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The Episode starts with Abha saying food is ready. Ishwar gets a call and says I m coming. Abha asks where is he going leaving food. He says you both have it, I m not hungry. Aditya gets sad and hugs Abha. Ishwar comes to meet someone at night. It turns out to be Ranjana. She says I hope your wife did not doubt. He says hope so. She gives him pics of Bhaiya ji making some bandhuas. He says you and your helpers did a big thing, but this is not of use to them, we need to get the stamp in pic, its looking like Bhaiya ji is helping some helpless woman and looks good man, not devil. She says the tattoo is made in closed room, and I can’t go there being family member, who will my helper go there.

He says I have a solution, the new bandhua will be sent as labor on construction site, I will find out. She says it means Bhaiya ji is using Devi to make villagers take loan and turning them into bandhua to get labor. Ishwar says yes, its cheaper way to get labor. Vivaan plays with Ragini and Suraj. Manohar says Vivaan your result has come. Vivaan asks what. Manohar says he got less marks. Chakor laughs. Vivaan asks why is she laughing. Chakor says I know Manohar is joking, you would come first. Vivaan says what. Manohar says she is saying right, you came first in clas. Suraj is shocked.

Vivaan dances and hugs Manohar. Chakor smiles. Manohar kisses Vivaan and says congrats, I m very happy, as my son came first in class, tell me what gift do you want for this. Vivaan says I was thinking……..Manohar gets a call and says just a min… Chakor says I told you, congratulations. Vivaan laughs. Suraj gets angry and scolds Chakor. Ragini says I think Suraj will fail this time. Vivaan says till when will he fail, Ragini will go ahead of you. Suraj scolds him and says this time I will pass. Vivaan says I will be glad, and asks Ragini about her result. Ragini says I will pass, I m worried to do homework, and goes.

Suraj thins if he fails, he will not have any respect in their eyes. Ragini sleeps without doing the homework. Chakor says I don’t think Ragini did homework. Vivaan says yes, she does not like studies and sleeps. Chakor says she will do her homework. They talk about Bhagya and do the homework. He says Bhagya’s problem will be solved. He says he did not see anyone eat so many raw mangoes. She says I used to sell it, you used to eat it. She says I remember you used to eat it. She says I remember you used to steal it. He says never. She says never and they laugh.

Ragini wakes up and sees her homework done. She thinks Devi Maa did this and tells Tejaswini that she wants to meet Devi maa and come to temple. Suraj says he wants to come along too. Tejaswini thinks this is miracle and asks them to come. Saroj is glad to do the aarti and all villagers are happy. Saroj says she came to take blessings from Devi Maa and asks Bhavani can she do aarti. Bhavani says go when Tejaswini comes.

Tejaswini comes there with kids. Bhavani greets Tejaswini and asks about aarti. Tejaswini asks them to start. Saroj and her husband do the aarti. Chakor tells Vivaan that Ragini is not at home and even her book. She asks Laali. Laali asks why is she asking. Vivaan asks her. Laali says she went to temple. Chakor asks Vivaan to rush else Ragini will believe Bhagya is Devi. Saroj does the aarti. Ragini and Suraj talk to Bhagya. Tejaswini says she is their Devi and Bhavani asks them to say their wish. Ragini says Suraj wants to know will he pass or fail in exam.

Bhavani says she will say and keeps two flowers, red and one. She thinks Suraj does not look studious, Bhagya likes red color and will pick it. She says if Devi picks white one, he will pass, else red means fail. Bhavani asks Bhagya to answer. Suraj prays that he passes and Devi picks white flower. Chakor and Vivaan come there and see the crowd at the temple. She says how will we reach Ragini.

Ragini says her homework is done. Saroj says its miracle and tells everyone that Devi touched the book and Ragini’s homework is done.

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