Udaan 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 26th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Imli saying its our child. Vivaan claps and says what a great plan, you put Suraj’s sin in my neck. Chakor says enough, stop blaming Suraj, he did not do anything. Vivaan says your blind love can wash his sin. Suraj says come to senses Vivaan, nothing happened between me and Imli. Vivaan pushes him. He asks Imli to tell its Suraj’s child. She says no, how should I make you believe, Suraj never touched me, this is our love sign. Vivaan says lie. Chakor says control your anger, Imli doesn’t lie, if she is lying, truth will come out. Imli says I m not lying. Suraj says you know well my and Imli’s relation ended. Vivaan says fine, you won’t say this way. He keeps a knife at Imli’s neck. Chakor and Suraj ask him to leave Imli. Vivaan throws knife and says I won’t get peace by killing you, your cheat ended my life, you all have hidden this, Suraj Imli won’t be yours, Imli had a relation with Suraj, she ruined my life, she will ignite fire in your and Chakor’s life too, she will cheat you, she has no character. He starts laughing and asks Chakor did she not understand them, you will regret a lot. Imli cries.

Vivaan holds Imli and says you are dead for me now, from today, I don’t want to see your face. Imli takes him. He asks her to leave his hand. Imli shows the temple. She says I tried to explain you many times, you did not listen to me, I have one way now. She keeps her hand over the diya and says I have your child in my womb. He keeps the diya back and says you should have shame to use Lord to cover up your sin. She says you should be ashamed to call your child a sin, touch my womb and see, you will know its your child or not. He says its a sin, I hate to touch you, you cheated me, I hate you. He cries and says my love, self esteem and life got ruined. She asks how shall I make you believe me, I have sworn of Lord, I love you a lot.

He says there is still time, accept your mistake, my anger and sorrow will get less. She asks him to touch her baby once. He recalls their love. He shouts no, enough now, stop trying now, I lost belief in love, I can’t stay with a cheater like you. He goes. Imli cries. Chakor thinks of Vivaan’s words. She sees Vivaan leaving from room. She asks where are you going. He says I m going in guest house, I can’t stay with a fraud woman. She asks him to have patience and face the problem. He asks how can you trust Suraj. She says I know he truly loves me, he can’t cheat me. He says I also felt so, but truth is something else, you were away from here, I have seen Suraj and Imli coming close. He says I asked Imli to take care of Suraj, you don’t trust Imli, I can’t help it, why are you dragging Suraj in this, Suraj can’t cheat me, he can never do this cheap thing with Imli. He says its fine if you want to stay blind, I won’t stay with Imli. She asks what’s going on in your mind.

She goes to Suraj and says I m scared, Vivaan can do anything in this mental state, if he takes any wrong step, it will be bad. He asks her not to worry, Vivaan got big shock, he is worried, he will need some time, I have belief he won’t do anything to Imli, he loves Imli a lot. She says how can he doubt you, why is Imli not saying truth. He says I don’t care if world doubts on me, I would care if you doubt on me. She says I trust you a lot, I know Vivaan’s blames are false, there is no relation between you and Imli, but whose child does Imli has, Vivaan can’t father a child, shall I support Imli or not. She prays to Lord. She says I m helpless to doubt on my sister’s character. She hugs Suraj. He asks her not to get worried, this time will pass, truth will come out, we have to do something. She says I have seen anger and hatred in Vivaan’s eyes, I m scared, he can do something that separates Vivaan and Imli forever.

Imli wakes up and thinks of Vivaan’s words. She says I will explain Vivaan for the last time. She sees her clothes missing and asks Bijli. Bijli says its kept downstairs. Imli goes and sees her bags. She asks who kept my bag here. Vivaan says i kept it. Chakor comes and looks on. Vivaan says you won’t stay in haveli with me now.

Vivaan takes Imli to the village. He throws her bag. Vivaan says I m abandoning her. Everyone gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sukorian

    hmm was expecting this heis so cheap disgusting…thx for fast upload
    @philo I submitted episode 2 hope u like it.
    @ the other was the Sukor scene gud?

