Udaan 24th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Garima reveals Gumaan’s truth

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The Episode starts with Garima telling Gumaan’s truth to Suraj and Chakor. FB shows Gumaan asking his brother to go away from Aazaadgunj, Imli should get free, I get strength when she is with me, everyone will be dying, Imli and I will rule here. Garima scolds him. She asks him not to kill innocent people, else his fate will be cursed. Gumaan says I don’t like any woman who speaks in front of me. He threatens her. He says you will be punished for this. He takes a knife and stabs her. Madhuri and Vatsala come there and get shocked seeing this. They hold Garima. Vatsala asks what did you do, did you go mad. Gumaan slaps her. Mahendar says Garima is running away. Madhuri takes Garima with her. She locks the door. Gumaan knocks and asks Madhuri to open the door. Garima asks Madhuri not to worry, everything

will be fine. She says Lord will keep me alive, he has to support me, he should give me strength to reach Suraj and Chakor, and tell them truth about this devil. She leaves. FB ends.

Chakor cries. Garima says Lord left few breath in me so that I tell you that devil’s truth, kill Imli and Gumaan, I was scared of society, now I m not helpless, I got courage seeing Chakor, now Chakor is the hope of everyone, kill them, you both have to end Gumaan and Imli’s sins. Chakor says nothing will happen to you, we will take you to hospital. Garima says its no use, I had to tell Gumaan’s truth to Suraj. Suraj says now I know his truth. Garima says no, you don’t know entire truth, Gumaan sells women in the jungle, many innocent girls are locked there, Gumaan didn’t leave even his brother’s wife, he had a relation with Madhuri in front of me, I couldn’t do anything, he got Vatsala as Choti bahu, but his real motive is to make Vatsala his mistress. Suraj and Chakor get shocked. Garima says if Gumaan isn’t killed, he will ruin women’s respect, isn’t this bandhuagiri, just the stamp isn’t on our hands, but we are bandhua, you have to free women from bandhuagiri, free them of this sin, you both are last hope of them, save the women’s respect. She dies. They get shocked and cry for her.

Gumaan calls Suraj. He says I was coming to your house and learnt you went to Banaras. Suraj says yes, I m coming back to take your ashes. He scolds Gumaan. Gumaan says I think Garima told you everything, I m not bad, I m the worst, take Chakor and come home, I have planned your family’s death, anything can happen to your mum and daughter, come home soon. Suraj shouts Gumaan and warns him. Gumaan ends call and laughs. Chakor says ambulance came and took Garima to morgue, what happened, whose phone was it, was it Gumaan, what did he say. Suraj and Chakor leave. Imli shouts Anjor…. She asks how long will you hide, I know you are hiding with Tejaswini. Gumaan asks her to do something, he has already invited Suraj and Chakor home. Imli asks the men to get all villagers in haveli, their story will end in haveli. Anjor says Imli would be making plan to find us. Tejaswini pacifies her. Mahendar and his brother get Madhuri and Vatsala home.

Imli scolds Vatsala. Vatsala says you are a stain on woman’s name. She spits on Imli’s face. Imli slaps her. Gumaan catches Vatsala’s neck. He says you think you will rebel, you can’t, your husband didn’t touch you, you know why, because of me, whoever comes here spends suhaagraat with me first. Vatsala gets shocked and sees Mahendar. Imli says she has spit on me, she will get punished right now. Gumaam asks Mahendar to take her, he will come. Vatsala asks him to leave her. Madhuri curses them. Villagers come. Imli asks Anjor to come out, the villagers have also come now. Imli kills villager and asks Anjor to come out. Anjor and Tejaswini worry. Anjor says I have to go, else they will kill people. Tejaswini says I won’t let you go. Imli threatens to kill more people. She calls tuntun. She asks Tuntun to call Anjor out. Anjor says she will kill my friend, I have to go. Tejaswini says no. Anjor runs out. Imli counts. Anjor shouts to stop Imli. Imli and Gumaan smile.

Chakor says now evil and evil doers have to die. Suraj beats goons. Chakor comes to Gumaan and beats him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. When will chakor realize that evil can only be stopped when imli dies, she needs to pay for her sins! It’s ironic she’s the biggest sinner and rules freely, while Vivaan, a simpleton, had an entire life of suffering. Time imli dies, and it must be by chakor’s hand, though I doubt that Kasturi would be the one destined to kill imli. Like in a scene where chakor couldn’t bring herself to do it, and Kasturi realizes that imli has to die.

  2. Lokesh

    So sad episode, ending this way is really bad , atleast 1 or 2 episode of happy azadganj.

  3. Lots of drama, but I’m in a happy mood because the show’s survival is almost confirmed.
    What kind of man delivers his wife to another man? Ghumaan and his brothers are scums.
    The best part was Vatsala spitting on Imli.
    Hope the evil doers include Imli, she needs to die along with Ghumaan.
    Hope makers come up with an interesting story that focuses on Sukor.

    1. Lokesh

      Show off air ho rha h?

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