Udaan 24th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Raghav tries to flee

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The Episode starts with Raghav joking on Chakor’s richness. He asks how did you get so much cash. She says its because of Suraj’s hardwork, its of villagers as well, they keep money with me as they trust me, like I trusted you. She tells him about Suraj, their dreams and family. She recalls Suraj. Raghav tries the perfumes. He checks things around and gets glad. Chakor sees Suraj and her. She cries. She sees Raghav’s reflection in it. He says your Suraj gave his life trying to become a hero, what was the need, he has much richness, a family, everything, he would have stayed here well, had food and slept on his soft bed, I have left everything on Lord, he got me here, now I will sleep here on this soft bed. She sees him and calls him Suraj. She stops.

He says I m Raghav, Suraj is no more. She

asks him to stay in limits. She says I can take care of myself, you don’t need to worry. Tejaswini calls Chakor and says doctor permitted us to take Anjor home, get Suraj here. Chakor asks really, we will just come. She tells Raghav about it. Raghav asks her to go and get Anjor, then he will play with her. She says don’t move from here, don’t try to run.

Tejaswini says I m going to Leela, you get Anjor. Anjor asks Chakor didn’t Suraj come, he is planning to welcome us. Chakor says yes. Raghav takes all the cash in the bag. He flees. Anjor says if dad wants to go out, I will handcuff him. Chakor gets thinking. Rajjo sees Raghav with the bag. She shouts what are you doing. He catches her and ties her up. He puts her there and goes. He says why will I become someone’s dad when I m getting the money for life, you stay here, I m leaving. He goes out. Chakor and Anjor come home.

Anjor gets scared of someone. Chakor says there is no bad uncle now, don’t worry, I will go and check. Anjor says there is someone, I m scared. Chakor says there is no one. She goes to see. Raghav hides. He says they both are spies, I need to go fast. Tejaswini welcomes Anjor home. She shows the cake she baked for her. Raghav tries to get lift. He asks someone to drop him to station, he will give much money. The man finds it fishy and asks what did you do, I can’t help you, there is something wrong. Chakor looks for Raghav. She sees the safe empty. She finds Rajjo tied up and goes to free her. Rajjo says I told you, that man can’t be trusted, he cheated you. Tejaswini drops the cake. She sees the safe empty and asks Chakor what’s all this.

Raghav goes to stop the car. He sees Chakor and thinks to leave. Chakor stops him. She scolds him for the cheat. He says I just said that, I won’t cheat you, but I told you I m practical, I m not your husband to keep the vows, its coincidence that my face resembles your husband, I m going home, tell your daughter that her daddy went away, many years will pass, then tell her that he went for Sanyas, she will forget her daddy, shall I go now. She points gun at him. He says I can’t do this, I m leaving. She asks him is he done, its good if you agree at once. She shoots near his foot. He looks on shocked.

Raghav says I will tell truth to Anjor. He pushes Chakor and goes. Anjor asks what do you want to say. He asks her not to take tension.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So many beautiful flashbacks. Raghav and Suraj have some similarities and many differences. I’m confused by the scene where Raghav’s reflection appears while Chakor’s looking at her picture with Suraj, is this a hint that Raghav is Suraj or that he’s the one to replace him in Chakor’s heart?
    Raghav isn’t fit for Chakor, he’s uneducated crook. Also so far their scenes lack spark, maybe because Chakor is still in mourning. Currently, I wait for Raghav’s antics but not for his scenes with Chakor, still I’m happy with the pace and also I don’t want a romantic angle between them until they show he’s Suraj.

    1. The romantic relationship between Chaakoor and Suraj was unique.

  2. Safiya Hosein

    I still dont believe Suraj has died. Suraj and Chakor’s story is too epic.
    And sometimes I can’t help but see a few characteristics of Suraj in Raghav.
    Rajjo has decided to come all the way from home to be with Chakor…..there is alot about her we still dont know…hmmm.
    And I still think that Vikram and his mother were just pawns in the ocean, there are bigger sharks who are controlling the play.
    Just a few thoughts 😉
    Have a wonderful weekend all!

  3. Raghav isn’t smart 😁, first he didn’t notice his footprints and then offered the man a lot of money and made him suspect him.

  4. Safiya Hosein

    What if Raghav is pretending to be stupid at times, so people would underestimate him. Maybe it is intentional!
    But i agree with not wanting to see any romantic relation with Raghav and Chakor, unless it is indeed Suraj.
    But Chakor should at least confide in Tejaswani, she shouldnt have to grieve alone and needs some family support. After all, Tejaswani is the mother of the house and it would be nice to see some bonding scenes with her and Chakor as well.

    1. But i agree with not wanting to see any romantic relation with Raghav and Chakor, unless it is indeed Suraj.

  5. Raaghav is a little bit of fresh air amidst suraj vacuum but cannot be synced. HE seperately is a live wire, fun to watch and VJ is absolutely acing it.

    Donot want to see any proximity between Raaghav and Chakor please…

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