  2. Thanks for the quick update!
    Today I watched the whole episode, I felt sad for vimli especially imli. vivaan loves her but he can’t ignore the doctors reports. Still hurting her with the knife was wrong and it seems he has not got over her past with suraj. I’m glad suraj punched vivaan. Poor imli she will be humiliated in front of the whole village tomorrow, both vimli forget decency when in anger: she lashes at sukor and he hurts his wife.

    I liked sukor talk, i’m sure they’ll solve this problem together. It was seeing them in their room talking together.

  3. I understand vivaan frustration against suraj and imli cuz of the past imli had insecurities even after vivaan confesed his love for imli so how can she not think about vivaan having them today i loved the way chakor stuck up for suraj the way she sed i dont care if you dont trust your wife but i trust suraj and suraj saying i dont care even if the whole world doubts me as long as u trust was the best and imli will be throwing and blaming everything on chakor seeing the new spoilers it seems kamal will have a soft corner for imli but he will destroy ragini and vivaan as they r the ones who put him in jail and it will be revealed that ragini did all this i think imli will team up with chakor and suraj but ragini will do something to destory thier unity by using vivaan i also want imli first child not to be suraj child i want that revealed in this plot after imli focuses on how to get the truth out to vivaan the track will become interesting as we dont have to watch vimli crying scene anymore i think imli will reveal the truth but for vivaan it will be to late as he has tortured imli alot wen that track is over and vimli come together i think rhey will bring sukor love story back but kamal will get better again just like last time as vimli confessed thier love and sukor were getting divorced kamal came back this time he focus will be on ragini and vivaan but sukor and imli will suppprt vivaan as he was mislead into all this and he will go against ragini once knowing that ragini did all the rape pooja case and the fake fertility reports

    1. Guys new spolier chakor asks imli r u crazy going infront of a car like that then chakor says tell the truth who child is it what if someone made you unconscious and did this to you imli says quiet this is mine and vivaan child 100 percent and if you dont want to believe then dont but dont accuse me of doing somthing cheap then after she gets arrested kamal gets imli released and takes her with him so now i think wen kamal gets better imli will support him

      1. After watching the episode vivaan’s words stood out to me that imli will create such a big fire for suraj and chakor that no one will ever cool down the fire is this a clue from cv cuz i see a major plot for sukor after this buchwa track the track is filled with suspence and mistry i wanna see more sukor then vimli scenes though and one more thing wen ever vivaan accuses suraj imli stays quiet and acts suspicious which always makes me think that her first child is not suraj’s and i hope its true and this track shows vivaan love towards imli is not strong cuz suraj did alot in the past which can make chakor doubtful too but she trusts suraj alot

      2. Aqua

        I agree with you. I too feEl something big is coming on the way for sukor.
        And I too agree imli looks fishy at times. I would be so happy if Suraj wasn’t the real dad of the first baby.

        That will break all ties between imraj.

        I don’t want a separation track for sukor but I do want suraj to feel the importance of chakor in his life.

        Remember the scene when KN put chakor on vivaan’s shoulder and imli on suraj. And ragini wanted to push tezwaniji so suraj will run to save his mom and vivaan will run to save imli in expense of chakor’s life…. I cried in that episode because no one loved chakor but chakor was happily willing to give up her life… and vivaan already had apologized that he will save imli over her… of course our jagatmata with brain fractured her fingers to save everyone.
        That time I thought I wish one day suraj would love chakor the way she deserves…. u know unconditional love.

        Now, I think it’s time to show some scenes like that for sukor. Chakor never had anyone to love her unconditionally. She fought for the villagers but they were always ready to turn their backs on her. But now that suraj loves her… I want to see that level of care for her the way she cares for everyone….?

      3. Sukorian

        Hi aqua in my opinion Suraj is the only one who has shown his love n trust infront of everyone just remember the return of KN he secretly support Chakor they went for dinner on karwa chout?? dont know how to right then leaving aazadghanj he wanted to return just to save her family. Then the bandua track while he hungry on this kite day they throw water on Chakor (this shows every1 y i never saw season 1 all a cowards a lonly girl has to fight for the whole village) but Suraj break his chains just to save her! on the üooja day he treatened Shiku to cut his wrist just to complete her fast dont forget the fight with Vivaan n the 6 Kabaadi mens he was always honest never cheated. Then the Mother kidnapped he was ready to sacrifice his mothers life just to save her mom they both did alot for each other n I have to say in equal ways.

