Udaan 24th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Prakash falls in Ranvijay’s trap

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The Episode starts with the villagers enjoying a wrestling. Ranvijay gives money to the winner. Prakash looks on and thinks is Ranvijay so rich that he is giving so much money to winner. He comes to Ranvijay’s house to meet Sameer. Sameer hugs Prakash and asks how did you reach here. Prakash says I found you and came here. Sameer says sorry, I knew it, you will come, welcome. He says I saw two people wrestling, the entire village was cheering the fight, the winner won much money. Sameer says many people lost lives in it. Ranvijay comes and hears them. Prakash says I want to earn money, I want a lot of money, what will I do by saving life, I want to enjoy. Ranvijay smiles and meets him. Sameer introduces Ranvijay to Prakash.

Prakash thinks he is the same man. Sameer goes. Ranvijay asks Prakash to fight

in the game and win, none should know about it. Prakash says sure, no one will know, give me a chance. Ranvijay says given. They shake hands. Sameer goes to Bua. He hears Anjor and goes to help her. They romance. Soniye….plays…. She asks him to leave her, else Bua will see. Bua comes there. They hide from Bua. Bua thinks Sameer had come here. Bua goes. Sameer says I m talking sweet things, we will be married tomorrow. He flirts. Chakor comes and catches them. Sameer says I will go and get ready. Anjor gets shy and hugs Chakor. Chakor smiles.

Chakor asks the girl to write Sameer’s name in mehendi. Bua says the marriage will happen our way, wife should get her husband’s name tattooed on her hand. Chakor gets shocked when the lady comes to make the tattoo. Chakor says its all old traditions, we shouldn’t believe in this. Bua argues with her. She says relations can get bitter if Anjor doesn’t agree. Everyone worries. Chakor says relations are made by understanding and love, this is bandhuagiri, you should take permission from Anjor, if she wants Sameer’s name tattoo or no. Bua says it will happen as I want, every woman has her husband’s name written on her hand. Chakor says I don’t like the rituals which kill women’s rights, how can love increase by this tattoo, if this is true, then husband should also make his wife’s name tattoo on his hand, since love is two sided, right, answer me now.

Ranvijay says none spoke to my Bua in this way, everything happens as per her words, you are going against her. Bua says enough, I will do what I want, you can take Anjor and leave, this marriage won’t happen. Chakor says you are mistaken. Ranvijay gets a call. He leaves. Chakor says if you don’t want this marriage to get done, its fine. She asks Anjor to come with her. Anjor stops her and says let it be, I love Sameer a lot, I have no problem, I can get his name tattooed on my hand. She cries. Sameer says if Anjor writes my name, I will also write her name on her hand, I love her a lot, I m with her. Bua says this customs are for girls. Sameer says you keep your traditions, let me keep my phase. He promises Chakor that he will always stand with Anjor.

Bua asks the lady to make the tattoos. Sameer and Anjor bear the pain. Chakor smiles. Sameer and Anjor smile. Prakash asks everyone to sing and dance. The man says we want some fighter for the game. Ranvijay sees Prakash. He says you wanted to earn money, there is a big fight, participate in the fight, win and get money. Prakash asks today? Its Sameer and Anjor’s marriage tomorrow. Ranvijay says its a golden chance for you, none will know about it. Chakor looks on. Prakash thinks to agree, so that he gets a gift for Sameer and Anjor’s marriage. He agrees. Chakor comes towards them and thinks what’s happening.

Sameer says Prakash is nowhere, did he go for fight match. Chakor worries. Bua asks Anjor to come with her, she can’t meet Sameer. She says I don’t trust Chakor.

Update Credit to: Amena

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