Udaan 23rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Anjor warns Chakor

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The Episode starts with Anjor asking where is my dad. She asks everyone. A girl says your dad is kidnapped, he won’t come home for 15 days. Anjor gets shocked and says mumma, you snatched my dad, you can do anything to act great, you can just lie to me, they took away dad, and will beat him a lot. Chakor says Suraj will come back. Anjor says they will hurt Suraj also. Tejaswini says I will explain Anjor but what about Suraj.

Tejaswini asks Chakor to take the case back, then they will leave us. Chakor says fine if you want this, I will take case back, can you give me guarantee that they will leave Suraj after this, will they stop kidnapping girls, will they stop making our lives hell, tell me. She says I promise you I will find Suraj and get him back. Anjor asks what if they kill Suraj. Chakor says

I will not let that happen. Anjor says I know you don’t care for me and dad too, you want to become great and don’t care for dad also, I hate you, if anything happens to dad, I will not talk to you.

Bacha pandey thanks Vikram for getting them bailed. Vikram slaps him and scolds. He asks him not to drink wine again. He says Suraj agreed to apologize, you spoiled everything, control your ego, else I will sell you along with kids, don’t use your mind now. Bacha pandey says I did a big mistake, I told madam that I m ready to bear punishment of my mistake. Vikram gives him a napkin to clean his wound. Rajeshwari asks what did you think ahead. Vikram says its time to do something.

He asks Rajeshwari to make her public image better and handle the media. She asks will Chakor take case back. He says she won’t lose so soon, she risked everything to punish you, she is much strong, she doesn’t care for anything you did with her, I will teach her a lesson. She says we will vent out anger on Suraj till Chakor listens to us. They have a drink.

Chakor says I will find Suraj in 15 days, just help me. Inspector says this is the list of Rajeshwari’s godowns. Chakor says we must find Suraj by checking these places. Chakor and police try to find Suraj. They get some random people instead Suraj. Chakor and everyone see the news. Anjor gets upset that Chakor didn’t find Suraj. Chakor says I will find Suraj soon. Tejaswini prays. Chakor cries for Suraj and recalls Vikram’s words. She asks inspector to arrest Rajeshwari, she has kidnapped Suraj. Chakor says I m much troubled, we have to do something, what worse will she do with us. He says I will get transferred because of this case, I m helping you as I know you and Suraj are good people, coming inspector may not support you, we have to deal with this matter wisely. Chakor understands. She comes home and sees Anjor crying for Suraj. Anjor hugs Suraj’s pic and asks him to come to her soon. She sees Chakor at the door and shuts the door. Chakor cries.

Rajeshwari threatens Chakor and gives her a white saree. Chakor throws it. Vikram says once mom gets free, I will kill you and Chakor, I have a special thing for your daughter, she will grow up overnight. Suraj gets angry and breaks the ropes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Liked the episode, we got to see Chakor’s and Anjor’s pain, Hope we get a good long scene of Sukor missing each other.
    I have no problem with Teju, she doesn’t agree with Chakor but isn’t creating problems for her and Chakor’s reply to her was good.
    I love the new villains, want them to stay for a long time.
    I hope the inspector isn’t transferred he’s good and the actor is good too, he’s my favorite positive character after Sukor.

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