        No wan wanted Suraj to be the father of imlis 1st child who know she doesn’t know herself they showed how they were liying on grass n maybe Shiku is the father she was gud with all goons n dont know she was drunk he left someone else come…?

      4. Aqua

        Exactly Sukorian, that’s what I was saying suraj changed so much and he is the only one who truly cares for chakor…. and I want to see more of his care for her????? it’s very entertaining to watch hehe.

      5. Aqua

        Suraj turns into incredible Hulk if chakor is ever in danger. … I find it very romantic lolzz???????

        Vivaan would have died the day he tried to kill chakor if she didn’t stop him.

        Also, when chakor said “let him go for imli” suraj did not release him…
        But when chakor said “for me”
        That’s when he released Vivaan.
        ????? suraj can lie and kill and be killed for chakor right now…

        Before chakor was a one woman soldier now she has suraj by her side?????

      6. Sukorian

        Aqua u r so right abt Vivaan he had died the day. Sorry but he doesn’t has the face n stature of a strong men. He still looks like a boyface not man. ya n again u spoke my heart with suraj being a hulk when it comes to chakors like this makes Sukor the best n an unique couple if unaware of their love for each other there was always respect n care. I still remember the day when Chakor was disqualified from Inte. Marathon n Suraj supported her infront of media m the village whete he said thx to the village for supporting n careing for her (this was first time he talk so nicely n respectful to the villagers) He went against his own mother n said I can’t leave her supported me always!!!! was just ?????. This is the day were Kasturi also show the change. Than she was lost after report n he gave her th idea of retirement n she did n left he wasn’t careing for his life he went back to haveli to sacrifice…sorry if Im just commenting n remembering all days

      7. Aqua

        @sukorian Hehe no need to be sorry… we think a like lolzzz
        You are right sukor are unique couple. Such a couple goals hehe

        Vivaan = volatile he erupts like a volcano????? such an unbalanced character. .. I didn’t hate him so much before. ..I started hating him since he attacked chakor. That was so silly. He should have put his mom to jail for crime but he attacked chakor ?

      8. Everything that you guys said was correct wen imli and chakor were on vivaan and suraj shoulders i felt really sorry for chakor but suraj was concerned for chakor suraj is the only person to stick up for chakor and the villagers are quick to attack chakor wen everything goes wrong but if they all stuck together kamal would never be able to harm them but they never speak up and what if imli first buchwa father turns out to be someone else i really hope that happenes really badly yes vivaan does not look mature enough to be with chakor they both are nearly the same height and i never really liked thier jodi chakor jus wanted to be friends but it was vivaan who thought it was love chakor understood that thier was some1 that will always stand up for her also wen kamal said to suraj smack chakor he couldn’t do and rather not havefood then to hit chakor that scene also was amazing the bundua track showed how chakor opened suraj eyes and make him see the good in people i kinda miss kamal as the main villian even though he was disgusting but his dialgoes were funny and wen ever he tried to seperate chakor and suraj they always use to go closer guys personally i think suraj and chakor should have waited for the love confession after the buchwa track as that trackwould show that suraj and chakor have alot of trust and with that they loved each other iwanted to see more scenes before the confession

      9. Sukorian

        really gud example both of u. I loved the both trck was feeling bad for Suraj being a bandhua n sad for Chakors career end but still they fought n won. Vimli never fight for each other just against everyone. Suraj was dying for water m chakor run for him n did many task n vivaan even tried tonstop imli to help. He was not angry when imli archied more water than chakor bcz he knows not to trust tjis as*hole Shiku it was funny when chakor strated the nok jhok n he just said to imli make ur sis. to have pity with me im thirsty n not fighting. N I loved the scene when she slapped Shiku after his return dohkebaas n of course bhaang wala scene jharo ke saathhaha??????

