Udaan 26th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Chakor and Raghav celebrate Republic day

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Udaan 26th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Anjor telling her friends about republic day. Her friends has no interest and want to just have a holiday. Anjor buys a flag and asks Kaka why does her friends not want to celebrate this day. Raghav and Chakor come to pick her.

Anjor says everyone is not excited for this imp day, why can’t we celebrate it together. She gets sad. They leave from the school. The goon looks on and calls Bhanu to inform. Anjor asks can’t we dedicate some time for our country, we just get holidays on such days. She questions them. They reach home. Anjor gets sad. Raghav says we will celebrate Republic day with villagers and tell them its importance. Anjor says its a nice idea. She asks Chakor to share her ideas. Imli looks on. Anjor makes Chakor and Raghav hug. Raghav sees Imli looking on.

Lallan says Raghav and Chakor are planning to celebrate Republic day, why are you singing. Bhanu says singing gets you good ideas. He says if any accident occurs with them, how will it be, what if we make this day special for them, we will attack and change Chakor and Raghav’s lives. He acts mad. Its morning, Chakor and Raghav welcome the kids and villagers. Everyone smiles and claps. The goon also comes there. Imli asks ladies to come and celebrate. The people eat food and play games. Anjor says no one is having interest in knowing about Republic day.

Imli gets a call from Bhanu. He wishes her and offers her help. He says you can get Raghav if you accept my offer, you can stay happy with him. She scolds him. Raghav finds Imli worried and goes to her. She says nothing, I m talking to a friend. She ends call. He asks is there any trouble. Imli says its nothing to worry. Chakor calls him out and asks him to cheer up Anjor. Raghav compliments Chakor. She smiles. She asks him to go to Anjor. Imli looks on. Anjor stays sad. Raghav says Chakor can bring a change in this function. Chakor asks Anjor to go on stage and present the script. Anjor gets glad and goes on stage. Chakor and Raghav share a talk and smile. He sees Imli and feels odd. Imli leaves.

Tejaswini asks Imli where is she going. Imli says I have imp work. Imli sees that man going inside haveli. Chakor and Raghav see the people busy in talks and eating food. Anjor and her friends wait on the stage. Chakor asks Anjor to start. Raghav says I think we should start plan B. Chakor says yes. Anjor gets down the stage. Chakor and Anjor dance on the stage on Desh Rangeela. Imli runs after the man to catch him. Raghav and everyone smile and clap. Chakor hugs Anjor. Raghav goes and hugs them. Everyone claps. Raghav shouts Bharat Mata Ki Jai.

Imli asks who has sent you here. The man says Bhanu has sent me to kill Chakor and Raghav, the stage will blast when they pull the rope, they will be dying. Imli gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. An advice to makers a track where Chakor doesn’t fight her enemies will fail. Chakor is the lead not Imli. Imli will never be accepted as good.
    It seems the whole track will be about if Imli will flip or not, a test of Imli’s goodness. Personally I don’t care my sincere wish is that she dies in the bomb blast on Monday.
    A good track is when Chakor’s personal story is weaved with fighting injustice, where Chakor’s feelings are well explored and Rakor are given importance, not treated as side characters like they’re now.

  2. I have this suspicion that makers deliberately don’t want to put focus on Rakor, their scenes are too short and superficial. Also Raghav and Chakor aren’t in sync and aren’t comfortable together. Raghav is very excited and happy, Chakor is reserved and keeps her distance. Raghav still calls her madame and his flirtation is very mild, he was more bold with her when he was naughty.
    Please put more focus on Raghav and Chakor relationship, now it seems that Suraj died just so that you can show a love triangle.
    Please kill Imli. Bhanu can blackmail Raghav or Chakor.

  3. Safiya Hosein

    I would like to wish India a very Happy Republic Day.
    May God continue to shower His Choicest blessings on your nation and its people ???

  4. Dear makers, enough of this Imli achiiiii haiiii… what ever is tried to bring her to good books will not be acceptable. Looks like the track is IMLI whitewash. Please send her back to jail or let her sacrifice her life in saving Anjor and attain peace. Only that will give a solace as whenever I see her face, the little Kumud’s burial haunts me, and a simple one month jail with utmost facilities. Mockery..

    Please give more depths to Chakor and Raaghav realtionship, please utilise their excellent chemistry. their journey is too shallow. Chakor is the lead and she has to fight the evil and only she should.

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