Udaan 26th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Suraj targets Imli

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Udaan 26th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor leaving Saanvi with Vivaan. Suraj asks her about Saanvi. She says Saanvi is with Vivaan. He gets angry and scolds Vivaan for not taking care of her well. Vivaan apologizes and says this won’t happen again, trust me. Suraj asks how shall I trust you, I don’t understand what’s happening here, you were going to kill us, is this rod for Imli. Chakor says yes, its for Safety, you aren’t believing us, Imli is alive. Suraj asks them to sit and talk about Imli. He takes Saanvi. Chakor gets sad and thinks of Suraj’s words. Vivaan spreads soap bubbles around and makes her smile. She recalls her childhood moment. He says don’t know where did that Chakor go. She says yes, I wish I could return in my childhood again.

They think of their childhood. She says time is no cruel, it snatches a lot from a person, I was fearless in childhood and today I get scared of little things. He says I know you are worried for Saanvi, don’t worry I m with you, Imli can’t touch Saanvi. She says no, I m hurt by Suraj, he wasn’t like this. He says give some time to Suraj, he will trust you, he loves you a lot, he will trust you soon. He hugs Chakor and consoles. Suraj looks on. Tejaswini asks Chakor to come, Suraj is calling everyone outside. Chakor asks why. Tejaswini says just come with me. Suraj asks guards to lock the house. Chakor asks the matter. Suraj says I didn’t agree to you when you said Imli is in this house, now I feel you are right. She says it means you trust me that Imli is here. Vivaan says but what’s the use of calling us outside the haveli, you could have told this to us inside. Suraj says you will know. Some pest control men come.

Suraj says I called them, as they have dangerous medicine, Imli will come out when this medicine spreads, if she is here, she will come out on her own. The medicine reaches Imli. Imli coughs. She thinks they are doing this to make me out of the house. Chakor says this idea is great, Imli can’t stay inside for long, thanks for trusting me. Suraj says if Imli doesn’t come out, you have to accept that Imli is not alive. Chakor thinks now Imli will give us the answer herself. Imli coughs and reaches the stairs. She gets dizzy. She falls down the stairs. She gets hurt. She gets up and tries to leave. Chakor thinks come out Imli. Imli reaches the main door and tries to open. Chakor reaches the door and waits. Imli gets up and holds the door. She coughs. She fails to open the door.

Chakor thinks Imli I know you are here, come out, I will forgive you. Imli thinks they will ruin me again, I have to be strong. The man says I think there is no one inside, else the person would have come out. Suraj says Imli isn’t in our house and life. Chakor says yes Suraj. Suraj asks Vivaan did you listen. They see Vivaan gone. Vivaan checks for Imli inside the house. Chakor comes to him. He says maybe any window was left open and Imli went out. She says leave it, Suraj has proved it that Imli’s isn’t in this haveli. Imli coughs and sees blood in her hands. She sits back in the storeroom. She tolerates the pain.

chakor hears Imli shouting. She comes to storeroom and gets shocked seeing her condition.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. There is no proof Chakor saw Imli in precap or even went into the same room.
    I didn’t like how Suraj shouted at Vivaan, if he doesn’t want him to handle Saanvi then he should calmly tell that to Chakor, not yell at Vivaan.
    I liked how he reacted to chakor-vivaan hug, he wants to reach out to Chakor, but now hat Imli didn’t come out more problems may appear between Sukor.
    I wonder how will Imli recover and what will happen next.

  2. Safiya Hosein

    Maybe Chakor may have to actually help Imli and maybe the truth that it wasn’t Chakor who told Vivaan about her miscarriage years ago may actually be revealed. Because Imli has hated her all these years thinking it was Chakor who ruined her life.
    Perhaps they may find some way to reform Imli just like they did Suraj. And they may have the foursome together once again to fight whatever ‘storm’ is heading there way.

    1. But bcoz of imli Chakor n suraj separated first n Chakor was almost killed by kamal narayan. Bcoz of imli Chakor faced miscarriage n killed kn.. Otherwise Chakor was planning to send kn in jail but imli made situation that Chakor was helpless, imli supported ranvijay against sukor she was one who killed to ranjana with kn, she tried to captivate n kill Vivian, she tortured suraj a lot that he lost his memory, she captivated tejswini, she killed tv, in kashmir track with karan she tried to kill suraj n she is now also trying to make saanvi bandhua n torture Chakor…….Etc…Then how can her all sins are forgetable..

      1. Safiya Hosein

        Yea i guess you are right! Her atrocities are too much. And she did hurt alot of ppl all for greed and power.
        Well let’s see where the various twists and turns of the story and characters.
        Have a great day all!. Cheers

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