Udaan 25th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor asking Kasturi where she has to go. Kasturi stops everyone from telling anything to Chakor. She diverts Chakor to see a marriage Vidaai. Chakor says answer me what I m asking. Bhuvan’s mum says a girl has to leave her house and go to her husband’s house, being a bride. Chakor says she will never go leaving her and hugs Kasturi. She smiles seeing the moon. Bhuvan’s mum says lets go home now, Bhuvan might be worried at home. Chakor leaves. Kasturi says Chakor is 6 year old. The women say why are you sending her to school, Bhaiya ji came there and Chakor was selling mangoes there. She says if Bhaiya ji see her, he will take her, if you have to save her, then keep her away from his evil sight.

Bhaiya ji talks to his diamond merchants and says the diamonds are very good and asks its price. The man says its priceless, I got it from South Africa, it’s a gift, he is investing 2000 crores. He says meet my friend Prem Khanna. Bhaiya ji thanks them. He requests them how the workers work in silk factories. Bhaiya ji says he thinks about workers first, so he has set his business. The man does not like Chicken Pakoda as its his non veg fast today. Bhaiya ji asks the servants to bring veg food. She fires the servant and apologizes to his giests.

Tejaswini comes and greets them. She talks to them nicely and says a woman is behind a man’s success. Bhaiya ji says I m its proof. She asks them to come on dinner and bring their wives. If they can’t come on dinner, then come for lunch. They agree. Chakor tries catching the hens and a man comes there. He catches a hen. Chakor says Kaka, leave it. He leaves. Chakor says stop him. Bhuvan’s mum says let it go, come home. Chakor tells Bhuvan that a man came from haveli and caught the hen. She says she would have caught it and made it of any help to wake up Dadi.

Kasturi comes and says Chakor, you won’t sell mangoes anywhere. She scolds her. Bhuvan asks what happened. She says nothing, she should not go near the haveli main road. Chakor laughs joking on her bindi. Everyone smile. Chakor holds her ears and apologizes to Bhuvan. Its morning, Tejaswini checks the menu and asks the servants not to make any mistake again, else….. The maid says no mistake will happen.

Kasturi sees Chakor and Imli sleeping. Kasturi leaves for work.Chakor wakes up. Chakor asks her to tie the blessings chunni well. Icecream vedor comes and Chakor goes without getting the chunni tied tight. Chakor and Imli run. Vivaan asks the servant to give him the hen and asks him not to cook it. He says Suraj Bhaiya is coming today. The maid asks him to play with it and tie a rope else it will fly. She asks the servant to get other hens. Kasturi comes home and Bhuvan’s mum asks her to take rest. She says you can’t cage Chakor, she will fly like a bird.

Chakor stops Imli from going towards the haveli road. Imli says mum won’t know. Chakor says I will tell truth to mum. Chakor and Imli have a talk. Chakor shows the blessings chunni. Imli says its not there. Chakor is shocked and asks Imli to find it soon. They look for it. Imli shows the chunni flying. Kasturi says Chakor does not know how far to fly. I will explain her and I m sure she will agree and get saved from Bhaiya ji. Bhuvan’s mum says if her fate takes her there, you won’t be able to stop her. Chakor runs after the chunni and stops at the haveli road start. Chakor comes at the haveli gate.

The hen gets the chunni in its leg and runs on the table of the guests. Bhaiya ji shouts. The maid drags Chakor out.

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