    2. Great discussion ladies! I enjoyed reading it very much!

    3. Haha nemo the discussion is actually good u enjoy it i love to analyse the epsiode and sukorian i agree 100 percent with u also chakor said to vivaan that he needs to face his problems rather then running away vivaan always runs away and blames others and i agree wen suraj needed water and imli ran he got angry but wen he went jail he asked chakor for help chakor got him a lawyer and imli only ran once seeing this it shows that vivaan is selfish and only thinks for his self seeing the latest spoliers it seems imli will fight for the truth and chakor will support her so that suraj name gets clear yes chakor suraj and imli will find the truth but its obvious ragini will change and bribe all doctors and reports firstly beocz were ever vivaan goes at the beginning of bundua track ragini sed that her 2 men are always with vivaan keeping track of his every move so which ever doctor he goes to will get bribed and guys one more think i like the way suraj went delhi becuz he was worried about chakor he went to protect her from kamal i think suraj always liked to chakor because he always use to flirt with her but then makers made imraj and i didnt like that

  4. It’s refreshing to see that instead of misunderstandings occurring like most shows that they are showing Chakor having absolute faith on Suraj. Too many shows get ruined with constant misunderstandings and miscommunication

  5. To b honest…All I want is ragini’s truth to b revealed. I don’t think imli is bad but circumstances make people bad, like in case of vivaan. I feel pity for him. But I still think he deserves punishment. he has known chakor for ages n yet now he is making her out to b a liar, manipulator. He claims to love imli, but distrusts her when things turn a little negative. It never occurred to him that she might b right n that he shud do another check up from somewhere far secretly. N he has become so blinded by money n power that he is fully trusting ragini. So I think he deserves punishment. N I hope sukor will stuck together no matter the circumstances.

  6. Philomina

    Hi guys

    Hi aanya di,mama di,tapa di ,shreya di ,Tippu ,Sukorian ,janani di,zoya di,aqua,nemo,divua di,sruthi di,aria di, dil d, and everyone

    @Aanya di what doubt about u?
    why should i doubt about u?

  7. Philomina

    @Aria sorry bhaiya [:-(

    @mama di my fb account profile name is also philomina
    i have a little girl as my profile pic

    @shreya di Hi 5 i also love to play guitar and keyboard (my fav guitar)
    yeah music makes us forget all our sorrows .

  8. Philomina

    @divya di why u wont comment?[;-(

  9. Chakor support imli.she’ll be helpless.she’ll also be ruined as vivaan.chakor trust her pls

  10. Truely aaj dhmaka nhi lga per dekhne mai vimli scene bhi drd wala tha.nd sukor ko isque ka sfr track ke baad wale atire mai dekhke bhi bhut acha lga.sukor scene was trustful.bt vivan did very wrong thing.vivan ne unhe knife se mara or unhe chote bhi lgi.that wasn’t good.bt mai soch rhi thi jb vivan ki ye schai pata chalegi ki vo baby unka or imli ka hi hai to kya krenge vo?abhi jo bhi ho rha hai vo sb vimli ki insecurity nd ragini ki bjha se hi ho raha hai.bt mujhe pura vishvas hai sukor koi na koi solution nikal hi lenge.lov sukor bt not more then udan.

  11. Gys why r so less coments.jst bcz of less sukor scene [email protected] d aap itni late cment kyou krte ho.busy chl rahe ho [email protected] whts hapen to u dear.why u wouldn’t cment ,smthing [email protected] why r u thinking like this?u didn’t smthing wrong .its not ur fault dear.there was timing at fault.u know thode se aap shi the or thodi si aapki maa shi thi do u agre with me?jst think dear aap kyou shi the or aapki maa kyou shi thi.i think this fight was importent.nd know m sure dear aapki maa bhi aako abrod bhejne k liye ready hongi.nd please don’t ask how.if i’ll try,u can’t understand.bt i know onething dear she lovs u a lot.vo aapko jo smjhana chahtin hai aap vo nhi smjh pa rahe.u r so lucky u can fight with ur mom.aap kuch mtt kro sirf unke samne aate rho fir dekhna magic.

