the truth to Anjor. She asks him not to do this and shuts his mouth. He pushes her and goes She recalls Suraj. He shouts Anjor and goes to her. Anjor sits playing. Chakor asks Raghav to stop.

Anjor says I m here. Raghav says I found you. Chakor says you won’t tell her anything. Anjor asks Tejaswini to help her hide the surprise. Chakor says I beg you, don’t ruin Anjor’s future, she will die, don’t tell her anything. He says I don’t care for anyone’s life. She says Rajjo, Raghav went to tell truth to Anjor. Raghav gets inside Anjor’s room. He sees the surprise photo collage hidden. Anjor says you are very bad to spoil my surprise. He says I have a big surprise for you. Chakor asks Anjor to sleep. Anjor says I want to listen to him. Chakor asks her to go and sleep. Raghav says maybe I m the not the one I appear to you. Chakor worries. Tejaswini asks what do you want to say. Anjor says yes, even my teacher doesn’t say tough things. He says foolish educated people don’t understand this simple language. Anjor asks why are you here then. He says lets end this double role. Chakor gets shocked.

Raghav says I will tell everyone that Suraj is dead and I m his duplicate. Chakor scolds him. Raghav holds her, twisting her hand.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Raghav’s look in the car with Chakor was so cute and the story about the thief was funny. Didn’t like the flashback scene because it seems it was chopped.
    I wish they stop showing Chakor saying that she’s doing this for Anjor, we know, no need to repeat it every episode, her scene with Rajjo when she was putting the money back was boring.
    I want to see Raghav’s funny antics and Chakor scolding him but I can’t enjoy their eyelocks and romance because he isn’t Suraj.
    I miss BhuKa so much, wish they bring them back.

  2. I think ratings would be higher if viewers knew he’s Suraj, because some of them would be attached to the jodi. Learn from Shakti, they could’ve killed off Harman and brought his look alike but instead they chose double memory loss, they kept the jodi and didn’t scare viewers away.
    Here Chakor could’ve believed he’s dead but in reality, he’ll have memory loss or be pretending to expose a villain and viewers would know it. Viewers would watch waiting for their reunion.
    Raghav is a breath of fresh air, he’s cute and funny but he can never replace Suraj.

  3. Please bring Suraj back.

  4. Safiya Hosein

    I believe this is Suraj, pretending to be Raghav. Maybe there is a far worse threat than Vikram and his mom and Chakor and the family are in danger. And maybe he probably found out when he was in the village, because there were times he was snooping around doing his own investigation.
    Udaan was always about showing real issues and I dont think they would go down the road with the story of lookalikes.
    I hope they dont use the memory loss storyline anymore, been there done that.
    The pretence storyline seems much more exciting and fun because revealing his true self would be a entertaining.
    Just some thoughts. ?

  5. Truly RAghav is a breath of fresh air, captivating, but just cannot bring the breeze of Suraj. truly said viewers (precisely me also) would be hooked if somewhere a hint is given that he is Suraj. My Sukor obsession is enjoying Raghav’s antics seperately but not with Chakor.

  6. The same thing happened in Ztv’s show “Hitler didi” years ago.
    after the death of the first protagonist of the show “Indira”, creators introduced her look alike. a woman named Zara.
    A lot of viewers thought that Zara is Indira. But the real Indira found in Pakistan, and Zara turned bad.
    Now I think that Raghav might fall in love with Chakor. But the real Suraj will be found and Raghav will make trouble in Sukor life.
    Remember my comment and wait :)…

  7. I hope raghav is suraj and the makers will give us a hint about that! after few episodes if I get sure that he is not suraj I will quit show! I can see chakor with any body else… I hope suraj is pretending to be raghav because of any reason or plan. this can be the best

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