Udaan 26th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 26th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor asking for water. Vivaan calls Sharma and tells about Chakor locked in school and asks for keys. Sharma says he does not have keys, but he will send help. He thanks him. Chakor wakes up by the water and talks to Imli. She says she is fine and drinks the water by the pipe. Imli asks Sheru to close the tap and Chakor asks her to do fast as class is getting filled. Imli says I will take the pipe. She tries to pull it out. Kasturi calls out Imli, Chakor and Sheru. She says don’t know where is Bhuvan, he did not come till now.

Bhuvan cries and postman says lets go, Bhaiya ji will not help. Bhuvan says Chakor is inside, she will die of hunger and asks for keys. The guard takes him away. Bhaiya ji comes and scolds him, saying he will call police. The police comes there. Bhuvan says don’t do this and gets tensed seeing police. Tejaswini looks on. Bhaiya ji says great, police came on time for the first time in life. He asks inspector to see how Bhuvan is troubling them, arrest him, don’t leave him till he get senses.

Bhuvan says no, I did not come to trouble him, I came for my daughter. The inspector says we also came for your daughter Bhuvan. Bhaiya ji is stunned. Imli and Sheru try to stop the water. Chakor says do fast, else I will sink in the class. The inspector says Sharma, vice principal called me and told a girl is locked. Bhaiya ji tells Tejaswini that he has to do something about Sharma. The inspector says he has to find is this school carelessness or anyone’s plan. Bhuvan says free my daughter from there and asks for keys. Bhaiya ji scolds him and says he will talk to Sharma first. He calls Suraj and asks does he have Sharma’s number. Tejaswini says she called him, and asks him to talk.

Suraj gets worried and the peon sees Suraj. He asks Suraj about Chakor. Suraj asks him to shut his mouth. Bhaiya ji talks to Sharma and says his staff can’t do mistake. Sharma says cooperate with police and get school checked once. Bhaiya ji says fine, and asks how did he know about this. Sharma says I got call, don’t know name. Bhaiya ji says Chakor is lucky, her helpers are everywhere. He asks servant to get keys of school and gives it. He says he will also come, he will get ready in some time and come. Suraj asks Tejaswini will he fall in any problem. She says you did good work, but we have bad fate that her parents reached there, don’t worry, no one can harm you, you go and sleep peacefully. Suraj says fine and goes.

Imli and Sheru close tap and she says she will give him food. Chakor asks how will she open door. Imli says dad went to get keys, what happened, are you crying. Chakor says no, Chakor never cries, I m feeling cold. Imli asks her to warm hands and do exercise. Everyone come to school. Bhuvan says punish the one who did this. The inspector says Bhaiya ji will get him punished. Bhaiya ji says yes, witness and decision will be mine. They all go inside and see the water coming from class. They all see Chakor in bad state and are shocked.

Kasturi asks is she fine. Chakor says I m fine and Kasturi hugs her. Bhuvan cries. The inspector says other kids’ parents can make big issue if this was planned, you solve this, if we make case, it will be big enquiry. Bhaiya ji says don’t worry, when school opens on Monday, I will see. Kasturi says Chakor got fever, I will take you home. She tells this to Bhaiya ji and says she will drop Chakor to haveli once she gets fine. He says she wanted to study here, stop this drama, she is responsible for all this, she will go to haveli with us. Kasturi says no, she is not fine. Chakor agrees and asks Kasturi not to worry for her, she will be fine in haveli. She says till they are with her, nothing will happen to me. She makes Bhuvan have the stole and hugs him smiling. Kasturi hugs her. Kasturi cries and Chakor waves her. She asks her to smile.

The principal asks Chakor who locked her. Bhaiya ji says yes say. She recalls how Suraj locked her. She sees Suraj and his friends and gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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