  12. Helo phllo.u asked na wt hapen to me.thts [email protected] of u gys bandua track dekh lo who wona see sukor moment.sory i know mujhe phele bolna chiye tha pr mujhe lga aap bhi dadi ki tarha mujhe paagl na bulane lg jao.aap bhi mera tarha rishtey wala udan bhi dekhtey raha kro acha lgega.or iss track se aap loge bor bhi nhi honge.kesa lga idea? I know i know u wona slap me or scold me like my dadi ok u can.bt please gys is chapter se bor mtt ho [email protected] dear truth or dare ka game finish.ya aap mujhe treat nhi dena chahtin iss liye bnd kr [email protected] all gys aap logon ki fav.dish kya hai?truly gys 2 dino se aap logon k cment ajeb ho gye hai.

  13. Aqua aap udan pe os likhne wale ho ,right?nd when’ll u write can u plese post the link’ere?

  14. Helo subi after a long time haan.wts new dear in this link.can u give detail info please.yeh nhi khul raha please.

  15. Hi gys,
    Epi was not gd the way vivaan put knife on imli’s neck is disgusting. hw can he do this to his wife.sukor trust on each other is much more than vimli.
    hope this track end soon.
    @aanya hmne game bnd nhi kiya, hmne game k rules bataya tha ap sabko sab ek baar kr k questions puchege but kisi ne pucha hi nhi so I thought that u all r not interested in this game.nw u have ask a ques so let’s start the game again.my fav dish is biryani.

  16. Sukorian

    looks like this trk will end soon new spoiler

  17. By the way gys who is another aanya.

  18. Renuverma

    Hi fteinds . Enjoy reading all of yr comments n specially AQUA, ANYA; SUKOR; SUKORIAN; TIPPU; NEMO.; zoya n PHILLO BABY.


    1. Sukorian

      are look new spoiler


      DNA Test dont know if the first or this spoiler r correct but Imli hhoes to jail thats sure

    2. Hi Renu,
      Thanks! In tv land DNA tests are not conclusive because Ragini can bribe the doctor to give fake results. Seriously all serials should stop this fake reports trick, it’s so predictable.

  19. Shreya.

    Hii everyone…guys divya told me in fb tat she won’t comment here bcz of tat sterday’s incident… nd aanya dr, Divya snd one msg for u tat she won’t write any ff….I tried to convince her bt I failed…plzz guys I feel like tat I don’t want to miss our frnd divya so those who r thinking lyk me plz told our divya to comment here….plzz guys plzz I think definitely dis idea will work so plzz do dis..

    And I hv one request especially for silent readers….guys wat u all r thinking abt dis show I really don’t knw…bt guys we don’t have problem with only sukor’s fans, vimli’s fans, udaan season 1’s fans, udaan season2’s fans….really we dnt hv problem with dis.. bcz we know everyone hv their own point of view…we don’t hv rights to interfere ur point of view r opinions etc etc.. we respect u all bt guys I request before commenting dis page atleast one tym u all think bcz of my cmnt (these words) ‘if any one will hurt’.. make it sure after tat u all post ur cmnt guys nt only for silent readers I request dis to all my loving frnds..guys I never told dnt cmnt here I just told to respect other feelings also..V all think abt our feelings ryt lyk tat only v all shud think nd respect others feelings also.. bcz I don’t want to lose anyone…

    Wow philo ✋…Am really happy to hear dis.. nd aanya u r ryt nd tanx Dr..

    Guys u know wat I talked to my maa na I asked sry for tat behaviour…Guess wat before I talk to my maa both my maa nd papa came to my room tdy mrng nd told dnt feel bad abt tat incident…v (maa,papa) understand u talked lyk dis bcz of ur health condition (severe head ache nd fever around 102degree)…forgot it…V will go shopping…after tat only I said sry to mom nd dad nd we v all hugged..finally fight ends nd nw everything will be alright lyk before..Nd I really thank u all my Dr frnds for showing ur support nd concern…

    1. Sukorian

      hmm i kept quite yesterday but I think there was nothing bad no one hurt anymore n i didnt understand her reaction… can someone explain…

      1. Shreya.

        Sukorian, someone told ” rip udaan” I don’t know who told dis dr..Bt I remember dis word only…

      2. Sukorian

        but this not a reason to stop commenting y she took it seriously i mean every1 has his own opinion she should had ignored it

  20. Hi Renu thnx and wlcm to our sukor fan page.

  21. Renuverma

    Shukriya mohtarma ?

