Udaan 25th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Imli sacrifices her love

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Udaan 25th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Raghav telling Imli that its time to clear the confusion. Imli and Chakor get shocked. Lallan tells everything to Bhanu. Bhanu says see what storm I create in their lives by this info. Lata comes to him and asks what did you do. She gets shocked seeing his bald head. He says its time to do the right thing, this will remind me my motive, what are you doing here. He takes Lata with him, and signs Lallan. Raghav says I don’t love you Imli Devi, forgive me, I love Chakor, I know even she loves me, I knew this since before, my heart used to say that even she loves me a lot. He says I know your heart is broken, but even I m shattered, its imp to say this thing. Chakor says Imli…. Imli stops her and says I have done wrong. Chakor says no, I don’t want to lose you, will you become old Imli again and walk on evil path, I will convince Raghav. Imli says I forgot that I can’t change fate, its all my mistake.

She unites Chakor and Raghav’s hands, and cries. Udaan hai….plays…. Imli leaves. Lallan in disguise of a patient keeps an eye on her. He calls Bhanu and says Imli has made the sacrifice. Bhanu says we bad people leave none, we sacrifice everyone on one we love, Imli won’t be able to sacrifice her love, do one thing, get Imli here to me. Lallan agrees. Chakor and Raghav see each other. Imli meets Bhanu. He gets instigating her against Chakor and Raghav. She says I have no time to hear your nonsense. She scolds him. He asks don’t you want Raghav, how will you live without him, just think of it, I have to show you something. Lallan shows Chakor and Raghav’s romance in the hospital.

Bhanu says Lallan is clever. Lallan says I got my mobile connected to hospital CCTV. Chakor sees Raghav. He feeds her medicines. He says all our hurdles got away, we can have a new life now. Chakor says I love you, how many times shall I say this. He smiles and hugs her. Imli cries seeing this. Bhanu says stop, you will break my laptop if I show you completely. Imli says you think I will ruin Chakor’s love hearing this, never. He says just I can get your love for you. She says this won’t affect me, I m walking on right path, I don’t want to become old Imli. She goes. Lallan says why did you let her go, you could have killed her. Bhanu says its imp to have Imli to ruin Chakor’s life, she will change her colors, I m waiting for it.

Its morning, Raghav gets Chakor home. Tejaswini and Imli welcome them. Tejaswini says Imli has told me everything, come. They hold hands and walk in. Udaan hai….plays… Imli claps. Anjor asks what’s happening, why are they welcoming you like this. Imli answers her and explains why they have welcomed Chakor and Raghav like this. Anjor says I will click a pic first. Imli gets ready. Anjor says you have to click mum and dad’s pic. Imli agrees and clicks their pic. Anjor leaves for school. Chakor and Raghav smile seeing each other. Imli looks at them. Tejaswini says don’t be shy, I think you both should get married. Chakor and Raghav smile. Imli says yes, Raghav should marry Chakor.

Chakor asks Anjor why is she upset. Anjor asks why don’t people understand that we should celebrate 26h January together. Raghav says this time we will make everyone celebrate together. Anjor makes Chakor and Raghav hug. Imli looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This the worst confession scene ever, are they the leads or some extras in the show? why the rush? I would prefer if Raghav said he would’ve died without her and he would for her and then Chakor telling him that she loves him, make it a little longer.
    I’m glad the childish scenes from olv were removed, but writing for Raghav-Chakor needs to improve, I loved the way they were looking at each other more than the confession. If they showed Raghav fussing over Chakor and Chakor stopping him to say I love you then Raghav in disbelief and then she assuring him and hugging him the scene would’ve been awesome.
    The episode itself was ok, if the focus on Imli was less it would’ve been great.

  2. Makers no one considers Imli a lead except you, what she did today doesn’t deserve praise, any half decent human being would’ve done the same.
    I wish Imli dies in the bomb blast but knowing makers obsession, the track will be about how Imli devi resists temptation to turn bad.
    There are hints Anjor will oppose Rakor marriage, I wouldn’t mind this but makers need to show Chakor’s POV coherently.
    I don’t want a wedding now, a wedding means a negative twist, if it’s Anjor finding out and rejecting Raghav then it’s ok but the other options are horrible.

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