Udaan 24th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Akash threatens Chakor

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The Episode starts with Chakor asking Raghav to come inside the haveli. He says I m happy that we got Anjor, I won’t come home, I m going out to have some drinks, I remember my promise to Anjor, I won’t have drinks at home. She asks him to come back soon. He goes. Jyoti says I can’t stay in this house, I will not tolerate Akash’s insult, he is blamed for Anjor’s kidnapping, we can’t stay here. Tejaswini stops them. She says I promise I won’t let anything happen to you all. Imli sits smiling and tells inspector that this jail is her Sasural. He asks her not to act good in front of him. She scolds him. Raghav comes to meet her. She asks him how did he come. He says haveli is different, I was innocent and was blamed, I think you are also innocent and got blamed, why did you come here, you could

have cried and pleaded innocence, why did you not apologize to Chakor. She says I know Chakor won’t forgive me, Akash is behind all this. Akash is seen smiling and recalling how he had raped Rajjo.

Imli says I have seen evil in his eyes, Chakor has to understand this, if she fails, it will be a big loss. Raghav agrees. Akash comes to Anjor’s room. He sees Chakor and Anjor sleeping. He says Chakor you are so innocent, I m a devil, I will punish you, first Anjor will die and then you. He takes pillow to suffocate Anjor. Chakor stops him and points gun at him. She says you thought you will kill Anjor, see what I do now. He holds her hand. She says don’t even try. Anjor wakes up. Chakor hides the gun. Anjor asks why did Akash uncle come here.

Chakor says he got a surprise for you. She keeps the gun in vase and shows flowers to her. She says look he has got your fav flower. Chakor asks her to sleep and have good dreams. She asks Akash to come, they have to check security, there can be an imposter at home. He says good night Anjor, sweet dreams. Chakor looks on angrily. She takes him out and scolds him badly. She says Suraj and I have killed your mum and brother, I will kill you alone, you are also a sinner like your family, you have raped Rajjo, your mum and brother were also sinners and killed people, I lost my Suraj because of you people, I won’t let you snatch my daughter. She cries and says my daughter is everything for me. He says I want revenge from you, I will kill all relations of yours, its my promise Chakor.

He says I have created a big difference between you and Tejaswini. Chakor says if you eye my family, I will not spare you. He pushes her against the wall. She says leave me, else I will shout and call everyone. He says its your loss, if they come, I will tell you that you aren’t able to live without your husband, so you have come to me, then your character will be stained, call them. He misbehaves with her. She kicks him down. She says you did a big mistake by doing this. Tejaswini says nothing wrong will happen with Akash, if I explain Chakor, everything will be fine. Akash shouts to Tejaswini. Chakor beats him. Anjor asks Leela why is Akash shouting. Leela says Akash is playing game to scare everyone.

Chakor says whatever you did, I will get you hanged. Tejaswini says Akash can’t do this. Leela gets blackmailer’s call. Akash winks to Chakor. Chakor answers the call.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Akash-Chakor scene could’ve been shorter, they’re saying the same thing over and over.
    Raghav-Imli scene wasn’t necessary, Raghav could talk to Chakor and reach the same conclusion.
    Imli isn’t needed in this track, her advice doesn’t add anything new, she isn’t wiser than Chakor or even Raghav.
    I would’ve preferred if they showed Raghav and Chakor talking and then Raghav having to go and check on his mother/buy something.
    That sleeping spray was useless, didn’t affect Anjor or Chakor.
    Teju’s stupidity has reached new highs, she should trust Chakor more.
    I would’ve been more angry but the latest olv showing Chajor-Raghav-Rajjo leaving haveli calmed me down. I don’t want them to stay with Akash under the same roof.
    The track is good but the main problem is that makers aren’t giving enough Chakor-Raghav scenes just like they were ignoring Sukor. I still maintain that Suraj’s death isn’t to start a new love story but to sideline Sukor. Changing the track or bringing back Suraj won’t help as long as the thinking remains the same.

  2. Another love story?!!!
    I hate it. The romantic relation between Chakur and Suraj was very unique, and I hope the writers bring Suraj back, not starting another love story

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