  22. Shreya.

    Welcome renuverma to our udaan family…nd nw only I saw dis episode.. nd I really loved it..especially our sukor part hw chakor defends for Suraj nd I really loved our sukor’s conversation part…Nd one more thing guys I felt vivaan try to believe imli…I really feel bad for vimli… Poor vimli…

    Aanya dr, my fav dish is….I love potatoes I mean potato fry, gravy nd which dishes r contains potato as a main thing….Bcz I loved potatoes allot…nd guys tmrw I will ask my qstn ready for tat one…

    Divya, sruthi, dil d, tapa, mama, nemo, janani, laarib nd all my dears those who r nt cmntng till nw plzz cmnt yaar…Wat happened to u all…Nd tanx for d link subi, sukorian,tippu…

  23. Shreya.

    Imli shoots Vivaan’s doctor for making Vivaan’s wrong report. She could not prove this and landed in jail. Doctor tells Imli that he has made Vivaan’s fake reports on someone’s saying. She gets a shock and leaves him alive. The doctor calls police and files complaint against her. Imli gets arrested. Chakor and Bhaiya ji come there to get Imli freed. Bhaiya ji slaps the inspector and says I m Lord, I have come to find Imli. Ragini lands there to stop Bhaiya ji. Inspector does not permit Bhaiya ji to meet Imli. Bhaiya ji says you can’t stop a Lord, I m Bholenath and can burn this entire jail by my anger. He shouts out to Imli. Bhaiya ji argues with inspector.

    Inspector asks Bhaiya ji to leave. Chakor tricks Bhaiya ji and says you are really Lord, inspector can’t stop you. Bhaiya ji misses Imli and wants to support her. Inspector angrily puts him in the lockup. Ragini scolds inspector and asks him to free Bhaiya ji. She does not want Bhaiya ji to stay in jail as she has to give him medicines every day. She knows Bhaiya ji can get fine if she does not give him wrong medicines. Ragini gets Bhaiya ji out of jail and wants him to always remain mad.

    Imli is interrogated. She tells inspector that Vivaan’s doctor lied about me, I got angry and shot him. Inspector asks her how can she shoot a doctor for such small thing, was she forcing doctor to lie to Vivaan that this illegitimate child is of Vivaan. She shouts on inspector for such words. She says its Vivaan’s child, my child is not illegitimate, I swear on Lord, I m saying truth. Chakor tells Suraj that she does not know how to help Imli. Suraj and Chakor have a sweet moment. They decide their marriage date. Suraj and Chakor have to expose doctor’s truth. New spoiler guys…

  24. Thanks for the links Subi and Sukorian!

  25. Divya please come back and comment here, don’t be upset, Everyone will be sad if you stopped commenting, we all like to read your opinion. You are an important member of our family. I hope you will change your mind.

  26. i can’t find u in fb philo.bt u can send me friend request. My profile name is Annapurnna Mahalik.
    Hi guys. Welcome to all new comers.

  27. Heyy guys… How are you???
    I liked the way chakor supports suraj and their conversation in the room.. I feel really bad for imli and let’s see what will happen next.. I think there will be more surprises in this track.. And I’m eagerly waiting for it

  28. Hi guys,
    Lucy, I love how sukor trust and support each other unlike vimli, vivaan in particular does not value imli or trust her in fact he does not trust anyone except Ragini.
    Evian, I hope ragini gets exposed soon and that KN will punish her even more than he punished suraj, I don’t like how they’re making her very clever now and how all her plans are successful.
    Shreya, I liked the episode too, sukor’s talk was nice.
    I agree sruthi this track will be full of surprises, I hope by the end of it vimli will be back together and sukor can get married and live happily together.
    Thanks tippu and shreya for the spoilers!

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