Udaan 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 25th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vivaan shouting. Imli asks him to come. He asks her why did she tell Ranjana about the baby. She asks are you drunk. Ranjana says Vivaan, talk to Imli later, many people have come to congratulate you. He says move back. He takes Imli with him. Suraj and Chakor go after them. Ragini asks the man to go to villagers and tell them. The man leaves. Ragini smiles and says this is my first step, I will become the queen and earn much money.

Ranjana comes and asks are you making palace in air, what’s happening, Bhaiya ji got unwell, I gave you this ruling power to manage this, you are busy, you are not able to manage haveli, Vivaan got mad, he insulted me, you did not do anything, he wants to make Imli out of home, I don’t know why, tell me what are you doing, I can take back the rule from you. Ragini says don’t get annoyed, I did not hide anything, Vivaan has hidden this, no son can share this with mum, I m helpless to say, so that you don’t be mistaken about me. Ranjana asks what is it. Ragini says Vivaan can’t become a father. Ranjana gets shocked. Ragini says Vivaan told this to me. Ranjana asks how did Imli get pregnant.

Ragini says its not Vivaan’s child. Ranjana says poor girls can’t have good character, my son got cheated. Ragini says don’t worry, he is focussing on his progress, not Imli, when we change this village, none will remember about Imli, Vivaan needs you, maybe you get your son back. Ranjana smiles and thinks to use Imli’s cheat to get Vivaan back.

Vivaan scolds Imli for falling so low. Imli cries and asks what are you saying, its our dream that you become father and I become mum, why are you saying this. Chakor asks Vivaan to open the door. Imli says don’t act innocent, tell me, whose sin do you have in your womb. Suraj asks him to open the door. Vivaan says you can’t name the child’s father, I will say. He opens the door and holds Suraj, saying he is your sin partner, Suraj. They all get shocked.

Suraj asks what nonsense, did you go mad. Vivaan beats Suraj and says I got to know everything, that mechanic told me how you both were hugging, you were together all night. Imli cries. Chakor asks Vivaan to stop it, there is no relation between Imli and Suraj, I trust them.

Vivaan says its not Ramayan and Mahabharat’s time that children are born by Lord blessing, how did Imli get pregnant. Imli asks what happened to you, why are you troubling me, its your child. He says this can’t be my child. She asks why. He says I will say everything today. He gets the reports and says I can’t become a father. Imli gets shocked.

Vivaan shows her many reports and says see, its same, I can’t father a child, I have hidden this from you so that you don’t get hurt, I did not know you will cheat me, else I would have told you, you thought you will put anyone’s sin in my neck and leave, this can’t happen. Imli shuts her ears. Vivaan says this is true, Suraj is your child’s father. Suraj checks the reports. Vivaan says its the result of that night, when you two disappeared by excuse. Chakor says maybe Imli is not pregnant, it can be misunderstanding. Vivaan says fine, I m ready to get her checkup done. He calls Ragini and asks her to get lady doctor, I want to get Imli’s checkup done.

Tejaswini says its good news Kasturi, I think Chakor is pregnant. Kasturi says I think Imli is pregnant. Bhuvan comes and says Imli won’t have a child. She asks why. He says I heard it, haveli servants were talking about Suraj, Chakor, Imli and Vivaan’s fight. She asks what happened. He says Vivaan can’t become a father. Kasturi asks what are you saying, we can’t believe servants, this can’t happen.

Tejaswini says this can be true. Kasturi says no. Tejaswini says maybe that’s why Vivaan held my neck that day. Kasturi says maybe he did that on Ragini’s saying, Imli would have told us.

The villagers see haveli men coming. The man says you all don’t need to go factory now, factory is getting shut, we will inform later, rest at home. The villager ask Chagan what’s this, how will we have ration. Chagan says its not a joke, factory is getting shut. The villagers worry. Chagan says Vivaan arranged our food for today, Vivaan and Ragini called everyone at haveli tomorrow. The lady says what will they do now.

Vivaan says you all want to know Imli is pregnant or not, we will know it now. Doctor comes. Ragini says why did you call her here. Vivaan says to know if Imli is pregnant or not. He asks Doctor to go and check. Pandit comes and asks for Imli to say baby’s future. Vivaan asks him to get lost. Imli comes downstairs. Chakor says I don’t know what to pray. Pandit says oh, so Imli is pregnant, congrats, she will get a son, who will take your family name high, but…. Ranjana asks what but. Vivaan asks pandit to leave. Doctor says pandit is right, Imli is really pregnant. They all get shocked. Vivaan asks Ranjana and others to leave. He cries and throws the things.

He asks Imli to say now, your doctor says you are pregnant, my doctor report says I can’t make anyone pregnant, tell me whose child is this. Imli cries. Chakor and Suraj look on shocked.

