Udaan 26th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor seeing the blessings chunni inside the haveli. Suraj comes and everyone is glad seeing her. Suraj asks Tejaswini why did she not come to his school. Bhaiya ji says what will he do coming there, to say congrats on his failure. Tejaswini says what if he fails this time, he will pass next year. He scolds Suraj for ruining his name. Tejaswini asks him to leave it now. Suraj bends to take Bhaiya ji’s blessings but he leaves. Lovely’s daughter says Papa is sending us to Nainital for one week. Suraj says he won’t go with them, he has another plan. Vivaan shows his gold medal as he came first. Suraj says you are a failure and will always fail. Ranjana gets angry and says failure goes to them who is in rich boarding school and fails.

Tejaswini says Vivaan studies in our school, so he comes first. Manohar comes and says foreign guests have come with their wives. Tejaswini asks the kids to go and play. She asks Lovely to tell Bhaiya ji that guests came. She says Manohar that nothing wrong should happen today. Chakor gets inside the haveli and hides behind the car. She goes to take the chunni. Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini welcome the guests well. The guy says my wife decides where to invest. She is Vidya, a confident woman and says we want everyone to get equal share in the work. She says we help some children who has talent. Tejaswini says she loves children also, and treats workers equally.

Chakor asks Imli to wait outside. Imli likes the food seeing many big utensils. Chakor gets the chunni. Chakor sees the food and goes to take some. Everyone have food and have a laugh on the dining table. Bhaiya ji introduces Manohar. Chakor takes some puris. Girja asks other servants to take puri plates. She sees Chakor’s hand and asks them to hurry up. Chakor sees a cock tied up and struggling. She thinks its same that that man took. She goes to free the cock. The cock runs with the chunni in her leg.

Chakor runs after the cock. All the servants run to catch Chakor and the cock. Vivaan asks Suraj to come and catch the cock. Suraj says he won’t play. Vivaan says its good. The servant says cock run. Chakor comes inside the house. Kasturi does extra work. The women ask her not to work, as Chakor will sell raw mangoes and get money. A man comes and says Imli met me outside the haveli. She says she told Chakor went inside the haveli. Kasturi is shocked.

Vidya talks about labors, and Tejaswini answer her cleverly. The cock comes and ruins all the food on the dining table. Everyone is disturbed. Bhaiya ji says take it from here. Chakor comes there. Chakor gets her chunni. The servants catch the cock. Bhaiya ji asks Girja whats all this. Girja says that girl……. Vivaan says my cock. Tejaswini talks to Vivaan. Bhaiya ji apologizes to everyone, its very embarrassing. Vivaan sees Chakor under the table and says you. She says you and thinks she met him at the school. Girja drags Chakor and Vidya asks her to leave Chakor, and not behave this rude way.

Tejaswini asks her name and acts sweet. Chakor says she came to take this blessing chunni, the mistake is of cock. She says its partly my mistake. She says my dad is ill and Imli is hungry since morning, so I came to get few puris. Vidya asks her to say clearly. Chakor says mum told me not to go in haveli, but I came to get this chunni. She tells about big tree where they pray and tie threads. Chakor talks non stop and says her mum prays that they all get food daily. Everyone is shocked. Vidya thinks that Tejaswini lied to them. Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini fumes.

Girja gets angry on Chakor. Chakor bites her and Girja sees the stamp. She tells Bhaiya ji that the girl is Girvi to them, she is Kasturi’s daughter. Tejaswini says its time to catch the bird and put her in cage.

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