Vivaan keeps knife at Imli’s neck and asks her to accept that Suraj is the father of her child.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nemo thnks dear bt i think its not udan family .its jst sukor family.i m a udan fan not only sukor fan .i lov bt not more then udan.nd @ mama i know cooking nd other things whichs a housewife can do perfectly.my maa is dress maker.so unhe meri yeh baat bilkul psnd nhi or meri dadi ko bhi.nd dear i don’t have fb acount its very complicated for me nd i don’t like [email protected] take care dear.m waiting for ur lvly talk.udan mis mtt hone dena.pr agr aapko mera tarha jyada fever hua to aapko to dekhte time neend aa skti hai or aap scene bhol bhi skte ho right.pr koi baat nhi aap voot pe dekh lena ok.so jst enjoy ur fever nd during the fever try to remind all lvly sukor moment ok pakka fever bhag jayega.

  2. Hi everyone , sry fr commenting late guys n nw nly I came home and read all of ur lovely comments. Thnx fr the links n spoilers info. I agree most of u ll except the convo btwn which season is the best. Cz I hv no idea abt whole story so I hv no opinion to put forward to.
    Amazing shayari zoya. All the best fr exams aanya and others who r doing exams.
    Get well soon shreya and dnt stress ur self .

  3. Shreya.

    Thank for ur lovely words nd concern both nemo nd aanya…nd thanks for d link aqua nd sukorian….nd tanx for ur sayari zoya dr, it’s amazing nd I really loved it…nd philo dr,ryt nw am simply sitting in my home only….ohh no I forgot to say tat I love guitar so I go to my music class…even I learn keyboard also bt I learn dis for my mom’s sake only….nd guys u know wat music gaves me lot of peace in my lyf…whenever I used to play musical instruments I forgot dis world….

  4. Divyashankar

    Here after I won’t comment in dis page bye bye

    1. I’m sorry to hear that Divya, don’t be upset, Everyone will be sad if you stopped commenting, we all like to read your opinion. I hope you will change your mind.

  5. Shreya.

    Thanks for ur lovely words nd concern Dil d…nd guys u all know tat am totally upset tdy bt when I entered tu page am really happy bcz d cmnt is more than 60…It was a bit shocking surprise for me…nd guys I love u all for giving me such a nyc surprise…Keep commenting lyk dis nd keep watching our udaan k….

    Let me tell wat happened tdy in my lyf…actly guys tdy my papa came to our home after 10days.. we (maa,Papa and me) used to talk with each other abt these 10days…In-between d talk my papa told me “if u agree with my decision thn I will bring u one nyc guy tdy itself for ur mrge” (just for fun)…my papa always teasing me lyk dis…..bt my maa said dis was d nyc decision so v will search a nyc guy (seriously)…first I thought my maa is teasing me lyk my papa….after tat only we (papa&me) realize she took dis seriously….after tat I told my maa, am not interested in mrge so plz don’t talk abt dis which is not necessary ryt nw…my maa cntnue d same…thn we (maa&me) started our arguments…dnt know guys when I lose my temper nd when I lose my patience level…dis was d first tym I lose my temper dis much…

    Bcz of this I used lot of harsh words against my maa….”dnt interfere my lyf r my decisions..I don’t want to c ur face..my papa agreed my decision so I will go abroad…I don’t want ur permission….u never think abt my happiness….. Just stay away from my lyf… ”
    Guys no I feel like crying so I just stopped here itself….after tat argument only I realized hw much I hurts my maa even I hurted allot bcz of these words….dnt know guys y I done these all…I never think to hurt anyone even in my dreams ….before using d words I think abt tat whether it will hurt anyone r nt (all d situations both normal nd hard situations) after tat only I will speak…Even I think abt dis for 3rd persons also.. bt tdy I did a very big mistake I hurts allot my mom with these type of words…..from d first tym I used these type of irrespective words….I used these type of words against my maa who loves me cares me allot nd she is elder than me..I never done this before..I really felt very bad abt myself guys…nd I know my maa will forgive me bt I can’t forgive myself……am a bird girl ryt guys…dnt know guys hw to rectify my mistakes….

    1. I’m sorry for you, you must be feeling very bad now. I know you made a big mistake but sometimes when we are really angry we say things that we regret later, the most important thing is to admit your mistake, say sorry and try not to repeat it again.
      The first thing is to apologize to your maa, when she accepts your apology you will feel better, she might stay angry with you for some time but be patient and try to tell her how you feel and how angry you are with yourself. May be cook her favorite food or something. You should also apologize to your dad, he won’t be happy with what happened. I hope you never find yourself in a similar situation but if you do try to stop yourself from talking by going to your room and wait till you calm down. And remember even if you don’t agree with your parents, nobody in this world loves you and cares for you as much as them.
      Don’t be too hard on yourself, you seem like a sensitive person. I’m sure this will never happen again.

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